facebookDID YOU KNOW You're Paying 109% More Than The First iPhone?


DID YOU KNOW You're Paying 109% More Than The First iPhone?

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Yes, the iPhone 4 without a contract was going for only S$788, which makes the iPhone XS (64GB), cheapest option that Apple just released S$861 MORE EXPENSIVE!

TL;DR, iPhone XS compared to:

  • iPhone 4: 109.3% more expensive
  • Samsung Galaxy SII: 67% more expensive
  • Samsung Galaxy S9: 37% more expensive

Ever wondered how the price increment of the iPhone as like on a chart? Let’s chart it.

iPhone Prices Over The Years

For 10 years since 2008, Apple has been releasing their new iPhones annually, sometimes even 2 models a year or even more affordable versions like,

  • iPhone SE as compared to the iPhone 6S or
  • iPhone 8 versus the iPhone X

Note: For a better illustration of the price difference, we have excluded their Plus counterparts (e.g. iPhone 6 Plus) and cheaper alternatives (e.g. iPhone 5C and iPhone SE).

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Here are the prices of the cheapest and most expensive option that Apple released for a series:

YeariPhone/CapacityCheapestMost Expensive
2010iPhone 47881,048
2011iPhone 4S9481,238
2012iPhone 59481,238
2013iPhone 5S9881,288
2014iPhone 69881,288
2015iPhone 6S1,0481,388
2016iPhone 71,0481,388
2017iPhone 81,1481,388
2017iPhone X1,6481,888
2018iPhone XS1,6492,199

The cheapest option, iPhone XS (64GB), available now can bring you on an epic Europe trip.

Credit: The geniuses behind Skyscanner

iPhone Prices Increased By 109% ?!

That’s ridiculous, ain’t it! iPhone X was a 43.6% MORE EXPENSIVE than the previous version, iPhone 8.

So we picked the cheapest available iPhone option and compared the increase in prices along the years. Let us do some numbers crunching.

iPhone Available
Price Difference
(from previous version)
Price Difference
(from the FIRST version)
2010iPhone 4788-0%
2011iPhone 4S948+20%+20%
2012iPhone 59480%+20%
2013iPhone 5S988+4.2%+25.4%
2014iPhone 69880%+25.4%
2015iPhone 6S1,0486.1%+33%
2016iPhone 71,0480%+33%
2017iPhone 81,148+9.5%+45.7%
iPhone X1,648+43.6%+109.1%
2018iPhone XS1,649+0.1%+109.3%

4.2% Increase in Price for the S-series iPhones

The S-series iPhones (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S) were released when Apple adds new features WITHOUT changing the design of the phone itself. Some features that were added in the S-series iPhones were,

  • iPhone 4S: Hey Siri
  • iPhone 5S: Finger Print Scanner
  • iPhone 6S: 3D Touch, also known as Force Touch

And yet, the prices for these S-series iPhone increased by AT LEAST 4.2% from their previous version. But at least the versions AFTER the S-series show 0% increment.

Someone, please wake Steve Jobs up!

Are we progressing way too fast for our pockets to catch up?

iPhone Compared to Samsung

Yes, of course, it is cheaper. Samsung did not raise their prices for every Samsung Galaxy Series for 6 years, from Samsung Galaxy SII to S7.

YeariPhone Model & PriceSamsung Model & Price
2010iPhone 4-
2011iPhone 4SGalaxy SII
2012iPhone 5Galaxy SIII
2013iPhone 5SGalaxy S4
2014iPhone 6Galaxy S5
2015iPhone 6SGalaxy S6
2016iPhone 7Galaxy S7
2017iPhone 8Galaxy S8
iPhone X-
2018iPhone XSGalaxy S9

*Prices extracted from Hardwarezone.

And now, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is 38% cheaper than the iPhone XS.

iPhone Prices Since Inception (Without Contract)

Here are ALL of the iPhone Prices since inception with the available storage space.

YeariPhone / Capacity8GB16GB32GB64GB128GB256GB512GB
2010iPhone 47888881,048
2011iPhone 4S9481,0881,238
2012iPhone 59481,0881,238
2013iPhone 5C848988
2013iPhone 5S9881,1481,288
2014iPhone 69881,1481,288
2014iPhone 6 Plus1,1481,2881,448
2015iPhone 6S1,0481,2181,388
2015iPhone 6S Plus1,2181,3881,558
2016iPhone SE658828
2016iPhone 71,0481,2181,388
2016iPhone 7 Plus1,2481,4181,588
2017iPhone 81,1481,388
2017iPhone 8 Plus1,3081,548
2017iPhone X1,6481,888
2018iPhone XS1,6491,8892,199
2018iPhone XS Max1,7992,0392,349

*Prices extracted from Hardwarezone.

Note: iPhone 3GS is excluded from this table as they were only available for purchase with a telecom plan.

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