4 Items You Should Be Buying After Christmas!

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The Christmas season is the time for spending and buying seasonal and beautifully decorated items you won’t find during the rest of the year. However, with new items constantly popping up over the past few months leading up to Christmas we have probably spent more than we should (at least I have..oops!)

No need to worry just yet! You can make up for your overspending by looking through this list of items you SHOULD be buying after Christmas. Not only do you get to enjoy a little bit more of festive cheer but you also get to save up on some items!

things you should buy after christmas

Christmas Decoration

Some of you may be thinking “why buy decoration AFTER it’s over” but this is where you think way ahead (1 year ahead to be exact). If you’re not bothered by your Christmas tree or house having the latest and trendiest decoration of the year, look out for discounts on Christmas decorations. This is the period of time when stores are trying to sell off all of their Christmas inventory to make way for new items and will definitely sell it at a discount.

I was just walking past Typo the other day and their mini Christmas trees and beautiful fairy lights were being sold at only $5 from the original $15!

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things you should buy after christmas

Seasonal food

There is a running theme through most of the items listed and that will be any seasonal goods! Just like Christmas decorations, many stores selling Christmas related food and drinks will be looking to clear out their inventory. This includes chocolate gifts and Christmas cookies!

Those of you who follow NTUC on facebook would know that they are currently having a Warehouse Club Open House! Warehouse Club is a member-only NTUC Fairprice warehouse where you are able to buy in bulk. For Christmas, they are opening it up to the public to enjoy more savings on their Christmas items!

things you should buy after christmas


This is the time to treat yourself or treat someone else! With retailers like CITIgems and Goldheart have promotions and sales on certain designs. Citigems is giving away a free white gold chain for any Tango pendant purchased. on top of this, Goldheart is also having an online sale of up to 60% of and are also selling online exclusives!

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things you should buy after christmas


Anyone that has ever gone shopping after Christmas would know that fashion outlets would usually have a seasonal sale and this season is no different! This is also a great time to grab thermal wear at a lower price especially if you plan to go overseas to a colder country in the near future. Coldwear is having a sale of up to 50% off their thermal clothes on their website, so be sure to check that out!

Apart from this, popular online retailers like Asos and Zalora are having their sales. Asos is having 70% off dresses which is great for those of you scrambling for a New Year’s Eve outfit. Zalora is having a sale of up to 70% off their festive looks!


As the Christmas season starts to end, that is when a lot of sales start popping up. This is the best time to stock up on groceries, outfits and well as items we will probably need in the future like Christmas decorations! However, we have to be sure that we don’t overspend on all the amazing sales popping up.

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