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KOI Express Vs KOI Signature: What's The Difference?

KOI Express Vs KOI Signature: What's The Difference?

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50% price difference, that is.

I’ve always been a Gongcha person for my pearl milk tea indulgence. If you haven’t noticed (read my bio) I would say I am quite a fan of bubble tea.

And if I really feel like having some of that brown sugar goodness, I would visit R&B for my fix.

I’m sorry I digressed a little. This is NOT the point of my article.




Back to KOI.

I chanced upon KOI’s first Signature outlet when I was checking out the newly opened Jewel Changi Airport.

And did you know that by adding the word ‘Signature’ to their 招牌 (Chinese for ‘signboard’), they are charging at least 30% more than at their regular KOI Express outlets?

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored. I was just really intrigued by how adding words like ‘Floral’ to a drink name could increase the price by 51% – that aside, do share with me if the Floral Green Tea Macchiato by KOI Signature is really worth trying. 

Price Difference: KOI Express Vs KOI Signature

For the same medium-sized drink purchased from two different types of outlets, it’s MORE EXPENSIVE at… KOI Signature (no points for guessing which is more expensive).

KOI ExpressPriceKOI SignaturePricePrice Difference
Yakult Green Tea + Pearls ($0.60)$4.20Bubble Yakult Green Tea$5.90+40%
Brown Sugar Milk Tea$4.20Boba Brown Sugar Milk Tea$6.90+64%
Fresh Passion Green Tea + Konjac Topping ($1.20)$4.90Konjac Passion Green Tea$7.40+51%
Lime Green Tea$3.60Lime Floral Green Tea$4.90+36%
Green Tea Macchiato$2.90Floral Green Tea Macchiato$4.40+51%
Black Tea + Ice Cream ($0.80)$3.10Ice Cream Black Tea$4.90+58%

Yes, the exact same Yakult Green Tea offered at KOI Signature costs 59% (S$2.20) more expensive.

Even if I indulged and added pearls to my Yakult Green Tea from KOI Express, it would still be cheaper than what I pay for the exact same drink – sans pearls – at KOI Signature.

Why is this so?

I guess it boils down to the fact that KOI Signature delivers a whole, brand new experience – new cup, new logo, new storefront. Nothing like what we’re used to seeing outside MRT stations or at heartland shopping malls.

Everything about it just screams ATAS. (In proper English terms: High class)

KOI Signature

KOI Signature or Signature KOI (so they call it) claims to be the most premium KOI has to offer.

They sell more than just bubble tea drinks. Think handcrafted pastries such as macaroons and cakes, as well as a range of interesting bespoke drinks that are not available at any other KOI outlets.

If you’re interested to know what Signature KOI has to offer, I gotchu fam.

KOI Signature Menu

Signature KOIPrices (S$)
QQ Chewy
Ice Cream Black Tea$4.90
Coffee Jelly Green Milk Tea$5.40
Bubble Yakult Green Tea$5.90
Boba Brown Sugar Milk Tea$6.90
Konjac Passion Green Tea$7.40
100% Fruit
Lemon Earl Grey Black Tea$4.90
Lime Floral Green Tea$4.90
Hawaii Fruit Tea$5.90
Passion Grapefuit Tea$5.90
Grapefruit Yakult$7.40
Classic Macchiato
Floral Green Tea Macchiato$4.40
Earl Grey Black Tea Macchiato$4.40
Matcha Macchiato$4.90
Signature Honey
Honey Floral Green Tea$4.90
Honey Earl Grey Milk Tea$5.40
Honey Lemon Lime$6.40
Handcraft Café
Signature Cafe$4.90
Signature Cafe Macchiato$5.90
Ice Cream Signature$6.40
Upsize: +S$1
Jewel Berry$5.90
Mango Dreams$5.90
Earl Grey Truffle$7.90
Hazelnut Royale$7.90
Earl Grey
Box of 3: $6.60
Box of 6: $12
Cold Brew
Jade - Alisan Mountain Tea$4.90
Rose Quartz - Rose Oolong Tea
Amber - Hong Xiu Black Tea
Hot Mountain Tea
Jade - Alisan Mountain Tea$6.30
Rose Quartz - Rose Oolong Tea
Amber - Hong Xiu Black Tea
Topaz - Tung Ting Oolong Tea

KOI Express

This is everything we regular folks are used to.

You could even close your eyes, order your drink, and you’ll know for sure that they’ve got your back.

And this is based on my experience of ordering my favourite drink, Plum Green Tea, at Koi Express.

KOI Express Menu

KOI ExpressPrice (S$)
Flavoured Tea
Green Tea/ Black TeaM: $2.30
L: $3.10
Golden Oolong TeaM: $2.30
L: $3.10
Honey Green TeaM: $2.90
L: $3.90
Honey Oolong TeaM: $2.90
L: $3.90
Lemon/ Lime Green TeaM: $3.60
L: $4.90
Plum Green TeaM: $3.60
L: $4.90
Peach Green TeaM: $3.60
L: $4.90
Lemon Lime Green TeaM: $3.60
L: $4.90
Lemon Plum Green TeaM: $3.60
L: $4.90
Yakult Green TeaM: $3.70
L: $5.10
Fresh Passion Green TeaM: $3.70
L: $5.10
Milk Tea
Milk Tea/ Green Milk TeaM: $3.00
L: $4.10
Oolong Milk TeaM: $3.00
L: $4.10
Golden Bubble Milk TeaM: $3.60
L: $4.90
Hazelnut/ Caramel Milk TeaM: $3.60
L: $4.90
Honey Milk TeaM: $3.60
L: $4.90
ChocolateM: $3.60
L: $4.90
OvaltineM: $3.60
L: $4.90
Black Tea MacchiatoM: $2.90
L: $3.90
Green Tea MacchiatoM: $2.90
L: $3.90
Oolong MacchiatoM: $2.90
L: $3.90
Caramel Black Tea MacchiatoM: $4.20
L: $5.70
Chocolate MacchiatoM: $4.20
L: $5.70
Ovaltine MacchiatoM: $4.20
L: $5.70
Fresh Lemon JuiceM: $3.00
L: $4.20
Fresh Lime JuiceM: $3.00
L: $4.20
No. 8 JuiceM: $3.00
L: $4.20
Ice HoneyM: $3.00
L: $4.20
Lemon Plum JuiceM: $3.00
L: $4.20
Honey Lemon JuiceM: $3.60
L: $5.00
Honey Lemon Lime JuiceM: $3.60
L: $5.00
Brown Sugar Series
Brown Sugar Milk TeaM: $3.60
L: $5.00
Brown Sugar Fresh MilkM: $4.20
L: $5.80

My Thoughts As A Bubble Tea Expert

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between KOI Express and KOI Signature, it’s obvious that you should go to KOI Express because you can get so much more for lesser.

For example, you can get five cups of Yakult Green Tea plus pearls ($4.30) from KOI Express, for the price of four cups of Bubble Yakult Green Tea ($5.90) from KOI Signature!

That’s one more cup of Yakult Green Tea leh

Anyways, there are only 2 places where you can KOI Signature are at Jewel Changi Airport and Plaza Singapura. So unless you work (or gasp live) there, I’d recommend you wait till you find a KOI Express before getting your bubble tea fix.

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