Life Hacks To Maximising Your Economic Rice (Cai Png) Order

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Economic rice or Cai png is no stranger to Singaporeans, given that it sold in almost every hawker centres and food courts.

Cai Png, economic rice
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Most Singaporeans love the fact that it is a time-saving convenient option, almost like fast food, given that all the dishes are already prepared and cooked beforehand.

With a huge variety of dishes available, Singaporeans can mix it up and try a new dish every time they visit a Cai Png stall.

To help Singaporeans make smarter personal finance decision, we share with you some of our findings to make your Economic rice order even more economical.

TL;DR – How To Maximise Your Cai Png Order Like A Pro!

To get the most out of your money, here are some tips and tricks when it comes to ordering Cai Png.

Maximising your cai png order

1. Always Order The Most Expensive Dish First

You should have an idea of the dishes which you would like to order while queuing for your turn. Hence it is your turn to do so, order your dishes in the following order:

  1. Seafood and fish (most expensive)
  2. Meat
  3. Vegetables (least expensive)
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By ordering the most expensive dish first, you are giving the stall owner a positive impression that you are willing to spend. The stall owner, in turn, will be more than happy to give you more ingredients than usual, thinking that you are a spender.

2. Keep Pointing At The Dish And Do Not Rush Your Order

The point here is simple.

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By not rushing your order when moving from one dish to another, the stall owner will not feel the rush to scoop the other dish which you ordered. This gives him adequate time to give you a proper full serving of the dish.

The action of pointing at the dish you want helps slow down your order. This habit will subconsciously prompt the stall owner to keep scooping the dish until you decide on your next dish!

3. The Difference Between “More” and “Add”

If you would love to have more rice, always try to use the phrase ” a little more rice” instead of ” add rice”.

Just a little bit cai png
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The word ” add” suggests an extra full scoop of rice which comes with an additional cost too. By phrasing your order a little differently, you may find yourself getting an extra half scoop of rice and no extra charges.

4. Order Dishes That Are Placed Close To Each Other

If you are not the really fussy kind of eater and any dish suits your palate as long as it fills your stomach, try this approach the next time.

By ordering dishes that are placed close to each other, it makes things easier for the stall owner.

By reducing the need for him to walk or stretch his arms to scoop a dish far away from him, he finds himself with more time and convenience to give you the proper serving of the dishes you ordered.

5. Look Out For Dishes That Are Running Out Soon

If you come across dishes that have at most 1.5 to 2 portions left, you may wish to try your luck on them. Chances are, the stall owner will empty all of it on your rice so that it doesn’t look weird to have a tiny portion of the dish on a huge tray.

Editor’s Note: Do remember to workout after such instance, given that most of the oil and salt are concentrated at the last portion of the dish.

6. Order Dishes That Are Less Quantifiable

Cai Png, Economical Rice
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If you are met with a choice between Gong Bao Chicken Cubes and Sliced Fried Chicken, we suggest you take the safe bet by going for something that the stall owner cannot count.

For the Gong Bao Chicken Cubes, it requires him to use a scoop and hence, you can have a better assurance of the weight of the dish.

When it comes to Sliced Fried Chicken, you are leaving the number of slices to his decision.

We do have an instance where we were given only 1 pathetic small slice of chicken, and no prize for guessing, it was a stall located in Yishun.

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