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McDonald's Singapore: App Deals, Hacks & Secret Menu Items

profileRebecca Liew

Maccas, Maccy D’s, Macs — it doesn’t matter how you endearingly refer to (pretty much) everyone’s favourite fast food restaurant.

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It’s the regular promotions, after all, that unite us all in queuing for a 1-for-1 Big Breakfast set, or spreading the love on our social media platforms.

On that, here’s your complete guide to:

  • The Latest McDonald’s App Deals: 20 Feb – 18 Mar 2020
  • McDelivery Deals: Mar 2020
  • McDonald’s Secret Menu Items
  • McDonald’s Hacks 

We’ll be updating this space regularly, so be sure to bookmark it for future reference.

McDonald’s App Deals: 20 Feb – 18 Mar 2020

Source: McDonald’s

Rarely are there more ingenious ways of ensuring customers remain active on the McDonald’s App than with a steady stream of promos.

Here’s some of what to look out (and queue up) for for the stipulated period.

WhatPromo PeriodConditions
1-for-1 Big Breakfast2 to 4 Mar 2020A la carte only
1-for-1 Sausage McMuffin with Egg9 to 12 Mar 2020
$1 Cappuccino/Latte 20 Feb to 18 Mar 2020With any purchase
$2 Iced Latte
Free Mocha or Caramel Frappe (Small)6 to 8 Mar; 13 to 15 Mar 2020
$9.90 Family Bundle C (U.P $14.50) 16 to 18 Mar 2020-

How to Register Your Account In the McDonald’s App

To enjoy the aforementioned deals, though, you’ll first have to register for an account upon downloading it.

Source: McDonald’s
  1. Access the My Account tab, then click on Create Account
  2. Fill out your details and set a password
  3. Your account’s all ready for use!

McDelivery Deals: Mar 2020

Occasionally, you’ll also find McDelivery promotions for your enjoyment. While there aren’t a whole lot for the month of March (for now, at least), Filet-O-Fish fans might be happy with this one:

What Promo PeriodConditions
20% off Filet-O-Fish Extra Value Meal2 to 4 Mar 2020Available exclusively on McDelivery and GrabFood. Mondays to Wednesdays only

McDonald’s Secret Menu Items

A secret menu suggests your ingredients are assembled for you. In this case, however, you’ll likely be doing most of the heavy-lifting — and by that, we mean making DIY permutations of classic McDonald’s mains.

Source: tenor

The McAffogato

Order a vanilla cone and an espresso shot, then combine the two. And remember: an affogato should rightly be a scoop of ice cream that’s doused in freshly-pulled espresso, and not the other way around.

The Coke Spider

Sorry if this one excited you for the wrong reasons — but a Coke Spider is really just slang for an ice cream soda.

Source: tenor

And it’s as straightforward as it sounds: order a vanilla cone and Coca-Cola Original Taste Less Sugar (yes, what a name), then scoop your ice cream into your drink. It’s an easy substitute for the A&W Root Beer Float if you’re jonesing for one but reluctant to travel to Jewel Changi Airport.

The Cappuccino Turnt (Elevated) Mocha

Now, this one’s a bit contentious, particularly if you’re something of a food snob (and if you are, why’re you even a McDonald’s fan?). Order a McCafe Cappuccino or McCafe Latte, then request for hot fudge sauce to be added to the mix. If you’d rather a cold version — but aren’t a fan of the Mocha Frappe — then same applies. Ask for hot fudge sauce to be added to an iced latte, then drink up!

The Land, Sea and Air Burger

If you’ve read Totto-Chan, you might recall a chapter in which the schoolchildren are instructed to pack lunches containing ‘something from the ocean and something from the hills’. That could mean anything from dried bonito (for ‘sea food’) to an omelette (for ‘land food’), for instance.

A terribly unappetising photo of the Land, Sea and Air Burger to match its taste. Source: NPR

So when I chanced upon McDonald’s Land, Sea and Air Burger, it comparably sounded like disappointment rolled into one. Just think: beef, fish and chicken patties layered with cheese, tartar sauce and pickles, then sandwiched between burger buns. I’ll stick to my Filet-O-Fish, thank you very much.

The Oreo Milkshake

If calories don’t scare you, order a chocolate or strawberry milkshake and ask for Oreo bits to be mixed in.

It’s a milkshake that’ll bring all the…oh, never mind.

McDonald’s Hacks

Deals, schmeals; I get a bigger thrill from discovering new ways to shake up my order, which sometimes bamboozles even the staff. Here’re some of my favourites, although I can’t attest to having tried them all.

Piping Hot Fries

If you’re one of those fake dieters — y’know, the sort of person who proclaims you’re cutting back on junk but still indulge in fried food anyway — then here’s a fake-healthy hack to try: order your French fries without salt.

Maccas’ fries are usually heavily salted immediately after frying, so you’ll instead get a freshly-fried batch, which you can then salt to your liking with the complimentary salt-and-pepper sachets.

Donut Sticks with Chocolate Sauce

McDonald’s new cinnamon sugar-coated Donut Sticks — aka McYouTiao — sound pretty eh to me, but you could well have them elevated in two easy ways.

Source: McDonald’s Singapore (via Instagram)

Order a chocolate pie, crack it in half, and dip your donut sticks into hot chocolate sauce; the alternative’s hot fudge sauce, which you can add to your order for use as a complement to your cinnamon-coated treat.

Resell McDonald’s Toys

Yeah, this one isn’t an entirely novel idea — but it can be lucrative, if you make calculated moves in queuing for the right stuff to resell.

It’s also an easy way to make money, particularly if you regularly purchase Happy Meals…

Source: Carousell

…like this Smurfs collection, or a supposedly vintage Hamburglar from Maccas’ McDonaldland days of yore.


Get Your Burger Freshly Made

Writing this only reminds me of Adventure Time’s Puncha Yo’ Buns, but that’s beside the point.

If you’ve a low tolerance for pre-made burgers kept warm by food heaters, request for your burger to have steamed buns — not unlike the ones served in a Filet-O-Fish. You’ll enjoy the illusion of a burger served with actually fresh ingredients.

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