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7 Menswear Brands for Your Office Clothes

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With Singapore opening up and things going back to normal, most of us are preparing to, or have already returned to the office.

And with the two-year blip, it’s probably time to give your wardrobe a refresh to keep you looking sharp throughout the day.

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TL;DR: Menswear Brands for Your Office Clothes


When it comes to menswear, investing in quality clothing is imperative.

After all, you don’t want to go through the pain of ironing a shirt just for it to have creases appear a couple hours into your work day.

So, if you’re looking for the quality brands to add to your office wear rotation, here are the some of the best menswear brands in Singapore.

 Dress ShirtsPantsBlazers
Uniqlo$29.90 - $39.90$29.90 - $99.90$79.90 - $99.90
H&M$19.95 - $49.95$29.95 - $94.95$49.95 - $109
G2000$29 - $89$39 - $79$199 - $249 (Blazer & pants)
Mango$45.90 - $89.90$59.30 - $143.90$119 - $269.90
Zara$55.90 - $89.90$55.90 - $99.90$99.90 - $239
Benjamin Barker$79.90 - $99.90$99.90-
Hugo Boss$159 - $469$209 - $499$399 - $1,519


First up, we have a brand that needs no introduction, Uniqlo.

It is one of the most popular, if not the most popular fashion brand among Singaporeans.

And for good reason: Uniqlo offers good quality clothing at affordable prices.

When it comes to office wear for men, Uniqlo has several features up its sleeve.

For dress shirts:

  • Non iron: No ironing required
  • Easy Care: Wrinkle-resistant fabric

For pants and blazers:

  • Ultra Light: Lightweight, stretchy, and quick-drying

As a Japanese brand, Uniqlo also has its cutting suited for Asians, so you won’t have much trouble finding clothes that fit you.

P.S. For those of us who like wide-fit pants, Uniqlo has recently started offering them!


Looking for an affordable blazer at just $49.95 retail?

Enter Swedish fashion brand, Hennes & Mauritz, better known as H&M.

Aside from affordable prices and basic work attire, H&M offers trend-focused fashion so you can add some personality to your wardrobe with patterned clothing.


Next, we have a fashion brand that focuses on creating affordable professional workwear.

Hailing from Hong Kong, G2000 has served Singaporeans since 1990, and has since grown into a reputable brand for office wear.

Their clothing has several features as well such as:

  • TECH Non-Iron: Anti-wrinkle
  • TECH Dry · Light: Anti-bacterial, lightweight and quick drying for Singapore’s humid climate
  • TECH Cool: Japan Bemberg™ technology with high breathability, moisture management and heat transfer effect
  • Easy-care: Durable, light stretch and easy to iron

If you’re looking for a full suit, G2000 has some pretty competitive options too starting from $199 for a blazer and pants set.


Founded in 1984, Spanish fashion brand, Mango creates modern styles with a “Mediterranean essence”.

If you’re going for a posh, refined look, Mango meshes comfort and style with their dress shirts, pants and blazers.

That’s not all, it offers one of the larger collections of blazers so you can find the perfect one for you to stand out from the crowd.

Unless twinning with an office bro is your thing.


Think that you’ve outgrown Zara?

You might want to reconsider as the Spanish fashion brand has a solid selection of office apparel too.

Despite being known for their loud and slim-fit clothing, Zara’s office wear goes back to the basics with simple colours and patterns.

And they even have a wide variety of wide-fit trousers with a larger selection than Uniqlo.

As a bonus, Zara offers some great colognes that I’ve personally used and got lots of compliments for. So do consider trying some out as well.

Benjamin Barker

A home-grown favourite, Benjamin Barker was founded by local Singaporean Nelson Yap in 2009, and has since expanded internationally to countries like Malaysia and Australia.

With a strong emphasis on quality fabrics and fits, you’ll be getting your money’s worth on Benjamin Barker products that’ll last you years.

On the off-chance that a ready-to-wear apparel does not fit you, they offer FREE alteration services in-house too.

Hugo Boss

Last but not least, we have Hugo Boss, one of the big names when it comes to men’s fashion, especially for office wear.

The German luxury fashion behemoth is renowned globally for its opulent collection, ranging from clothing and footwear to accessories and fragrances.

You can find anything you need for your workwear here.

For those looking for formal suits to look their best at work, Hugo Boss is the go-to for a sharp, stylish and quality-made ensemble.

Shopping Tips

Now that you’re aware of some of the best brands to get your workwear from, here are some shopping tips to help you out before making a purchase.


If you’re more of an online shopper, do consider sites such as Zalora that sell clothing from G2000, Mango, H&M and more.

  • Look out for promo codes and deals on ShopBack, Google Pay or Grab.
  • Remember to pay with your credit card (if you have one) for cashback or miles.
  • Compare prices with the respective brand’s official site as there might be a cheaper option for the same product.


The best way to shop for clothes, at least in my opinion, is to try them out at physical stores.

  • If you’ve got part of an outfit already (say a blazer and pants set but you’re missing out on a shirt), bring them along with you so you can test the full outfit in the changing room.
  • Before heading to the changing room, you can do a “crumple test” where you grab the fabric and give it a tight squeeze. If it creases easily, you might want to avoid the product.
  • When trying on dress shirts, especially white ones, pull it tight to see if the material is thick enough as you don’t want a see-through shirt. Unless you’re wearing a singlet underneath.
  • Don’t be afraid to take selfies of yourself in the clothes that you’re trying out so you can compare with others that you’re considering.

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