Merdeka Generation Package

What’s So Good About The Merdeka Generation Package?

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For those who have received a notification in April 2019, you would have been notified that June is the month where the Merdeka Generation Card is given out to you.

We can feel your excitement and hence, this article to find out what are the benefits of the Merdeka Generation Package.

TL;DR – What’s So Good About The Merdeka Generation Package

Merdeka Generation Package


Who Is Eligible For The Merdeka Generation Package

Are you or your loved ones eligible for the Merdeka Generation Package? Here are the criteria to qualify for the goodies!

If you meet all of these criteria, you qualify for the Merdeka Generation Package:

  • Your birthday from 1 January 1950 to 31 December 1959
  • You became a Singapore citizen on, or before 31 December 1996

Also, if you are a senior citizen, the Merdeka Generation Package will be given to you too!

The senior citizen, in this case, refers to

  • Singaporeans who were born on or before 31 December 1949
  • Became a Singapore citizen on or before 31 December 1996
  • Did not receive the Pioneer Generation Package

If you are unsure, do check your eligibility at the Merdeka Generation website. Simply key in your NRIC number to do so!

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Merdeka Generation Package

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible For Merdeka Generation Package?

If you meet the above criteria, it means that you qualify for the Merdeka Generation Package.

You should have been notified by April 2019, given that the Merdeka Generation Card will be given out on June 2019. If you are eligible but have yet to receive a notification, do contact them.

Further Reading – Benefits Of Merdeka Generation Package

In case you are wondering what are the benefits of Merdeka Generation Package, we break it down for you.

PAssion Silver Card Top-up

Merdeka Generation PAckage - PAssion Card top-ups

Eligible members will receive a one-off $100 PAssion Silver Card top-up.

This top-up can be used for:

  • Active Ageing Programmes (Seniors’ health workshops, healthy cooking classes, social activities)
  • Entry to swimming pools and gyms under ActiveSG (those you see at the stadiums)
  • Public transport
  • Purchases at all Ez-Link merchants

Topping Up Of MediSave

MediSave Top-up merdeka Generation Package

Singaporeans eligible for the Merdeka Generation Package will receive a total of $1,000 Medisave Top-Ups over 5 years. This is broken down into $200 Medisave Top-Ups every year.

This will take place for 5 years from the year 2019 to 2023.

Medisave Top-Ups can be used for

  • Health screening, chronic disease management and outpatient treatments
  • Offset bills for surgery hospitalisation cost
  • Pay for your MediShield Life, Integrated Shield Plans, CareShield Life, ElderShield and ElderShield Supplements premium.
  • One can also enjoy a monthly MediSave cash withdrawals for severe disability from the year 2020 onwards if long-term care is required.

More Outpatient Care Subsidies

Starting from November 2019, pay lesser for outpatient medical and dental subsidies at CHAS GP, Polyclinics and Public Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOCs).

Here are more details on the subsidies you will be able to enjoy:

Where?TreatmentSubsides for Merdeka Generation Package
Polyclinics and Public Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOCs)Additional 25% off remaining bill for subsidised services and medications
CHAS ClinicsCommon Illnesses
(Cold, Cough)
Up to $23.50 subsidy per visit
Simple Chronic ConditionUp to $85 subsidy per visit

(Capped at $520 per year)
Complex Chronic ConditionsUp to $130 subsidy per visit

(Capped at $520 per year)
Selected Dental Services

(Depends on the treatment done)
Up to $16 - $261.50 subsidy per procedure
Recommended Health Screening through Screen for Life$2 fixed fee
  • For CHAS Clinics visits, remember to bring along your Merdeka Generation card and NRIC!

Incentives When You Participate In CareShield Life

One will receive $4,000 incentives when they join CareShield Life.

Here are some details on CareShield Life:

  • Do note that CareShield Life will be launched in the year 2021, if you are born in the year 1979 or earlier
  • Cash payout for life if you are severely disabled
  • Starting payouts increase over time, from $600 per month
  • Premiums for CareShield Life can be 100% paid for using MediSave

More Subsidy For Merdeka Generation Singaporeans When It Comes To MediShield Life

Merdeka Generation will enjoy an additional 5% off their annual premiums. This will be increasing to 10% after the Merdeka Generation Singaporean turns 75 years old.

Your Age At Next Birthday

(At the point of policy renewal)
What is the current subsidy?What is the Merdeka Generation subsidy?Total subsidies
60 - 75 years oldUp to $341.25

(Up to 35% of annual premium)
$31.50 to $48.75

(5% of annual premium)
Up to $390
76 years old and aboveUp to $765

(Up to 50% of your annual premium)
$113 to $153

(10% of annual premium)
Up to $918

If you still have questions about Merdeka generation package, here are some of the channels to reach out to.

Editor’s Note: Got questions, ask! Don’t need scared Paiseh! Also, this article is not sponsored hoh!

Feel free to discuss your concerns with like-minded and helpful community members at Seedly.

Ask a question about merdeka generation package

Other official channels will be:

General enquiries on Merdeka Generation Package eligibility, MediSave top-ups, MediShield Life premium subsidies and CareShield Life participation incentive:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1800 2222 888

If you lose your Merdeka generation Card:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1800 650 6060

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