Guide For Drivers In Singapore: These Apps Can Help You Save Money, Save Time and Save Lives

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Driving in Singapore is expensive enough

Based on numerous surveys, Singapore being one of the most expensive countries to own a car is no secret.

In fact, of the final amount which a Singapore driver pays for a S$92,582 car, only $19,370 is the Open Market Value (OMV) of the car.

This is not including the frustration of Electronic Road Pricing (ERP), traffic congestions, parking charges, availability of parking slots which adds on to the “high costs” which drivers are already paying for.

It is about time drivers in Singapore spare a thought for their wallet, and here are some mobile applications that can help do so.

TL;DR – Apps that can help drivers save money, time and lives

Editor’s note: Seedly does not do sponsored content. These are apps which we find can possibly add value to drivers in Singapore. Drive safely!

Mobile App for drivers in SingaporeFeature
Park&GO @SGCheck for parking availability

Find out information of parking rates
sgCarMart car park rates guideCheck for parking availability

Find out information of parking rates
Parking.sgCheck for parking availability

Find out information of parking rates

Pays for parking digitally
Drive RecorderHelp transform your phone into a dashcam
CamOnRoad – Car Video Recorder
JockyValet services
AIG On the GoTracks driving performance

Reward drivers for good driving score
Drive Master

Apps that every Singaporean drive should consider using

Park&GO @SG

Based in Singapore, Park&GO @SG differentiates itself from its competitor by using data analytics to add value to drivers.

The app is able to:

  • locate carparks with available parking lots
  • predict parking availability prior to their destination
  • Provides services such as reservation of car park lots and purchasing of season parking
  • It has information to 70% of Singapore’s parking lots

Download Park&Go @SG app for iOS | Download Park&Go @SG app for Android


Here we have, an app that we can pay for parking at all coupon parking car parks. We can finally say goodbye to all the mess and inconvenience caused by carpark coupons.

The Parking.sg app can:

  • Allow drivers to pay for parking digitally, using credit or debit card
  • Drivers can also extend their parking duration with the help of the app
  • Receives a notification when the parking session is ending
  • Should one end his parking session earlier, a refund based on actual parked duration will be given. This feature will never be possible with parking coupons.

Download Parking.sg app for iOS | Download Parking.sg app for Android

sgCarMart car park rates guide

A product by SG CarMart, Car Park Rates SG allows Singapore drivers to search for car parking rates at locations all around Singapore.

This app allows Singapore drivers to:

  • Search for car parking rates at locations in Singapore
  • Locate the cheapest parking near you
  • Provides information on parking lots available
  • Traffic cameras to show real-time traffic condition

Download Carpark Rates app for iOS | Download Carpark Rates app for Android

Waze Navigation and Live Traffic

First, we have Google map and Apple Maps (which no one uses), then we have WAZE.

WAZE is a good example of community while driving.

The app adds value to drivers by:

  • Providing real-time traffic information
  • Helping drivers plan a navigation route
  • Drivers can also contribute traffic news or accidents by submitting a report to the app. This information will, in turn, help everyone who is on the app.
  • This means updates on the location of speed cameras or traffic police is also easily available on it.

Download Waze app for iOS | Download Waze app for Android

If you do not have a camera installed, here are some apps that can help you convert your phone into a dash cam.

Drive Recorder

Here are some features of the app:

  • Can record in the background
  • Auto recording once the app is launched
  • Support different video resolutions and file size
  • Support specifying the video storage size
  • Allow you to share the video on your cloud drive
  • Support recording the driving trajectory
  • Support the feature which can navigate to the last location in the video
  • One can edit videos

Download Drive Recorder app for Android

CamOnRoad – Car Video Recorder

Here are some features of the app:

  • CamOnRoad application can serve both purposes: as the car blackbox and as the awesome video-navigation system.
  • Support storage into secure cloud storage. Free 2 GB of cloud space absolutely free to every registered user forever.

Download CamOnRoad app for iOS | Download CamOnRoad app for Android

Driving while under the influence of drinks or drugs, can result in a person being charged in court, fine of $1,000 to $5,000 or imprisonment of up to 6 months (first offence).

To prevent such irresponsible behaviour, one should avoid drink driving, or use a valet service if need be.

Here are some valet apps that can help one get home safely when drunk.


Jocky is a cashless valet app that connects car users to designated valet drivers.

It auto-detects your location and connects one to a designated valet driver in less than 3 taps.

Download Jocky app for iOS


Download WAV app for iOS | Download WAV app for Android

It pays to be a safe driver now.

Driving safely, can not only help save lives, but there are also initiatives where driving safely can now help you save money.

Insurance companies such as MSIG, AIG and NTUC Income now uses technology to monitor the behaviour of drivers they insure.

AIG On the Go

AIG On the Go is an app by insurance company AIG.
Features of AIG On the Go includes:

  • Giving a score for your driving performance every time you drive
  • Based on your score, a drive will receive up to 15% off AIG vehicle insurance premium.
  • The app uses telematics, measure your driving ability against a range of factors such as acceleration, braking, cornering and speed limits which will empower you to be a better and safer driver.
  • One can also compete against other drivers in Singapore and the safest driver will stand a chance to win prizes.

Download AIG On the Go app for iOS | Download AIG On the Go app for Android


Drive Master

This app is an initiative by NTUC Income.

Features of Drive Master includes:

  • The app analyses your driving behaviour and progress by evaluating your manoeuvres, speed, mileage and drive time.
  • Based on your driving score, one gets rewarded with CapitaVouchers and more when you refer friends or win periodic challenges
  • One can also invite his friends for a challenge and see who is leading the leaderboard
  • Good driving behaviour can enjoy up to 25% discount off NTUC car insurance plans.

Download Drive Master app for iOS | Download Drive Master app for Android


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