Muji vs Iuiga vs Taobao

Is MUJI Really Worth It? Or Should You Consider Iuiga & Taobao?

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There’ll always be a debate whether Iuiga would be able to replace MUJI simply by claiming that their products are from the same manufacturer and selling their merch’ at a fraction of the price.

FYI: MUJI recently took legal action against them for alleged trademark infringement but we hope that isn’t what you are here for.

What we really want to know is: should we splurge on MUJI’s product which promises quality and aesthetics OR choose alternatives like Iuiga and Taobao?

TL;DR – Is MUJI Really Worth The Money?

It really depends…

ProductsWhere should you get it from?Price
Aroma DiffuserLazada/ Shopee~S$17
Carry-on LuggageIuigaS$79.90
Acrylic ContainersMUJIS$39

Aroma Diffuser - IUIGA, Muji, Taobao, Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10

Aroma Diffuser

There are TONS of products out there that resemble MUJI’s aroma diffuser.

Besides the fact that everyone has completely no originality at all, I’ve got to admit that it is one of the more aesthetically-pleasing aroma diffusers in the market. It’s simple, sleek, and matches easily with the aesthetics of your place (whatever it may be).

I don’t particularly care that the aroma diffuser uses ‘ultrasonic waves to vapourise water’ (as quoted from MUJI’s website) – sounds like something that was lifted out of the lyrics of Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole. As long as it looks good and works then considered me sold.

Here is how the MUJI aroma diffuser stacks up against other similar variations:

Stores (Online/ Physical)Price
Qoo10/ Shopee/ Lazada~S$17

If it is cheap and it does the job, I would go for it – this is me leaning towards getting them from Lazada or Shopee.

19L Carry-on Luggage Bags

19L Carry-on Luggage Bags

Luggage is a bit tricky. You want them to be durable and sturdy, withstand some level of abuse or at least to able to get international repairs and replacement.

Though I got to say, the free luggage that comes with credit card sign up is decent for a hand-carry (except that I struggle to retract the trolley handle at times – but you can’t ask for much esp since it is “free”).

One thing is for sure, I will not spend on Rimowa because it is way too expensive and they frequently provide influencers with luggage bags to advertise them and promote the luxurious lifestyle.

I do not believe in supporting brands that splurge a lot on influencer-marketing, I feel that I am indirectly funding that influencer’s lifestyle.

Stores (Online/ Physical)Price
Muji (19L)S$169
Iuiga (20")S$79.90

If it is a carry-on luggage bag, Iuiga would do just fine since we are able to head down to their store to look at it physically as compared to getting one from Lazada or Taobao.

However, there are popular luggage brands that you can find on Lazada like American Tourister for example.

Acrylic Containers

Acrylic Containers

Wow, when the acrylic containers were trending, suppliers all over the world were producing them everywhere especially on Taobao, all in the name of #aesthetics.

The quality control behind MUJI’s containers is really commendable because I will always be able to stack them firmly on top of each other. I’ve bought a couple of Iuiga containers before and they don’t stack nearly as neatly as the ones from MUJI.

It’s worth noting that Iuiga claims to be using their own manufacturer for all of their acrylic containers.

Stores (Online/ Physical)Price
muji acrylic container
Image Credit: Muji

“Same Manufacturer as XXX”

I have no qualms with Iuiga using the ‘same manufacturer as XXX’ tagline to sell their products but at the same time, I believe that they could brand themselves better if they sell Iuiga’s as a Singapore-grown brand instead of associating themselves with bigger brands.

“Honestly, you can get Iuiga stuff from Taobao. I won’t support Iuiga for trying to milk MUJI. They could have just sold their items under their own brand Iuiga and not brand themselves as the same manufacturer as MUJI.”

~ Internet person

There are some things that Iuiga manufactured themselves that I really like especially their travel iron. It costs S$24.90, you all should check that out!!

Ok, I side-tracked a bit…

Back to work, do you think it is worth splurging on MUJI products or would you just go for a cheaper alternative? Let us know in the comments section!

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