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Myers Briggs 16 Personalities Gift Guide: Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Each Personality Type Under $60

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I don’t know about you but 2020 seems to have gone by in a flash.

It is now December and I couldn’t be happier that this year is ending.

This year, there have been numerous natural disasters in the US, the bush fires in Australia, devastating floods in Indonesia, Cyclone Amphan In India & Bangladesh, and a volcano erupting in the Philippines.

Not to mention the ‘small’ matter of the COVID-19 pandemic which has made travelling out of Singapore prohibitive and stupidly expensive.

Amidst all the doom and gloom, I’m sure you can still be thankful to your family and friends who have helped you survive this year.

Source: Jimmy Fallon | Giphy

But, if you are at a loss about what to get your close friends and family; choosing a highly personalised gift based on their Myers Brigg personality type can really help you take the guesswork out of giving.

As such, we have consulted the experts over at 16Personalities to put together this Christmas gift guide and help you find the perfect personalised gift for that special person in your life.

Also, these gift ideas are under $60.

For something that is more budget-friendly, you might want to check out our gift guide to presents under $20.

*Artwork image source: 16Personalities.

TL;DR: Best Christmas Gift Ideas (2020) Based on Myers Briggs 16 Personalities Type

Personality TypeGift IdeaPrice
Architects (INTJ)Journeys to Hell: Death & the Afterlife in Haw Par Villa tour$20 per pax
Logicians (INTP)My Community Festival ToursFrom $9.37 per pax
Commanders (ENTJ)Private home dining experienceFrom $58 per pax
Debaters (ENTP)Experiental dinnerFrom $25 per pax
Advocates (INFJ)my little green dot Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Mini Container & Cutlery SetFrom $37 per pax
Mediators (INFP)Relaxing full body massageFrom $36 per pax
Protagonists (ENFJ)Close Terrarium WorkshopFrom $38 per pax
Campaigners (ENFP)Donate to a charityFrom $1
Logisticians (ISTJ)Urban Outfitters USB Cup heater$19
Defenders (ISFJ)Home made mealFrom $10
Executives (ESTJ)Dino Kart rideFrom $12
Consuls (ESFJ)Bottle of wineFrom $39
Virtuosos (ISTP)Course/CertificationFrom $20
Adventurers (ISFP)Hay Dairies Goat Farm visit~$10
Entrepreneurs (ESTP)Wild Wednesdays Pub Crawl$29.90
Entertainers (ESFP)Customisable Gifts (Bottle)From $19.90

When you read this gift guide, you will notice that the tips are very personalised. The gift ideas we are giving are more general ideas that follow the tips but do not account for how unique your friend or family is.

When in doubt, follow the advice and base it more on your friend or family member’s individual preferences.

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What is The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Test?

For the uninitiated, the MBTI is a self-report inventory (i.e. a psychological test where a person fills out a survey or questionnaire without the assistance of an investigator) created to identify a person’s personality type, strengths, and preferences.

The test was developed by mother and daughter duo Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality types.

Today the MBTI is one of the most popular psychological tests in the world, with 16Personalities stating that a little over 338 million people have taken the test on their website so far.

But, do note that if you want to take the professional MBTI test, you will need to approach a trained and qualified practitioner who will also provide a follow-up report of the results.

However, it can get quite expensive, and besides, alternatives like the online test you can find on 16Personalities is FREE.

Personality tests like this one are a solid reminder who you are, but they can only point in a general direction and should be perceived that way. 

I have personally taken the test three or four times over the years, and gotten the same results each time (INFP if you are curious).

If you are sceptical you can always take the test for yourself to find out.

Otherwise, I would think that this is a fun way to get a personalised gift for someone you care about.

But personally, I feel that you shouldn’t be using the results of this test to make big life decisions.

Source: Giphy

But hey, that’s just me…

Take The 16 Personalities Test

If you don’t know your person’s MBTI personality type, you could always send them a link to this free test and tell them that you would like to get to know them better or found a fun test that you want to do together etc.

Now that you know your giftee’s MBTI personality type, here are 16 thoughtful and personalised gift ideas for each of the 16 personality types.

1. Architects (INTJ)

According to 16 Personalities, here’s how to shop for a gift for an INTJ:

  • Plan a special outing to a favourite museum, place, or event they enjoy. By “plan,” we mean plan: set a date and time, make any necessary reservations, and ensure that there are no loose ends. Letting someone else take care of these details can be a relief for Architects – as long as the details are indeed dealt with. Be sure to tell them about the outing well in advance – Architects are among the types that enjoy surprises least, so providing them with a degree of predictability is always welcome.

  • Go for specific rather than generic. If you’re leaning toward a gift certificate, go with a retailer specializing in the interest of theirs rather than a general-purpose superstore. These personalities may have uncommon hobbies and passions that general-purpose superstores don’t cater to.

  • Include a gift receipt if possible. Most Architects have very particular likes and dislikes, so don’t take it personally if they exchange your gift for something else.

INTJ Personality Type Gift

Lucky you, the timing is just right to buy gifts for the INTJs in your life.

If you are a Singapore citizen, you could make use of the free $100 SingapoRediscovers vouchers or look for gift cards based on their specific interests.

Otherwise, the tours are not too expensive either.

For example, if your person is into horror movies, experiences or is interested in the afterlife, you could take them on a Journeys to Hell: Death & the Afterlife in Haw Par Villa tour which costs $20 per person.

Also for specific gift cards, you could on platforms like Carousell where you can get it for cheaper.

For example, you could get this Razer Gold gift card for the gamer in your life.

The possibilities are endless!

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2. Logicians (INTP)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for an INTP:

  • Put together a “learning adventure.” A class, lecture, documentary, or even a factory tour can pique Logicians’ curiosity. Moreover, they may enjoy getting out and about more than you’d expect.

  • Treat them to “the best” of something simple. Particularly fine chocolate, tea, coffee, or cheese doesn’t have to cost much, but it can provide these personalities with a great deal of enjoyment – particularly if it comes with the opportunity for their curious minds to learn about how it’s made.

  • Remove the pressure. If your Logician friend or loved one is daunted by gift-giving, ask if they’d prefer to go out for coffee or a meal in lieu of exchanging presents.

INTP Personality Type Gift

For the INTPs in your life, you could take them on experiences curated by My Community Festival.

Prices for their tours start from just $9.37 per person, and range from tours to the SingPost Mail Processing Centre; PacificLight Power Station, Red Shield Industries and more…

Source: My Community | SingPost Mail Processing Centre

You can also check out their food tours, neighbourhood tours, rites and rituals tours, try food from other cultures and meet artisans as well.

Here’s the link to book the tour!

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3. Commanders (ENTJ)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for an ENTJ:

  • Take them to their favourite restaurant or bring them to eat their favourite cuisine. They’ll enjoy the quality time with you, and they’ll appreciate that you deferred to their taste.

  • Go with something homemade. A customized gift – for example, a painting or mug with their favourite quote (or even something they’ve said themselves!) – can be much more appealing to these personalities than something generic or off-the-shelf.

  • Choose quality over quantity. Commanders don’t expect a plethora of gifts – they’d rather receive one nice thing. In other words, a tiny bottle of truffle oil would probably appeal to them more than a big sampler of less exquisite oils.

ENTJ Personality Type Gift

For the ENTJs in your life, you could take them on a private dining experience that serves their favourite cuisine!

Check out this list that we put together, with prices starting from $58 per pax for a special home dining experience!

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4. Debaters (ENTP)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for an ENTP:

  • Create a novel experience. Take them somewhere they’ve never been – the more off-the-wall, the better. For ideas, check out reviews on local blogs. Whether it’s a restaurant that blindfolds its patrons or a new extreme sporting centre, look for something memorable and exciting.

  • Ignore lists of “the top 10 gifts this holiday season.” Instead, go for speciality items that wouldn’t appeal to most people. Most Debaters would prefer to receive something like the world’s spiciest hot sauce rather than a tie clip or a scented candle.

  • Stick with money or gift cards if you can’t come up with an idea that feels right. Many Debaters report spending more than they “should,” and gifts of cash enable them to treat themselves guilt-free.

ENTP Personality Type Gift

For the ENTJs in your life, you could take them on an immersive dining experience that is both novel and memorable.

Check out this list that we put together, with prices starting from $25 per pax for a memorable meal experience!

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5. Advocates (INFJ)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for an INFJ:

  • Bring their favourite book to life. Advocates are more likely than any other personality type to describe themselves as “avid readers.” What could be better than bringing their favourite book to life? If they love Harry Potter, you could bedeck your home (or theirs!) with Hogwarts decor, don your Gryffindor gear (or Slytherin – we won’t judge), and serve butterbeer and a replica of Hagrid’s birthday cake.

  • Seek out a vintage, upcycled, or repurposed gift. Advocates are the most likely type to report being passionate about environmental issues and recycling. As a result, they appreciate the reduced ecological burden of a gift that doesn’t come straight off the assembly line.

  • Include a card. Even if you’re not sure what to say, it can mean a great deal to Advocates when you take the time to express your gratitude for them with a thoughtful card.

INFJ Personality Type Gift

For the INFJs in your life, you could get them a gift from my little green dot, an online platform that sells eco-friendly and zero waste products for sustainable living in Singapore.

The company curates its products by sourcing them from small local businesses and social enterprises.

What caught my eye was their Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Mini Container & Cutlery Set which retails for $37.00.

Source: my little green dot

Perfect for the eco-friendly INFJ advocates in your life.

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6. Mediators (INFP)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for an INFP:

  • Promote stress relief. Mediators are the least likely personality type to say that they effectively manage the stress in their lives. Treat them to a relaxing experience – whether that’s a picnic in the park, a stargazing outing, or a massage at the spa.

  • Focus on their creativity. Many Mediators have creative ambitions, but – alas – the realities of daily life can get in the way. Giving them a gift certificate for an art class, writing workshop, or private music lesson can help them get their groove back – and boost their self-esteem.

  • Offer an act of service. Of all personality types, Mediators find it the most difficult to ask for help. Create vouchers for home-cooked meals, babysitting, or even help to organize a closet – whatever seems most helpful for your Mediator friend or loved one. These activities might seem boring or pragmatic (or even presumptuous), but they can make all the difference for a stressed-out Mediator.

INFP Personality Type Gift

Somehow or another this is scarily accurate for me.

I would very much welcome a stress relief gift, something for my photography or an act of service.

Check out our list of some of the best massage spots under in Singapore under $60 which you can book for the special INFP in your life.

Prices start from $36.

Otherwise, you can book a class for them.

But if your budget is tight you can consider an act of service for them which will just cost you your time but will be equally appreciated for a stressed-out Mediator.

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7. Protagonists (ENFJ)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for an ENFJ:

  • Sweat it out. Protagonists are the most likely type to say that physical activity boosts their self-confidence and helps them relieve stress. If you’re able, consider taking them on a strenuous hike (complete with plenty of snacks and water!), or treat them to a private session with a trainer or yoga teacher.

  • Support their quirky interests. These personality types may come across as serious and high-minded, but they have a quirky side too. Protagonists are the most likely type to love houseplants, so a potted snake plant, bromeliad, or African violet can be an unexpected, fun gift. Other typical Protagonist favourites include singing, dancing, and journaling, which means that a karaoke night, dance lesson, or nice notebook could be good choices.

  • Think about nature. Protagonists love spending time in nature, so when in doubt, treat them to experiences or gifts that evoke the natural world – whether that’s a terrarium, a framed photograph of a nearby waterfall, or an outing to a beautiful park.

ENFJ Personality Type Gift

You can take them on a hike if you are on a budget.

Otherwise, you can consider taking them to the Close Terrarium Workshop from The Green Capsule for the ENFJ in your life.

Source: The Green Capsule

The workshop costs $38 per person and serves as a good introduction to terrarium making!

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8. Campaigners (ENFP)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for an ENFP:

  • Do a project together. Among all personality types, Campaigners are the most likely to say that being creative is a big part of who they are. Get some supplies and help them create a mural in their bedroom, make an outfit from scratch, or even put together a short film. Campaigners enjoy surprises more than any other type, so don’t be afraid to choose a project without consulting them first.
  • Make life easier. Consider gifts that help Campaigners’ daily lives go a little smoother. For example, if their phone battery is always dying, get them an external battery pack, or if they struggle to keep their home neat, consider treating them to a visit from a housekeeper. Although these gifts may not seem exciting, they’re thoughtful and helpful in ways that Campaigners will appreciate.
  • Donate to charity. If you’re really stumped, take any money you’d spend on a gift and donate it to a charity they love. Campaigners are among the personality types most interested in charitable giving.

ENFP Personality Type Gift

If you are thinking of donating to charity on their behalf, here are some charities to consider:

Although that is not the main point, you get some tax relief as well.

You can get donate any amount starting from $1, so get giving.

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9. Logisticians (ISTJ)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for an ISTJ:

  • Go back in time. Beneath their pragmatic exteriors, Logisticians can be surprisingly nostalgic. Experiences that remind them of happy days from their youth can delight them. If you know them well, consider re-creating a favourite childhood meal of theirs or taking them to a place they enjoyed visiting as a kid.
  • Offer something useful. Believe it or not, many Logisticians would prefer to receive a shirt that fits them well over tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. Don’t shy away from giving them something that seems unglamorous, especially if it’s immediately useful. Consumable gifts, including food and beverages, are welcome to many Logisticians.
  • Don’t spring anything too jarring on them. Spur-of-the-moment trips, for example, are likely to overwhelm these personalities rather than delight them.

ISTJ Personality Type Gift

You might want to get them something like this pragmatic Urban Outfitters USB Cup heater; perfect for tea-lovers or those whose office air-con is permanently set to -18 degrees celsius.

Plus, the gift won’t break the bank either as it costs just $19.00.

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10. Defenders (ISFJ)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for an ISFJ:

  • Plan a delightful night in. Defenders can be homebodies. In fact, they enjoy staying in more than any other type. Quality time matters to them, so consider planning a relaxing evening complete with a nice home-cooked meal – and, if you can swing it, cocoa in front of the fire. Alternatively, if you think they’d enjoy pampering, consider booking a massage therapist who makes home visits.

  • Don’t break the bank. Defenders are the most frugal personality type. Sure, they might enjoy being spoiled from time to time, but don’t assume that expensive gifts will impress them more than something simple. Instead, consider gifts to help them create a tranquil, welcoming atmosphere at home – whether that’s a snuggly blanket or a box of loose-leaf tea. These types also enjoy handmade presents, appreciating the time and effort involved in creating something from scratch.

  • Wrap it nicely. With Defenders, details matter. If you’re presenting them with a physical gift, take a few minutes to wrap it neatly. Bonus points if you use holiday-themed gift paper and add a coordinating bow or ribbon.

ISFJ Personality Type Gift

To help you plan that delightful night in, you can consider these cheap meal recipes under $4 you can make at home.

I would recommend that you spend a bit more on this special occasion, and make something like Din Tai Fung Inspioired Fried Rice and Mango Sticky Rice for dessert.

This adds up to just about $5.60! Throw in a nice drink like a bottle of Apple Cider (~$4) for example, and it will cost just $10 a person for this delightful night in.

The ISFJ person will be happy that you are so thoughtful and be even happier you saved so much!

You might also want to complement it with a hand made card or present too.

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11. Executives (ESTJ)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for an ESTJ:

  • Heat up the competition. Executives love activities with a competitive edge. Take them on an outing where they can indulge this side of their personality – try a golf course, an escape room, or a racetrack that lets you drive your own car.

  • Keep it up-to-date. Executives follow the news more closely than any other personality type. Consider giving them a subscription to their favourite magazine, newspaper, or news website. Or, if they’re interested in politics, you could buy them tickets to a fund-raiser for a politician they admire.

  • Aim high. Executives appreciate the finer things in life. By no means do you need to spend a lot of money on their gift, but when possible, keep in mind their preference for quality over quantity. In other words, a single serving of kopi luwak might excite them more than a five-pound bag of ordinary coffee.

ESTJ Personality Type Gift

For something that looks exciting, you might want to consider Dino Kart: a go-karting experience at Changi Airport Terminal 4.

The competitive ESTJs in your life would enjoy trying to beat you.

Best part? Prices are not too crazy, starting from $12 a ticket.

Changi Airport Dino Kart Price

CircuitPrice (Mon - Wed)Price (Thu - Sun)
Discounted Rates
Novice Track$8$12
Pro Track$10$18
Discounted Rates
Novice Track$12$16
Pro Track$15$22

To enjoy the discounted rates, you will have to spend money in public areas at Terminal 1, Terminal 3 or Terminal 4.

Every $30 ($80 for supermarkets) spent on a single receipt entitles you to buy a discounted pass.

12. Consuls (ESFJ)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for an ESFJ:

  • Preserve memories. Consuls love looking back on happy times. In our research, they’re among the personality types who most enjoy going through old photos. Gather a group of friends and/or family, and set up a photoshoot with a local photographer (or a friend who’s good with a camera). Frame the best shots as gifts for the Consul. Even better: send the image files as well.

  • Help them become the hosts with the most. Consuls love throwing get-togethers, and they’re delighted with gifts oriented toward hosting and throwing parties, such as gourmet foods, tableware, candles, grilling skewers, or strings of outdoor lights.

  • Go with the classics. Gift-giving isn’t the best time to expose Consuls to something totally new or out of left field. When in doubt, go with timeless styles and classic gifts – perhaps stationery, jewellery, or (if appropriate) wine – rather than trends. If you know the recipient well, stick with gifts that closely match their interests.

ESFJ Personality Type Gift

For the ESFJs in your life, a classic gift like a bottle of wine from Market Place by Jasons will be nice.

Source: Gfycat

Prices range from $39-$1498, so you’ll be sure to get something within your budget.

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13. Virtuosos (ISTP)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for a no-nonsense, straightforward and honest ESFJ:

  • Being solitary is okay. As Introverts, these types aren’t afraid of alone time. In fact, more than half of Virtuosos prefer to go alone to unfamiliar places. If your gift is an experience – for example, a ticket to see their favourite comedian – it’s totally fine to ask whether they’d prefer to go by themselves or with you.

  • Stick with their obsessions. Most Virtuosos have specific activities, hobbies, or pursuits that spark their passion. Whether or not these interests relate to what they study in school or do for a living, Virtuosos probably spend significant time and energy developing mastery in these areas. When choosing gifts, think about tools, training, or gift certificates to help them advance in their favourite activities.

  • Keep it simple. Don’t be afraid to give a small, token present rather than a large one. Virtuosos are eminently practical, and they won’t be offended by a simple gift. In the same vein, they’re totally fine with receiving cash or a gift card rather than something more personalized.

ISTP Personality Type Gift

For the ISTPs in your life, something simple will do. You can get them a course on platforms like Skillshare or Udemy.

These courses are taught by experts who will help the ISTPs in your life advance in their favourite hobbies.

Source: Skillshare

For example, there are thousands of online classes on design, illustration, photography, videography, and more on SkillsShare which charges US$19 (S$25.35) for a month’s subscription.

This means the ISTP in your life can watch all the videos that they want for a whole month and cancel the subscription after.

If you are not a fan of this subscription model, the courses on Udemy start from just ~$20! 

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14. Adventurers (ISFP)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for an adventurous ISFP:

  • Get back to the land. Adventurers enjoy rural landscapes more than any other personality type. If you’d like to give an experience as your gift, consider activities like horseback riding, cross-country skiing, plein air drawing or painting, or a tour of a winery or farm.

  • Go for the hygge. Hygge – a Danish term for coziness and contentment – is incredibly appealing for Adventurers. Consider gifts to help these types enjoy more hygge in their lives, such as cosy blankets, soft sweaters, candles, essential oils, slippers, baked goods, or tea.

  • Give with love. Adventurers care more about the spirit in which a gift is given than the gift itself. As you hand them their present, offer a few words about how much you appreciate them. These types will be touched – no matter what’s inside the wrapping paper.

ISFP Personality Type Gift

In case you didn’t know, there ARE farms in Singapore.

For the ISFP in your life, you can consider bringing them on a farm tour.

And one of the best ones to visit is Hay Dairies Goat Farm – pretty self-explanatory as to what you’ll be seeing there.

Source: Hay Dairies Goat Farm

For groups of less than 10, you can enjoy a free and easy tour of the premise and also feed the goats (alfalfa hay is on sale there and costs $5 per packet). If you’re thirsty, there’s goat’s milk on sale too.

Be prepared to spend about $10 per person there.

Be sure to be there between 9 to 10:30am to catch the goat milking session!

Pro tip: Take the Kranji Countryside Express from Kranji MRT station, which brings you all the way into the farm.

The schedule for the express can be found here.

Address: 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, 718859

15. Entrepreneurs (ESTP)

According to 16 Personalities, here are some tips on how to shop for an ESTP who prefers experiences:

  • Take them out to the ball game. Entrepreneurs are the personality type most likely to love sports. Consider taking them to a sporting event – whether it’s a popular sport like football or soccer or something more unusual, like table tennis or curling.

  • Seek excitement. High-adrenaline activities are Entrepreneurs’ jam. Rock climbing, whitewater rafting, archery lessons, mountainboarding, and snowboarding are just some activities they might enjoy trying. Or, if they already love one of these activities, they might appreciate some relevant gear.

  • Think exploration. Entrepreneurs are Explorers, after all. Treat them to dinner in an unfamiliar city, or if appropriate, take them on a bar crawl (or a dessert crawl, coffee crawl, or even a hot wings crawl – whatever you think they’d enjoy). If you’re not able to be with them in person, send a tasting flight of a particular food or beverage, such as chocolates or coffees from different origins.

ESTP Personality Type Gift

For the thrill-seeking ESTPs who like to drink, you might want to take them on a Wild Wednesdays Pub Crawl from the folks over at Singapore Pub Crawl.

The cost of entry? Just $29.90!

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16. Entertainers (ESFP)

Last but not least, here are some tips on how to shop for an ESFP who preferers something exciting:

  • Live it up. Take your Entertainer friend or loved one out on the town. Karaoke and dancing are among these types’ favourite ways to spend an evening. Another good bet is to give them tickets to a performance you think they’d enjoy.

  • Stay on-trend. If you’re giving a boxed gift, look for items no one else will have – whether that’s a handmade mug with an unusual design, a piece of statement jewellery, or the coolest new lipstick colour. When in doubt, go for something wild over something bland.

  • Have fun. With their generosity and high spirits, Entertainers remind us that exchanging gifts shouldn’t feel like dental surgery. Try to find the pleasurable side of choosing gifts rather than fretting over the details.

ESFP Personality Type Gift

Get that personalised gift for the ESFPs in your life.

We like the personalised gifts from Misty Daydream, a store that sells personalised phone cases, thermos flasks/bottles, mugs, tumblers, coke flasks, wine glasses and more.

For example, check out their extensive range of stainless steel bottles where you can be customised with your friend’s name.

Source: Misty Daydream

Prices start from just $19.90 a bottle which in my opinion a fair price for something customisable.

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There you have it, here is our Christmas gift guide based on the Myers Briggs personality type.

Even though this list of gift ideas is by no means exhaustive, I that you would have found some exciting and unexpected ideas.

But at the end of the day, remember this.

Gift giving is not all about finding the ideal gift for someone.

Rather, it is all about showing appreciation and affection for the important people in our lives!

Want More Lifestyle Hacks?

Why not head on over to our friendly Seedly Community and ask any burning questions you might have about Christmas gift shopping!


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