Netflix or Toggle or Viu or Starhub GO or Singtel CAST? [An Alternative TV Subscription Platform Guide]

Netflix or Toggle or Viu or Starhub GO or Singtel CAST? [An Alternative TV Subscription Platform Guide]

Cherie Tan

“I Netflix-ed my whole weekend away!”

Oh, how popular alternative TV subscription plans are that they became a verb you use unknowingly in your everyday life.

Gone were the days where we have to make sure we are home by 7pm every day to tune in to Mediacorp Channel 8 to catch Ruan Mianmian on television.

Right now, you are able to consume drama on the go, sometimes not even using your data!

*Ruan Mianmian was a character on Portrait of Home (同心圆) played by Jessica Liu, comment below to let me know if you watched it too!

Before we get right into it, DISCLAIMER, this post is not sponsored.

Alternative TV Subscription Plans Available in Singapore

 NetflixToggleViuSingtelStarhub GO
Key FeaturesEnglish, Korean ShowsLocal ShowsAsian Shows (Korean/ Japanese/ Thai/ HK)EverythingAlmost Everything
Plans & Prices/monthBasic: S$10.98
Standard: S$13.98
Premium: S$19.98
Toggle Prime: S$9.90
Toggle Sports: S$7.90

S$5.98Singtel TV GO: S$6.90 (Plan 1);
S$9.90 (Plan2)

Singtel CAST:
From S$6.90
GO Select: S$9.90
GO Sports: S$9.90
GO Family: S$14.90
GO Disney: S$4.90
HBO GO: S$19.90
FOX+: S$19.90
DevicesMobile and TVMobile and TVMobileMobile and TVMobile and TV
Free Trial1 monthNil7 daysMin. 2 months1-month (Depends)


  • If your carrier is Singtel, subscribing to Netflix through Singtel CAST would be convenient (same price, one billing and no data charge)
  • Viu on Singtel CAST (12-month contract) is cheaper, even if it is just a dollar it makes a whole lot of difference!
  • Subscribing with your telco offers the convenience of one billing and no data charge for streaming.



Netflix offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries and also their very own original series.

Some popular mentions – Stranger Things, How To Get Away With Murder, Black Mirror, Riverdale, Orange Is The New Black, House Of Cards, 13 Reasons Why.

Netflix Price Plans

Features 1 screen,
Standard Definition (SD)
2 screens,
High Definition (HD)
4 screens,
HD /
Ultra HD (4K)
Free Trial1 month
Device(s)Both mobile and TV

A personal favourite of mine would be ‘Black Mirror’. (Don’t ask me how I managed to watch it without owning a Netflix subscription. /moonfaceOne thing to take note of, Netflix does not stream TV shows other than their own, thus it might be a painful wait.

Netflix and Chill

Netflix is an extremely popular choice as an alternative to Traditional TV, one of the 13 reasons why “Netflix and chill” became a thing.

Benedict ChuaEasy to use especially for parents. Able to watch online while on MRT or flight. You can create like 5 accounts to share your Netflix account.

Fiona Liew – Share with 3 people, so it’s $5 USD a month or thereabouts. #itchangedmylife hahaha sounds stupid but it’s true!

These are some sentiments and hacks shared by some of our Community members.


Something closer to home, I mean IT IS home. Toggle Prime by Mediacorp allows you to watch your favourite Mediacorp TV programmes 7 days before the actual telecast! They have other movies, drama series and kids edutainment as well.

Toggle Price Plans

 Toggle PrimeToggle Sports
Premium Content,
Toggle Originals,
TV Channels,
Videos on-demand
Manchester United TV,
Chelsea TV
Toggle-It-First allows you to watch TV programmes 7 days before each episode's telecast date.'nuff said.



Personally, I see Viu as the Asian Netflix. It is where I would go for my K-dramas until I use up my free benefits and patiently wait.

 Viu Premium
FeaturesKorean/ Japanese/ Thai/ HK Dramas,
Korean Variety,
Korean Movies,
Asian Movies
Unlimited download,
Priority Viewing (8 hours after original telecast),
All-Access Pass,
Full HD Resolution (1080p),
Limited Ads
Free Trial7 days

Jasmine ChyeI use Viu! Cause it has Korean dramas and you can share the account with family or friends without restrictions! I get to watch the latest k-dramas a few hours after they are aired. Very cheap as well. It’s something like $50 a year?

Julia Chan – You can download videos on Viu (valid for 7 days to avoid using up too much memory) on WiFi (save on your data) and watch on the go.


Singtel offers two alternatives to watch your show on-the-go. Singtel TV GO allows you to bring TV channels everywhere you go. Singtel CAST somewhat consolidates all other streaming platforms like Viu, Netflix, HOOQ etc. all in one app.

1. Singtel TV GO

 TV GO Plan 1TV GO Plan 2
Home View Feature119 Live Channels
34 Catch-Up Channels
On-The-Go Feature99 Live Channels
27 Catch-Up Channels
1 Device (Home),
1 Device (On-The-Go)
3 Devices (Home),
1 Device (On-The-Go)

2. Singtel CAST

 HOOQFOX+Viu PremiumNetflix
FeaturesHollywood movies, US TV showsTV series, movies and LIVE sports.Asian ShowsSame as Netflix,
just bill together with your Singtel bill.
Price/month with 12 months contractS$4.90 S$12.90 (Pay via TV Bill)
S$19.90 (Standalone)
Price/month with No ContractS$7.90S$12.90 (Pay via TV Bill)
S$19.90 (Standalone)

These are the few popular options, there are more that Singtel CAST offers – Tamil, Malay, Sports channels. You can check them out if you like.

*No data charge for Singtel Mobile postpaid customers
*Do note that one needs to have a Singtel TV Number to use Singtel TV GO, which means that you should already be a Singtel customer.

Starhub GO

Starhub GO offers many different plans as well, even Disney! All of you fans of Starwars and Marvel, I am looking at you!

 GO SelectGO SportsGO FamilyGO DisneyHBO GOFOX+
FeaturesKorean/ China dramas and movies, HBO Originals etc.LIVE SportsOver 50 LIVE TV and catch-up channels.Disney Original series and moviesBiggest blockbusters, HBO Originals etc.Latest TV series, movies and LIVE sports.
Free Trial1 month----1 month

*No data charge for Starhub Mobile postpaid customers.

*Do note that one needs to be a Starhub TV customer to enjoy this feature.

Despite having so many varieties, I am honestly quite bumped that they do not offer Netflix on Starhub GO. However, being able to stream shows without any data charges will be a life-changing experience.

Out of these options, which one would you go for and why? Share with me your choices! I would most likely go for Netflix despite not being able to stream for free mainly for the shows available!

Let us know if you would like more comparison guides like this. Better yet, let us know what you would like to hear from us. In the meantime, may the Personal Finance force be with you!

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Still have more questions after reading the article? Fret not, ask our community here!