Which TV Streaming Service Is The Best? Disney Plus vs Netflix vs HOOQ vs Starhub Go vs HBO and More

Which TV Streaming Service Is The Best? Disney Plus vs Netflix vs HOOQ vs Starhub Go vs HBO and More

Cherie Tan

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Walao… Where did the time go sia… I just Netflix-ed my whole weekend away.

Sounds familiar?

Oh, how popular alternative TV subscription plans are that they became a verb you use unknowingly in your everyday life.

Gone were the days where we have to make sure we are home by 7pm every day to tune in to Mediacorp’s Channel 8 to catch The Little Nonya on television.

Or #Okto (or Kids Central for some of you) to catch the next episode of Avatar, The Last Airbender.

Even though Netflix is a homegrown name by now, it isn’t the only TV streaming service available in Singapore.

Yep. There are options like HOOQ, HBO Go, Toggle, Viu, and more…

So, which is the best tv streaming service available in the market right now?

Which is the cheapest tv streaming service?

And most importantly, is there a free trial?

TL;DR: Which Is the Best TV Streaming Services in Singapore?

Streaming ServiceGood ForCheapest Monthly Subscription FeeDevice(s) You Can Watch OnFree Trial?
Amazon Prime Video Older American movies and shows$2.99
(includes Amazon Prime membership)
Mobile and TV30 days
Apple TV PlusOriginal Apple TV content$6.98Mobile and TV7 days
Disney PlusDisney shows
Marvel movies
Pixar movies
Star Wars movies
20th Century Fox movies
Hayu Reality TV shows like Real Housewivesand Keeping up with the Kardashians$4.98Mobile and TV1 month
HBO Family
HBO Hits
HBO Signature
HBO Originals like Game of Thrones
$10 (Toggle)
$11.65 (Singtel)
Mobile and TV7 days (Toggle)
2 months (Singtel)
HOOQ Hollywood and Asian shows$2.92Mobile and TV30 days
NetflixNetflix Originals and pretty much everything else$11.98Mobile and TV1 month
Toggle PrimeWatching Mediacorp dramas in advance$5.94Mobile and TV-
ViuKorean dramas & variety shows$0 (Viu Free)
$7.98 (Viu Premium)
$4.90 (Singtel - Viu Premium)
Mobile (Viu Free)
Mobile and TV (Viu Premium)
7 days (Viu Premium)
3 months (Singtel - Viu Premium)
Streaming Service Consolidation Platform
Singtel TV Go 130 live and 9 catch-up channels$6.90Mobile and TV-
Singtel CastLower monthly subscription of various streaming services$13.98 (HBO GO)
$4.90 (HOOQ)
$10.98 (Netflix)
$4.90 (Viu Premium)
Mobile and TV-
StarHub Go Max Streaming shows without data charges$9.90 (Go Select)
$29.80 (Go Max)
$13.98 (HBO GO)
Mobile and TV1 month (Go Select)

Viu Free is the only streaming service that is free to use.

The cheapest streaming services are Amazon Prime Video ($2.99 per month) and HOOQ ($2.92 per month).

Viu Premium ($4.90 vs $7.98 per month) is cheaper if you subscribed through Singtel Cast.

Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video

At $2.99 a month, Amazon Prime Video is one of the cheapest streaming services in the market.

So I guess you can’t complain if Prime Video does not offer as many TV shows and movies as say… Netflix does.

However, you’ll still find a healthy library of Amazon Originals like The Grand Tour, The Man in the High Castle, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Jack Ryan.

If you already have an existing Amazon Prime subscription (for groceries, for example).

Then you might want to consider getting Amazon Prime Video since it’s about the price of a plate of chicken rice for now.

Amazon Prime Video Price Plans in Singapore

Amazon Prime Streaming PlanPriceFeaturesDevice(s)
Free Trial
(30 days)
$0Same as monthlyBoth mobile and TV
Monthly$2.99 Subscription includes Amazon Prime

Prime Video allows you to stream on three separate devices at once.

Note: Depending on your location, you can download 15 to 25 Amazon Prime titles to watch offline anytime. Making it an ideal companion for long flights where the in-flight entertainment sucks.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus Logo

Like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Plus probably has one of the smallest libraries amongst all the streaming services.

But as with anything new, you have to give them time to accumulate stuff which people will want to watch.

Some Apple TV Plus shows include:

  • Oprah’s Book Club
  • The Morning Show (starring Jennifer Aniston)
  • See (starring Jason Momoa)

Critics have been pretty savage with the last two shows but I guess you have to watch it yourself to be the judge…

Pro-tip: to save big, you can share the monthly subscription of $6.98 between six different family members or friends — each with their own unique Apple IDs — through Family Sharing.

Apple TV Plus Price Plans in Singapore

Apple TV Plus Streaming Service PlanPriceFeaturesDevice(s)
Free Trial
(7 days)
$0Same as monthlyBoth mobile and TV
Monthly$6.98Access to Apple Originals

Can be shared between 6 different family members

Note: if you buy a new Apple device, you can get a free year’s subscription of Apple TV+. You just need to activate the subscription after setting up your device.

Disney Plus

After Netflix, Disney Plus is probably the next biggest household name.

Unfortunately, this streaming service is not launched in Singapore yet (c’mon Disney!).

But there’re rumours that we’ll see it in early 2020.

If you’re wondering what to expect from Disney Plus, the streaming service has a ton of movies and shows to stream from:

  • Disney
  • Marvel (meaning all the Marvel movies…)
  • National Geographic
  • Pixar
  • Star Wars
  • 20th Century Fox
  • The Simpsons

And on top of this, you’ll also get access to new, original content like The Mandalorian, which features Baby Yoda:

Baby Yoda Drinking Out Of A Cup
Source: Star Wars | Giphy


(Editor’s note: Ahem. Biased)

Disney Plus Price Plans in Singapore

Disney Plus hasn’t been officially launched in Singapore yet, but here are the indicative prices in USD.

Disney Plus Streaming Service PlanPriceFeaturesDevice(s)
Free Trial
(7 days)

At USD$6.99 per month, which translates to a little less than $10 a month, it’s actually a pretty good deal!

disney plus

Note: there will probably be some adjustment to the final prices due to the levy of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on overseas digital services starting 1 January 2020.


If you love trashy reality TV, then you’ll appreciate hayu.

You can choose from over 200 shows which are available on the same day as they are available in the US.

From Real Housewives to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, hayu is sure to give you your daily dose of gossip and drama.

Hayu Price Plans in Singapore

Hayu Streaming Service PlanPriceFeaturesDevice(s)
Free Trial
(1 month)
$0Same as monthlyBoth mobile and TV
Monthly$4.98More than 200 reality tv shows



With HBO GO, you’ll get to access to Hollywood movies and blockbusters through:

  • Cinemax
  • HBO
  • HBO Family
  • HBO Hits
  • HBO Signature
  • Red by HBO

You also get access to HBO original series such as WatchmenHis Dark Materials, and… Game of Thrones!

But if you’ve already watched all eight seasons, then I guess this isn’t much of an incentive.

There are other series like The Sopranos and Westworld though if you’re into those genres.

Other than that, you’ll probably be catching up on blockbusters you missed throughout the years or rewatching old favourites like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

HBO GO Price Plans in Singapore

HBO GO Streaming Service PlanPrice FeaturesDevice(s)
Free TrialOnly available through local providers
Singtel Combo 6, 12, XO 78 & XO 108 postpaid mobile plans$024 months free accessBoth mobile and TV
$13.981 month free trial
No contract
$139.80 up front
2 months free trial
1-year contract
$13.98No contract
Toggle or meWATCH
$13.987 days free trial
Toggle or meWATCH
$119.98 up front
1-year contract

In case you’re wondering, Toggle will be renamed as meWatch from 30 January 2020.


HOOQ is a regional video streaming provider with a library that includes Hollywood and Asian shows.

They’re not as large as Netflix, but it’s pretty decent as you get access to shows like Gotham.

Other unique content include:

  • Singaporean short films
  • ONE Championship fights
  • Pinkfong (Baby Shark doo doo…)
  • Premier League Highlights

You can also rent movies — the newer stuff that’s just released not too long ago.

The coolest thing about HOOQ?

It allows you to download up to five videos — if you’re using the app — so you can watch them offline while on a budget flight to a weekend getaway in Bangkok.

HOOQ Price Plans in Singapore

HOOQ Streaming Service PlanPriceFeaturesDevice(s)
Free Trial
(30 days)
$0Free trial if set up payment details upfrontBoth mobile and TV
Singtel Prepaid
Free but you have to pay for the plan ($10 to $25 depending on data)Subscription is tied to validity of prepaid plan
Singtel Postpaid
$7.90Add-on for Singtel postpaid, broadband, and TV subscribers

There’s a slight difference between iOS and Android subscriptions.

The subscription for Apple users will follow the calendar month and year.

Whereas Android users will follow 30 days to a “month” and 365 days to a “year”.



Netflix offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries and also their very own original series.

Some popular ones include:

  • Black Mirror
  • House Of Cards
  • Orange Is The New Black
  • Stranger Things
  • Witcher
  • 13 Reasons Why

Unfortunately, there’s legal no way to watch Netflix for free without paying for the subscription service.

But at the very least, there are some Netflix hacks to help you get the most bang for your buck!

Netflix Hack

The thing about Netflix is that they have pretty awesome original content.

However, because they only stream their own stuff and whatever movies or TV series which they have the licence for.

It means that you’ll have to wait a while for your favourite Netflix shows to come back with a new series (if any).

Or for them to get the licence for your favourite TV series before you can catch it on Netflix.

Netflix Price Plans in Singapore

Netflix Streaming Service PlanPriceFeaturesDevice(s)
Free Trial
(1 month)
$0Depending on the plan you chooseBoth mobile and TV
Basic$11.981 screen
Standard Definition (SD)
Standard$13.982 screens
High Definition (HD)
Premium$19.984 screens
HD/Ultra HD (4K)

If you noticed a change in Netflix price plans since 2019…

It’s because of the first-ever price hike announced by Netflix since they entered the Singapore market in 2016.

And it’s not thanks to the GST which was imposed on overseas digital services.

Toggle aka MeWATCH

I know what you’re thinking.

Who watches Mediacorp productions?!

To be fair, our parents and grandparents still watch (and love) local TV.

And if they can’t wait till the next episode of whatever Mediacorp drama it is that they’re chasing, Toggle Prime allows them to catch it in advance.

Note: Toggle will be renamed to meWATCH on 30 January 2020

meWATCH Mediacorp Announcement
Source: Mediacorp

With a Toggle subscription, you can also add-on subscriptions like:

  • tvN Movies: for Korean movies and blockbuster hits
  • HBO GO: for HBO movies

Interestingly, an annual subscription to Toggle-HBO GO ($10 a month) is a cheaper option than just getting HBO GO direct or via Singtel or Starhub ($13.98).

Toggle and Toggle Prime Price Plans

Toggle & Toggle Prime Streaming Service PlanPrice FeaturesDevice(s)
Free TrialNone available
Toggle Prime
$9.90Watch latest Mediacorp dramas in advance

Movies and mandarin edutainment programmes for preschoolers from Miao Mi
Both mobile and TV
Toggle Prime
$35.64 up front
Toggle Prime + tvN Movies
(3 Month)
$18.90 up front
Latest Mediacorp dramas

Miao Mi

Korean movies and blockbusters



Ah… the Asian equivalent of Netflix.

On Viu, you can find:

  • Korean dramas like Hotel Del LunaOh My VenusDescendants of the Sun etc.
  • Korean variety like 2 Days 1 Night, The Return of Superman, Running Man, Immortal Songs etc.
  • Viu Originals like Kopitiam and Sunshine

It’s basically where I would go for all of my K-drama needs.

Until I use up my free benefits and have to wait patiently for them to reset.

Viu Price Plans

Viu Streaming PlanPriceFeaturesDevice(s)
Viu Free$0Non-HD
With Ads
Limited selection
Available 72 hours after
Only 1 download a time
Mobile only
Viu Premium
$7.987 days free trial
HD version
No ads
Available 8 hours after
Unlimited downloads
Both mobile and TV
Singtel Viu Premium
$6.903 months free trial
No contract
Singtel Viu Premium
$44.10 up front
3 months free trial
1-year contract

So What About Singtel and Starhub?

You’ll notice that all of the earlier listed streaming services can be subscribed to independent of other subscription services.

Although in some cases, you’ll get a better deal if you’re a Singtel or Starhub user.

Yep, the telcos are still in the streaming service game and they’ve packaged their services in a different way to appeal to a more tech-savvy crowd.

Gone are the days where you have to pay for a cable TV subscription package, which includes 20 other channels you don’t watch, just to get the one you want.

And no, they aren’t creating their own content like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Rather, you get access to various streaming services and channels on-the-go.


If you’re a Singtel customer, Singtel offers two alternatives to watch your shows on-the-go.

Singtel TV GO Price Plans

Think of this as an app that allows you to bring your favourite TV channels everywhere you go.

Singtel TV Go Streaming PlanPriceFeaturesDevice(s)
Free TrialNone Available
Singtel TV GO Plan 1
$6.90Home View
1 device

1 device
Both mobile and TV
Singtel TV GO Plan 2
$9.90Home View
3 devices concurrently watching different channels

1 device

You’ll get access to 130 live channels like:

  • CNN International
  • CNBC Asia
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • CCTV-4
  • Celestial Classic Movies
  • HBO
  • RED by HBO

and 9 catch-up channels like:

  • Animal Planet
  • Cartoon Network
  • Discovery Channel
  • FOX Movies
  • MTV Asia
  • tvN

Singtel CAST Price Plans

Singtel CAST consolidates all other streaming platforms like HOOQ, Netflix, Viu, and etc. in one app.

They also promise lower monthly subscriptions and everything is consolidated in one Singtel bill.

Singtel Cast Streaming Service PlanPriceFeaturesDevice(s)
Free TrialNone Available
$13.982 months freeBoth mobile and TV
$4.903 months free
$11.981 month free
Viu Premium
$4.903 months free

Starhub GO

If you’re a Starhub customer, you have Starhub GO — which is kind of like Singtel GO.

Starhub GO Price Plans

Starhub GO Streaming ServicePriceFeaturesDevice(s)
Go Select
$9.901 month free
Mostly Asian dramas (Korea, China, Hong Kong)
Mobile only
Go Max
$29.80$10 off (first 12 months)
Over 80 channels
Stream on 2 devices
$13.98No contract
Go Disney
$4.90Disney shows
TVB Anywhere+ (Premium)$4.98Latest TVB (Hong Kong) dramas and variety shows

The coolest thing about Starhub GO is that you can stream your shows without any data charges if you’re a Starhub postpaid customer.

So even though I’m bummed that there’s no Netflix, being able to stream shows without any data charges is a life-changing experience.

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