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15 Best Omakase Restaurants in Singapore for Every Budget

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If you happen to be a weeb like me, you’ll know that Omakase is Japanese for “I leave it to your care” or “I leave it up to you”.

Enter Omakase restaurants that let you enjoy an assortment of hand-picked dishes artfully prepared by the chef.

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As a fine-dining concept, Omakase requires a high level of customisation and attention to detail, which is the reason for the higher costs for the ingredients, labour, and time involved.

According to the Michelin Guide, dining omakase means “being face-to-face with the chef, who will gauge your reaction and help guide you toward the best possible experience”.

So if you’re spoilt for choice when selecting an Omakase restaurant, here are the best Omakase restaurants in Singapore according to your budget.

Psst…there are some Michelin-starred restaurants too!

TL;DR: The Best Omakase Restaurants in Singapore for Every Budget

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Omakase PriceExpected Waitlist TimesContactOnline Booking
Affordable Tier
Hana$38-6737 5525-
RakuyaLunch: From $68
Dinner: From $198
-9189 6459Book Now
Jun OmakaseLunch: $68
Dinner: From $98
-6224 0311Book Now
Cho OmakaseLunch: $78
Dinner: From $128
-6223 1276Book Now
From $98 (Sushi), $188

Dinner: From $198
-6224 4790-
KauntaLunch: From $100
Dinner: From $195
1 week8788 3535Book Now
MirakuLunch: $108
Dinner: From $110
2 - 3 weeks6904 9783 Book Now
TeppeiFrom $1103 - 4 weeks (Bookings open monthly)8831 5185Book Now (Full for March 2022)
Ryo Sushi$1281 week6443 3463Book Now
Fat CowLunch: From $168
Dinner: From $350
Wagyu Dinner: From $320
2 weeks6735 0308Book Now
Ki-ShoLunch: From $180
Dinner: From $380
3 - 4 weeks (Bookings open monthly)9061 6109Book Now
MasaakiLunch: From $220
Dinner: From $280
3 months8003211289Book Now
Ginza Sushi-IchiLunch & Dinner: From $2703 - 4 weeks6235 5514Book Now (Full till further notice)
Shinji by KanesakaLunch: From $280
Dinner: From $350
1 weekThe St. Regis: 6884 8239
Carlton Hotel: 6338 6131
Book Now
ShoukouwaLunch: From $350
Dinner: From $520
2 - 3 weeks6423 9939Book Now

Disclaimer: Prices reflected are as of 29 November 2023 and are not inclusive of GST and/or service charges.

Affordable Tier

1. Hana – From $38

Source: Hana Restaurant

While I won’tΒ consider this an authentic Omakase experience but rather a luxurious bento set, Hana Restaurant is one of the most affordable options for you to dip your toes into the world of Omakase restaurants.

Still, Hana’s Omakase Sets touts a stunning 15-course meal with mouth-watering sashimi, tempura, oysters and more. Too lazy to dine out? You can also order their take-home Omakase sets for the same price!

$38++ to $88++

Forum Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road #01-17/18/19/20/21, Singapore 238884

Opening Hours
Daily (12pm – 10pm)

6737 5525

Hana Website

2. Jun Omakase – From $68

Source: Jun Omakase

If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality Omakase experience, Jun Omakase is the go-to with exquisite sushi and the freshest sashimi directly from the famous Tsukiji market in Japan.

Even as one of the most budget-friendly authentic Omakase dining experiences, corners will not be cut (except when it comes to the slicing of fish), right down to customer service.

Lunch: $68++
Dinner: $98++ to $188++

3 Church Street, #01-01, Singapore 049483

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat (11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 9:30pm)
Closed on Sun

6224 0311

Book Now

Jun Omakase Website

3. Cho Omakase – From $78

Source: Cho Omakase

Known for mixing Japanese and European culinary techniques, you can enjoy a “best of both worlds” Omakase experience with ingredients seasonally sourced from Japan.

You can expect a rather intimate space with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, on top of Chef Chong’s oozing passion for Japanese culture and cuisine.

Lunch: $78++ to $108++
Dinner: From $128++ to $238++

63 Chulia Street, #01-03, Singapore 049514

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat (11:30pm – 2:30pm and 5:30pm – 9:30pm)

6223 1276

Book Now

Cho Omakase Website

4. Kaunta – From $80

Source: Kaunta

Nestled in the heart of town, Kaunta is perfect for an upscale business lunch with colleagues and clients alike.

From the team behind The Sushi Bar, the 20-seater restaurant specialises in aged sushi and sashimi omakase, including aged Spanish mackerel doused in delicious red wine!

With most counter seats being close to where the chef prepares your food, you can expect a personalised dining experience at Kaunta.

Lunch: From $80++ to $150++
Dinner: From $195++ to $350++

11 Kee Seng Street, Onze @ Tanjong Pagar, #01-12, Singapore 089218

Opening Hours
Lunch: Tue – Sat (12pm – 1:30pm, 1st seating) and (1:45pm – 3:15pm, 2nd seating)
Dinner: Mon – Sat (6:30pm – 10pm, last seating at 7:30pm)

8788 3535

Book Now

Kaunta Website


5. Ryo Sushi – From $98

Source: Ryo Sushi

Located within the same hotel as Teppei, Ryo Sushi is a great alternative for affordable Omakase with slightly shorter waitlist times. That said, it is advisable to book at least a month in advance as slots run out fast.

As its name implies, Ryo Sushi specialises in serving high-quality sushi prepared right in front of your eyes. Of course, that doesn’t mean Ryo Sushi doesn’t serve great sashimi, uni and so on.

As a bonus, both lunch and dinner Omakase are served at a nett prices!

$98 nett (18-Course Menu); $128 nett (18-Course Sea Urchin Menu)

1 Tras Link #01-06 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat (11:45am – 2:45pm, 6pm – 10:30pm)

6443 3463

Book Now

Ryo Sushi Website

6. Rakuya – From $98

Source Rakuya

For those looking for a fusion Omakase concept, Rakuya does classic Japanese cuisine with a twist. Expect the unexpected as Chef David takes you on an adventure with pairings of ingredients from regions all over Asia.

Sake-lovers will also be in for a treat with Rakuya’s fine selection of sakes (including seasonal ones) originating from various regions in Japan.

Lunch: $98++ to $298++
Dinner: $198++ to $298++

25 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 238969

Opening Hours
Mon – Sat (12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm)
Closed on Sundays

9189 6459

Book Now

Rakuya Website

7. Hakumai – From $98

Source: Hakumai

Despite his cheeky Singaporean banter, Chef Gary Ng is serious about Japanese cuisine and has undergone 10 years of rigid training under the tutelage of the renowned Japanese Itamae Chef Nogawa and Master Nakasei-San.

At the helm of Hakumai, Chef Ng has garnered recognition for his ever-popular Aka Ebi Foie Gras Sushi and serves with a burning passion for Japanese cuisine while making you feel right at home.

Lunch: $98++ to $138++ (Sushi Omakase); $188++ (Sashimi & Sushi Omakase)
Dinner: $138++ (Suhi Omakase); $198++ (Sashimi & Sushi Omakase); $268++ (Hakumai Signature Omakase)

10 Anson Rd, International Plaza, #01-50A, Singapore 079903

Opening Hours
Lunch: Mon – Sat (12pm – 2:45pm)
Dinner: Mon – Sat (6:15pm – 10pm)

6224 4790

Hakumai Website

8. Miraku – From $108

Source: Miraku

Nothing spells fresh ingredients quite like Miraku’s Omakase with ingredients flown in daily from Japan.

The 15-seater restaurant also features a cosy atmosphere where you can get up close and personal at the chef’s table for an intimate Omakase experience.

Lunch: $108++ (Sushi Course); $228++ (Miraku Omakase)
Dinner: $228++ (Miraku Omakase)

12 Gopeng Street, #01-01 to 01-04 Icon Village, Singapore 078877

Opening Hours
Lunch: Mon – Sat (11:30am – 3pm)
Dinner: Mon – Sat (6pm – 10pm)

Call: 6904 9783
Whatsapp: 8138 3071

Book Now

Miraku Website

9. Teppei – From $110

Source: Seth Lui

If you’re in the Omakase scene, you’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard of Teppei Omakase. In other words, Teppei Omakase is so d*mn popular that your best chance of securing a slot is to book at the start of each month.

Prices have been increasing over the years due to their popularity.

However, the $110 omakase (only for dinner) at Teppei is still one of the most value-for-money according to patrons with many claiming that they’d be hard-pressed to pick a favourite dish.

If you’re lucky, the chef may even spoon-feed you (literally) several dishes, a testament to just how friendly and personal the Teppei Omakase experience is.

From $110++

1 Tras Link, #01-18, Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri (11:45am – 2:30pm)
Sat & P.H. (12pm – 2:30pm)
Mon – Sat (6.30pm – 10pm)

8831 5185

Book Now

Teppei Website

10. Fat Cow – From $168

Source: Fat Cow

Although this is placed under “Mid-Tier” due to its cheaper lunch omakase, Fat Cow is highly regarded as one of the best Omakase restaurants in Singapore!

It specialises in serving premium Wagyu beef, hand-picked from famous farms all over the globe.

If you’re a Japanese beef lover, you’ll know the various preparation methods such as Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, Hobayaki or the ever-popular Sumibiyaki (Charcoal-grill). And at Fat Cow, you can enjoy your beef over all of these methods.

With Chef Shigeru Kasajima at the helm, along with his expertise in both French and Japanese cuisines, you’ll be in for a treat while savouring the dishes he creates.

Lunch: $168++
Dinner: $350++
Hida Wagyu Omakase Dinner: $250++

1 Orchard Boulevard, #01-01/02, Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649

Opening Hours
Tues – Sun (12:30pm, 7pm)

6735 0308

Book Now

Fat Cow Website

11. Ki-Sho – From $180

Source: Ki-sho

Housed in a grand colonial bungalow, Ki-Sho contains an intimate sushi bar and several VIP rooms furnished in true Japanese fashion.

With several awards under its belt including the “Best Asian Restaurant Silver Accolade” by The Straits Times and LianHe Zaobao, you can expect the best Japanese Omakase dining experience that stays true to its name of “aristocratic craftsmanship”.

Lunch: $180++ to $280++
Dinner: $380++ to $450++

29 Scotts Road, Singapore 228224

Opening Hours (both restaurants)
Lunch: Mon – Fri (12pm – 2:30pm)
Dinner: Mon – Sat (6:30pm – 10.30pm)

9061 6109

Book Now

Ki-Sho Website


12. Masaaki – From $220

Source: Masaaki

Decorated with an elegant pink Gucci wallpaper and the use of room dividers to mimic undulating mountains to a cascading wave of washi sheets, Masaaki is a sight to behold even from the outside.

Apart from inner beauty, Masaaki also puts on a spectacular show with Chef Masaaki Sakashita’s artful culinary skills. Hailing from Kyoto, Japan, Chef Masaaki is as good an entertainer as he is a Master Chef.

With over 20 years of culinary experience, you can expect a thrilling Omakase experience that is both delicious and exciting.

Due to its popularity, however, expect waitlist times of three months, so you’ll need to book way in advance to secure a booking.

Lunch: $220++ to $280++
Dinner: $280++ to $380++

26 Beach Road, #B1-17, Singapore 189768

Opening Hours
Tues – Sun (12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm)

8688 1555

Book Now

Masaaki Website

13. Ginza Sushi-Ichi – From $270

Source: Ginza Sushi-Ichi

As we enter the top-tier list of Omakase restaurants, expect long waitlists of anywhere from three weeks to six months or more.

First up, we have the Michelin-star Omakase restaurant, Ginza Sushi-Ichi which specialises in tuna and sea urchins.

Clinching the coveted Michelin star sevenΒ times in a row since 2016, you know you’re getting one of the best Omakase restaurants in the world.

Their ingredients are flown in four to five times weekly, straight from Tokyo’s hallmark fish market in Tsukiji, so you know you’re getting the freshest seasonal produce. Moreover, their sauces are sent directly to Singapore from their flagship branch in Japan to maintain consistency.

With such high accolades and a modern and high-end interior, you might feel a little intimidated at first. Thankfully, all that nervousness will disappear in a heartbeat when you meet their welcoming staff and friendly chefs.

Lunch: $270++ to $480++
Dinner: $270++ to $480++

320 Orchard Road, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore 238865

Opening Hours
Tues – Sat (12:30pm – 2:30pm, 6:30pm – 11pm)
Sun (6:30pm – 10pm)

6235 5514

Book Now

Ginza Sushi-Ichi Website

14. Shinji by Kanesaka – From $280

Source: Shinji by Kanesaka

Probably an Omakase restaurant that needs no introduction, Shinji by Kanesaka is so popular that they had to open a second outlet to accommodate demand.

This is the only Omakase restaurant that has two of its outlets awarded One Michelin Star!

The Carlton Hotel restaurant has received Michelin stars consecutively since 2016, and is touted to be one the finest Japanese sushi restaurants in Singapore and outside of Japan.

You’ll be treated to a sumptuous Omakase menu skillfully executed by a native Japanese team of artisan chefs who have an appreciation for age-old Japanese culinary traditions without compromise.

Lunch: $280++ to $350++
Dinner: $350++ to $550++

76 Bras Basah Road, Lobby Floor, Singapore 189558
29 Tanglin Road, Lobby Floor, Singapore 247911

Opening Hours (both restaurants)
Tues – Sat (12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10:30pm)

The St. Regis: 6884 8239
Carlton Hotel: 6338 6131

Book Now

Shinji by Kanesaka Website

15. Shoukouwa – From $350

Source: Shoukouwa

Awarded with one but TWO Michelin stars just four months after its inception, you can only expect the crème de la crème of Omakase dining at the prestigious Shoukouwa.

The 8-seater sushi restaurant is a collaboration between the founder of Hong Kong’s 3-star Michelin Sushi Shikon and the Emmanuel Stroobant restaurant group.

With three chefs taking care of up to eight guests, you’ll be getting the utmost attention and detail in your Omakase dining experience. Each dish will be artfully executed right in front of you by the team of chefs and you will also be given an explanation about the dishes served.

As expected, Shoukouwa’s sashimi is also flown in daily from the famous Tsukiji market to ensure that the freshest ingredients are used every time.

Lunch: $350++ to $520++
Dinner: $520++ to $680++

1 Fullerton Road, #02-02A One Fullerton, Singapore 049213

Opening Hours
Lunch: Tue – Sat (1pm – 3pm)
Dinner: Tue – Sat (6pm – 8pm, 1st seating; 8:15pm – 10.30pm, 2nd seating)

6423 9939

Book Now

Shoukouwa Website


In true Omakase fashion, the element of surprise is what makes Omakase dining so thrilling. You’ll never know what dish you may be served next.

Planning an Omakase meal? Do remember to plan in advance as some of these restaurants have long waitlists. If you’re gunning for one of the popular ones, you must camp on your phone or PC. It will be the good ol’ game of fastest fingers first to secure a slot!

Last but not least, remember to use the best credit card for dining and look out for any promotions and deals to save on costs.

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