Open Electricity Market Promo Codes

Open Electricity Market Promo Codes To Save Money! (May 2019)

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So you’ve found out who is the cheapest electricity retailer on the market and you’re fully aware of what to look out for in the terms and conditions when it comes to choosing the ideal retailer.

But what if you had access to a consolidated list that tells you:

  • What kind of discounts you can get off Regulated Tariff plans, and
  • What kind of open electricity market promo codes are available which you can take advantage of?
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Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I thought so too and decided to put together this article for my own the Seedly community’s benefit.

After all, who wouldn’t want to save more money when it comes to paying for something as basic as electricity?

TL;DR – Open Electricity Market Promo Codes May 2019

The following promo codes and deals are for Discount Off Regulated Tariff Plans:

Discount Off Regulated Tariff6 Months Contract12 Months Contract24 Months Contract36 Months ContractPromo
Best Electricity21% off22% off$20 rebate off 6th month bill with any 24 Months contract
Diamond Electric*20% off^25% off* +1% (4th mth), +1% (8th mth) + 6 mth AIA Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

    ^Option of
  • 12 mth AIA PAI with any plan

  • $24 off 1st bill with UOB + $10 card rebate + 12 mth AIA PAI (till 30 Jun 19)

  • $24 off 1st bill with Maybank + 12 mth AIA PAI (till 31 Jul 19)

ES Power22% off$20 Grab voucher for signing up, $5 additional if pay by GIRO
Geneco22% off

  • GET78 - $78 rebate (GIF36, GIF24, GIL24, GFS, GS Plan)

  • GET40 - $40 rebate (GIG Plan only)

  • PLUSGENECO - Free 4,000 LinkPoints (GIF36 only, till 31 Oct 19)

  • 5% UOB One Card rebate + add 1% UOB rebate for 12 months + $10 rebate (till 30 Jun 19)

  • $40 credit for AMEX (till 31 Aug 19) or OCBC (till 30 Jun 19)

iSwitch22.8% off*23% off^5% off
    All plans get:
  • 1 Free Air-con Servicing


  • 5% rebate for recurrent UOB One Card payment

    • *$50 off 12th month bill

      ^Free iPad
Keppel Electric22% off

  • KEPFIFTY - $50 rebate (min 24-mth plan, till 30 Jun 19)

  • PLUS6800 - 6,800 LinkPoints

  • OCBCKEP65/ UOBKEP65/ SCBKEP65 - $65 rebate (till 30 Jun 19)

  • 5% rebate for recurrent UOB One Card payment

    Ohm Energy25% off25% off

    • 50% off 2nd & 3rd bill (1st 300)

    • 25% off 2nd & 3rd bill (next 600)

    • 25% off 2nd bill (next 1200)

      PacificLight22% off22% off

      • UOB68/ HSBC68 / SC68 - $68 cashback with UOB/ HSBC/ SCB (36 month plan, till 31 May 19)

      • UOB50/ HSBC50 / SC50 - $50 cashback with UOB/ HSBC/ SCB (24 month plan, till 31 May 19)

      • GOOD50 - $50 rebate (36 month plan)

      • DAY30 - $30 rebate (24 month plan)

      Sembcorp Power20.5% off22.5% off

      • Free 12 month Great Eastern Home Protection Plan with any plan

      • KF2000 - 2,000 KrisFlyer for 24 months plan (till 31 May 19)

      • NTUC12 - $25 off 1st bill for 12 months plan (NTUC members, till 30 Jun 19)

      • NTUC60 - $60 off 1st bill for 24 months plan (NTUC members, till 30 Jun 19)

      • $40 Off 1st bill with recurrent OCBC card payment, additional 3% cashback with OCBC 365 card (till 30 Jun 19)

      Senoko Energy17% off19% off

      • UOBSE35 - $35 off 1st bill with UOB card (min 12 months plan, till 30 Jun 19) additional 5% recurrent payment with UOB One

      • OCGET40 - $40 off 1st bill with OCBC card (min 12 months plan, till 30 Jun 19) additional 3% rebate with OCBC 365

      • SC50 - $50 off 1st bill with Standard Chartered card (min 12 months plan, till 30 Jun 19)

      Sunseap23% off23% off23% off

      • SUNSEAPMM1 - 100% off 1st bill (1st 300, till 15 May 19)

      • SUNSEAPMM2 - 50% off 1st bill (next 700, till 15 May 19)

      • SUNSEAPMM3 - 30% off 1st bill (next 1,000, till 15 May 19)

      • SUNSEAPUOB40 - $20 off any plan + $20 with recurring UOB + $10 card rebate (till 30 Jun 19)

      Tuas Power18% off22% off

      • Free Aviva 12 months Home Contents/ Personal Accident/ Travel Insurance with any plan

      • Free 1000 LinkPoints (1st 2,000 NTUC members)

      • $120 rebate (PowerFIX36)

      • $80 rebate (PowerDO24, PowerFIX18, PowerFIX24)

      Union Power18% off
      (No Contract)
      *22% off*$20 bill rebate + Free AIG Union Home insurance

      Note: Discount Off Regulated Tariff Plans provide a fixed discount off the regulated tariff, but electricity rates will change in tandem with regulated tariff. These plans are for consumers who do not mind changes in electricity rates every quarter as long as it is lower than the regulated tariff.

      Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by anyone, we are just this obsessed with saving money that we will go to the moon to get this information for you. 🌚

      Other Electricity Retailer Promos

      Electricity RetailerCombined Bill With SPPromo
      Best ElectricityYes1% cash rebate POSB Everyday Card
      Diamond ElectricNo
      ES PowerNo
      GenecoNo1% cash rebate POSB Everyday Card
      iSwitchNo1% cash rebate POSB Everyday Card
      Keppel ElectricNo
      Ohm EnergyYes1% cash rebate POSB Everyday Card
      Sembcorp PowerNo
      Senoko EnergyNo
      Tuas PowerYes1% cash rebate POSB Everyday Card
      Union PowerNo1% cash rebate POSB Everyday Card

      Electricity Retailers With SP Group Combined Bill

      Here’s a list of electricity retailers who currently engage SP Group for their billing services:

      • Best Electricity
      • Ohm Energy
      • Tuas Power

      This would be important for people who want a combined, hardcopy bill for reference because they’re old school but still wish to be environmentally friendly that way.

      Environmentally Friendly Arnold

      Cash Rebate With POSB Everyday Card

      And here’s a list of electricity retailers where you can enjoy 1% cash rebate if you set up a recurring payment using your POSB Everyday Card.

      • Best Electricity
      • iSwitch
      • Geneco
      • Ohm Energy
      • Tuas Power
      • Union Power

      This cash rebate is credited by the end of the following calendar month on the month which the transaction is made. No cash rebates will be awarded beyond the maximum spend of S$100 every month, meaning the maximum cash rebate off electricity is S$1.

      But hey, it’s still something right?

      Read user reviews on the various Electricity Retailers!

      Which Is The Best Electricity Retailer?

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