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The Ultimate Guide To Parking Fines In Singapore (PSA: Higher Fines From 1 July 2019)

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Eh, no space to park sia…” I lamented as after waiting for 10 minutes in the car park near a particularly famous crispy roti prata place.

“Bro! Just park there lah!” said my friend as he pointed to the side of the road which has double yellow lines (read: NO PARKING at ALL TIME), “other people also park there what…”

“Dude. It’s a DOUBLE YELLOW LINE leh… If kena fine how?”

“Eh… Relax lah. Won’t one. We damn late already. Gotta go meet the rest.”

“If I kena fined you pay ah…”



Friend Convincing Me To Park Illegally
Pictured above: a reenactment of my friend convincing me to do something illegal




While walking back to my car, I noticed a white strip of paper neatly tucked under my windscreen wiper. And… I got written up for a fine of $50 for illegal parking!

Friend Laughing At My Parking Fine
Pictured above: moments before I murdered my friend

This was two months ago. But yesterday, I received this from the same “friend” (who is now DEAD to me):

Whatapp Message About Parking Fine Change
Pictured above: I don’t why I still have friends like this

It turns out Housing & Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) will be imposing stiffer fines for parking offences with effect from 1 July 2019.

For those of you panicking and clutching your wallets…


As HDB and URA very eloquently put it in a joint release, “The fine revision will only affect errant motorists, and will not impact those who abide by parking rules”.

I suppose my $50 fine instead of $70 is a bargain… rolls eyes

TL;DR: Revised Parking Fines With Effect 1 July 2019

In a bid to ensure that “parking fines remain an effective deterrent”, here are the revised parking fines that will kick in on 1 July 2019.

Parking FinesCurrentNew (from 1 Jul 19)
Illegal Parking Offences
Illegal Parking$50$80$25$70$100$35
Coupon & Digital Parking Offences
Parking with displaying valid coupon and no digital parking session$30$40$8$40$50$8
(no change)
Not displaying coupon in a clear and visible manner$8
(no change)
Displaying 2 or more coupons with time gaps in between themN.A.N.A.
Displaying a coupon with time of commencement indicated ahead of actual time of parking
Over-parking for 30 minutes or less$6$12$4$8$16$4
(no change)
Over-parking for 31 minutes to 1 hour$10$20$12$24
Over-parking for more than 1 hour$20$40$24$48
Payment Evasion At EPS Car Parks
(repeat offenders may be charged in court)
Tailgating at EPS exit gantry to avoid payment$50$80$25$70$100$35
Entering and exiting car park not using the designated entrance and exit, (e.g. through walkway) to avoid payment


How To Avoid Parking Fines

To help you avoid parking fines and save money on such unnecessary expenses, here’re a couple of tips to help you out:

1. Don’t Be Stupid (Or Have Stupid Friends) And Park Properly


See my account above for context.

Also, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have a VALID excuse for parking anyhow. Unless you’re one of these kinds of people…

Excuses Drawer
Source: The Simpsons

2. Download The App

In this day and age, running out of parking coupons and forgetting to buy parking coupons, are simply not valid excuses.

And that’s because you can simply pay for your parking, at car parks where the Electronic Parking System (EPS) gantry system is not implemented, through a digital parking app like

(Disclaimer: we’re NOT paid to plug the app; I personally use it whenever I drive and it’s just a smarter way to avoid getting slapped with a heavy fine.) App Feature

Besides the convenience of paying for your parking through your credit or debit card instead of a physical coupon (FYI: if you’re trying to be more environmentally-conscious, you’re also saving the trees by doing this). The coolest thing about the app is that you can:

  • Extend your parking session remotely (read: no need to run back to the car), and
  • Get a refund (parking fees are calculated on a per minute basis) if you choose to end your parking session earlier

So to all the cheapskates out there… JUST PAY THE DAMN PARKING FEE.

I mean.

Just think about it: would you rather pay $0.60 for 30 minutes OR $40 on a failed gamble for not displaying a valid coupon or paying for a digital parking session? It doesn’t make financial sense to track your expenses diligently and be so cavalier about parking fines right…

3. Pay Attention To Road Markings

Double Yellow Line Marking Parking Fine
Source: Must Share News

The above is a negative demonstration.

Here’s a little refresher for those who have been on the roads for years as well as those who just obtained their driving license.

Road MarkingsMeaning In English
Single or Double continuous white lines in the centre of a bi-directional roadNo parking at all times on either side of the road
Single continuous yellow line along the side of the roadNo parking between 7am to 7pm on the marked side of the road (except on Sundays and Public Holidays)
Single zig-zag yellow line along the side of the roadNo parking at all times on the marked side of the road
Double continuous yellow lines along the side of the roadNo parking at all times on the marked side of the road
Single zig-zag white line along the side of the roadNo parking OR stopping at all times on the marked side of the road
Double zig-zag yellow lines along the side of the roadNo parking OR stopping at all times on the marked side of the road

4. Parking Violations That Carry Demerit Points

If you’re a driver or motorist, you should be aware of the Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS). It’s basically a demerit points system to identify and rehabilitate errant drivers (read: the more demerit points you get, the sooner your driving license gets suspended or revoked).

Anyways, it’s important not to clock any demerit points.

And here’s why:

  • For new or probationary motorists: Your new driving licence will be revoked and become invalid when you accumulate 13 or more demerit points during your one-year probation from date of grant of your driving license
  • For non-probationary motorists: For first-time offenders, your driving licence will be suspended for 12 weeks when you accumulate 24 or more demerit points within 24 consecutive months

Yeah… Not fun.

And just for reference, here’s a list of parking violations that carry three demerit points:

  1. Parking within a pedestrian crossing
  2. Parking within a Demerit Points No Parking Zone
  3. Parking within a Demerit Points No Stopping Zone (footpath)
  4. Parking abreast to another vehicle, causing unnecessary obstruction

Conclusion: practice common sense.

Are you guilty of committing any of these parking violations? And have you ever suay suay kena summon before? Let us know in the comments below!

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