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The Definitive Singapore Neighbourhood Guide: Is the Pasir Ris Housing Estate All That Great?

profileJoel Koh

To help you find the best place to live in, we decided to create this Definitive Singapore Neighbourhood Guide series.

Where we lay out the facts of the neighbourhood and evaluate it as objectively as possible.

This guide will be particularly useful to you if you’re:

  • a prospective homeowner
  • a homeowner looking for a change of environment
  • an expatriate looking to settle down in Singapore

The first instalments took us to Punggol, Tanjong Pagar, Tiong Bahru, Tampines and Tengah.

This week, we’ll head to the end of the East-West line to Pasir Ris to see if east side is REALLY the best side.

Note: this will be particularly useful to prospective homeowners looking at the Pasir Ris latest May 2020 BTO launch (Update: May 2020 BTO launch has been deferred till further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak).

TL;DR: The Definitive Guide to the Pasir Ris Neighbourhood

Final Score for the Pasir Ris neighbourhood: 23 | A-rank 

*Click on each individual category to jump straight to it.

Our Comparision Methodology

Each neighbourhood will be evaluated based on a list of 7 criteria with equal weightage.

Source: Giphy

Each criterion will be given a score from 1 – 5.

Personality and CharmWe will look at the distinct charm and character of the neighbourhood.

A score of 5 means that the neighbourhood is charming and full of character, while a score of 1 indicates the reverse.
(Median Resale Flats Price)
We will look at the median price of HDB flats in the neighbourhood.

A score of 5 means that the flats are the most affordable, while a score of 1 indicates that prices are the most expensive.
AccessibilityWe will evaluate transport links such as MRT stations, bus interchanges and accessibility by private transport.

A score of 5 means that the neighbourhood is very accessible, while a score of 1 indicates the reverse.
SchoolsWe will look at all the Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions in the neighbourhood.

A score of 1 indicates that the school landscape is rather lacking, while a score of 5 indicates that this is where you will see all the parents queueing up to volunteer at schools.
Shopping and Lifestyle AmenitiesWe will evaluate the malls and shopping available in the area.

A score of 1 means that the neighbourhood is lacking in amenities and would be rather inconvenient, while a score of 5 indicates otherwise
Recreational AmenitiesWe will evaluate the access to recreational facilities like nature parks or reserves.

A score of 1 indicates that you will probably have to go outside the neighbourhood to have fun, while a score of 5 indicates you won’t have to leave.
FoodWe will look at the hawker centres, fast food joints and restaurants available in this neighbourhood.

A score of 1 indicates much improvement needed with food options, while a score of 5 indicates a foodie paradise.

The total score will then determine the neighbourhood’s rank, which ranges from S Rank to D Rank:

  • S-Rank: 28 – 35 Points
  • A-Rank: 22 – 27 Points
  • B-Rank: 15 – 21 Points
  • C-Rank: 8 – 14 Points
  • D-Rank: 1 – 7 Points

Disclaimer: As objective as I strive to be, there’ll inevitably be some bias present in my evaluation. So… All opinions expressed here are solely my own.

Is Pasir Ris a Good Place to Live?

For this guide, we will be focusing on the Pasir Ris neighbourhood/planning area as demarcated by the boundaries in red.

Source: Google Maps

The planning area spans over 15.02 square kilometres with 3.18 square kilometres set aside or residential purposes.

Up North of Pasir Ris, you will find the Johor Strait. Sengkang lies to the Southwest, Changi to the East and Punggol to the west.

It contains subzones:

  • Loyang West
  • Flora Drive
  • Pasir Ris West
  • Loyang East
  • Pasir Ris Drive
  • Pasir Ris Central
  • Pasir Ris Park
  • Pasir Ris Wafer Fab Park

What Makes Pasir Ris Special?

The first mention of the village of Pasir Ris or the more atas (Malay for high brow) sounding Passier Rice went back as early as the 1800s.

Back then, Pasir Ris was a low lying area with many kampongs and plantation estates.

The development of Pasir Ris Town only really began in 1983, with seven neighbourhoods (N1 – N7) built thereafter.

Pasir Ris Etymology

The name Pasir Ris in Malay loosely translates to ‘white sand.’

Interestingly, the second part of the name Ris in Malay also means ‘bolt rope’ – the rope sewn at the edges of sails to reinforce them. Pretty apt for a seaside town.

Source: Singy Sailor | Bolt Rope

Today, the neighbourhood is known as Pasir Ris Town, named for its sandy white beaches found on the northeast coastline of Singapore facing Pulau Ubin.

1) Personality and Charm of Pasir Ris Town (4/5)

Having grown up in Tampines, one of the fondest memories from my childhood were the weekly family picnics we had at Pasir Ris Park.

My family would pack Nasi Lemak, Otah and drinks in our basket before heading to the sandy white beaches to swim or just chill on the picnic mat and watch the waves splashing on the shore.

This is part of the town’s relaxing charm and its resort-like ambience.

What I like about its architecture and identity is that it is inspired by the surrounding beach and sea elements.

Source: ST Photos: Kelvin Lim | A man cycling over the faded motif of a prawn in Pasir Ris

Although Pasir Ris may not be as lively or busy as the city, it is exactly that laidback charm which is loved by both visitors and residents.

The neighbourhood is great for those who are looking for a more suburban lifestyle as the area is known for its nature walks, the Sungei Api Api river, beaches and slightly slower pace of life.

Thus with its slower pace of life, relaxing charm, resort-like ambience no lack of modern amenities — Pasir Ris Town is deserving of a 4/5 score.

2) Affordability: Pasir Ris Median Resale Flats Price (3/5)

We’ll be using the median price of HDB resale flats during the first quarter of 2020 as a benchmark.

We have chosen this statistic as a measure of affordability as the median resale flat price provides a good indicator of the average price of housing in the area.

Although Pasir Ris is a mature housing estate with great recreational amenities, houses there are surprisingly still relatively affordable.

148,020 residents call Pasir Ris town, home while the biggest group of residents living there are aged between 50 – 59 years old.

Apartments found in Pasir Ris are rather large with the executive apartments typically are (2000 sq ft) in size.

Pasir Ris Resale Flats Median Price 2020 Q4

We have included data from the most expensive areas and most affordable neighbourhoods.

Town3-Room4-Room5-Room Executive
Bukit Merah$325,000$640,000$817,500
Pasir Ris*$435,500$495,000$608,300

(-) indicates no resale transactions in the quarter

(” * “) refer to cases where there are less than 20 resale transactions in the quarter for the particular town and flat type.

If you look at the data, Pasir Ris flats lie in between more expensive neighbours like Bukit Merah and more affordable neighbourhoods like Woodlands.

Prices are also quite similar to the flats found in Tampines.

This downgrades their affordability rating to a middle of the road 3/5.

3) Accessibility: How Accessible is Pasir Ris by Public Transport and Private Transport (2/5)

In terms of transportation, Pasir Ris’ position at the end of the East West line (EWL) and distance from the Central Business District (CBD) makes it one of the less convenient places in Singapore (read: ulu).

Source: TIB1218R | Flickriver

A) Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Stations Near Pasir Ris

Currently, there is only the EWL that ends at Pasir Ris MRT station (EW1/CR5/CP1). The good thing about this is that you’ll always have seats on the MRT.

In terms of connectivity, Pasir Ris MRT is about 35 minutes away from Raffles Place MRT station (EW14/NS26) which grants easy access to the North-South Line.

You can also scoot over to Tampines MRT (EW2/DT32) to access areas like Bencoolen MRT Station (DT21) Marina Bay via Downtown MRT Station (DT17) via the Downtown Line.

However, this situation is set to change in the future.

In 2023, there will be a new railway turnback built. This will allow for quicker turnaround of trains at Pasir Ris MRT station which will cut down waiting time on the platform.

Six years later in 2029, this station is set to become an interchange within the Cross Island line with two other MRT stations — Pasir Ris East (CR4) and Loyang (CR3) next to it.

Two years down the road in 2031, this station is set to become the terminating station for the future extension to Punggol MRT station on the Cross Island line.

B) Pasir Ris Interchange

Pasir Ris’ large geographical area and its neighbourhoods are well served by the buses that gather at Pasir Ris Bus Interchange.

Pasir Ris Bus Interchange Buses

Service Destination Remarks
3TampinesEn-Route Stop
5Bukit Merah
6↺ Loyang Crescent No operations on Sundays & Public Holidays
12Kampong Bahru
12eKampong BahruExpress Service
15↺ Marine Parade Road
15AJalan Eunos (Opp Eunos Stn)Short Trip Service
21Saint Michael’s
58BUpper Paya Lebar Road (Aft Tai Seng Stn)Short Trip Service
68↺ Tampines
88Toa Payoh
354↺ Jalan Loyang Besar
358↺ Pasir Ris Drive 4East Loop
↺ Pasir Ris Drive 10West Loop
359↺ Pasir Ris Street 11East Loop
↺ Pasir Ris Street 71West Loop
403↺ Pasir Ris Road
518↺ Bayfront Avenue Express Service
518ABayfront Avenue (Bayfront Stn Exit A) Express Service / Short Trip Service
Weekday Morning Peak
4NPasir Ris Drive 1 (Blk 210) Night Service / En-Route Stop

Pasir Ris Public Transport Commute to Work Areas

Here is an estimation of how long it will take to get to the main work areas in Singapore from Pasir Ris by public transport:


45 – 50 minutes

Changi Business Park:

35 – 45 minutes

One North Buona Vista:

60 – 75 minutes

Jurong International Business Park:

80 – 85 minutes


140 minutes

Unfortunately, getting around Singapore from Pasir Ris will test your patience.

Even Changi Business Park which is relatively near is still about 35 minutes away.

C) Pasir Ris Accessibility by Private Transport

If you drive, getting around Singapore from Pasir Ris will take awhile.

Source: Giphy

They can head onto the:

  • Tampines Expressway (TPE) via Loyang Avenue to head North-East
  • Pan Island Expressway (PIE) via the TPE to head to town and further West.

Here is an estimation of how long it will take to get to the main work areas in Singapore from Pasir Ris by car accounting for traffic:


30 – 55 minutes

Changi Business Park:

10 – 30 minutes

One North Buona Vista:

35 – 60 minutes

Jurong International Business Park:

40 – 60 minutes


55 – 80 minutes

D) Overall Accessibility in Pasir Ris

In terms of convenience by public transport or private transport, Pasir Ris connectivity is poor for Singapore. This is due to its far east location.

Comparatively, even though Tampines is nearby, it is better connected with the Downtown line.

This is one of the downsides relaxing charm and its resort-like ambience.

I would give the Pasir Ris’ neighbourhood an accessibility score of 2/5 because of this.

4) Schools in Pasir Ris (3/5)

There are 7 primary schools, 4 secondary schools, 1 international school, and 1 tertiary institution in Pasir Ris.

The neighbourhood is home to reputable schools like Hai Sing Catholic, Elias Park Primary School and Tampines Meridian Junior College.

There’s even an International school there.

Source: Where2Learn | Overseas Family School 

A) Primary Schools in Pasir Ris

  • Casuarina Primary School
  • Elias Park Primary School
  • Loyang View Primary School
  • Meridian Primary School
  • Park View Primary School
  • Pasir Ris Primary School
  • White Sands Primary School

B) Secondary Schools in Pasir Ris

  • Hai Sing Catholic (Secondary School)
  • Loyang Secondary School
  • Meridian Secondary School
  • Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

C) Tertiary Institutions in Pasir Ris

  • Tampines Meridian Junior College

D) International Schools in Pasir Ris

  • Overseas Family School

I am rating the school situation in Pasir Ris a 3/5 due to a decent amount of Primary schools, Secondary schools tertiary institutions and a International school.

5) Shopping and Lifestyle Amenities in Pasir Ris (4/5)

Pasir Ris has five shopping centres in the neighbourhood. Three of them are heartland malls while the other two are full-fledged malls in their own right.

A) Shopping Malls in Pasir Ris

Downtown East

First on this list is Downtown East — a lifestyle, recreational and entertainment hub catering to youths and families run by NTUC.

The mall is a great spot to shop with many amenities such as NTUC FairPrice for groceries; the trio of Japan Home, Daiso and Threepy by Daiso for your home needs; Colosseum, one of Singapore’s largest eSports centres; Spartans Boxing Club for a good workout; Nanyang Optical for glasses and more.

Source: Downtown East | Facebook

As such, there’s no lack of shopping at Downtown East. There is even a Cathay Cineplex there as well.

Elias Mall

Next up is Elias Mall a heartland mall with many shops and dining options to serve your every need.

  • The mall is a great spot to shop with many amenities like:
    Sheng Shiong for your groceries
  • OCBC Bank for your banking needs
  • Japan Home for your home needs
  • Pet Lovers Centre for pet owners
  • Bike World for your cycling needs
  • enrichment centres
  • and more…

Although this mall is not as big as Downtown East, it gets the job done.

Loyang Point

Another heartland mall is Loyang Point which serves the needs of nearby residents.

Due to its slightly inaccessible location, the mall is great for those who do not like crowded malls when shopping for their needs.

For starters, there is a large air-conditioned atrium to accommodate more people who attend roadshows, fairs or exhibitions that may be held there.

You can get your groceries at either Giant on the first floor and Sheng Shiong on the second.

A 7-11 on the first floor provides 24-hour convenience. Near the 7-11 is the Loyang Point Bookstore for all your reading and stationery needs

If you are hungry, you can head to the All Family Food Court on the second floor which serves a wide variety of local favourites.

Pasir Ris West Plaza

Pasir Ris West Plaza is yet another heartland mall that provides shoppers with a wide range of goods and services.

There is a wide variety of shops from an NTUC FairPrice supermarket, hairdressers, optical shops, novelty shops and even a Kopitiam food court.

White Sands Shopping Centre

White Sands comprises of six floors of lifestyle and dining options.

Source: The Jovell Condo

There are an array of dining options, sporting good stores, beauty products and more to fulfil all your daily needs.

It is the mall of choice for Pasir Ris residents as it is a one-stop-shop that is conveniently located next to Pasir Ris MRT.

Apart from being a popular everyday shopping destination for the community, the mall is also a convenient stopover for National Servicemen as part of their journey to and fro the Pulau Tekong training camp.

B) Supermarkets and Wet Markets in Pasir Ris

Pasir Ris Supermarkets

  • FairPrice at Downtown East
  • FairPrice 61 Pasir Ris Drive
  • FarePrice Pasir Ris West Plaza
  • FairPrice White Sands
  • Giant Express Pasir Ris 776
  • Giant Pasir Ris 440
  • Giant Loyang Point
  • Sheng Shiong Elias Mall
  • Sheng Shiong Loyang Point
  • Sheng Shiong Pasir Ris Street 527D

Pasir Ris Wet Markets

  • Blk 444 Pasir Ris Drive 6 Wet Market
  • Pasir Ris Market Produce Shop

C) Hospitals And Clinics in Pasir Ris With CHAS

For healthcare, there is the SingHealth Pasir Rissgh polyclinic and numerous private clinics in the area.

The nearest hospitals are at Sengkang General Hospital up North and Changi General Hospital down South for more serious ailments.

Do remember to check your Integrated Shield Plans to see what kind of coverage you are entitled to.

Now the good part, there are quite a few private clinics in Pasir Ris:

Family Medicine

  • Central 24-Hr Clinic (Pasir Ris)
  • Dayspring Medical Clinic (Pasir Ris) Pte Ltd
  • Hamid Family Clinic & Surgery
  • Healthmark Clinic (Pasir Ris)


  • Accord Dental Clinic
  • De Pacific Dental Group (Pasir Ris)
  • Eden Dental Surgery
  • Excel Dental

Do note that this list is not exhaustive. You can check out the CHAS clinic locator to find one near your you.

You’ll be glad to know that these clinics support the new and improved CHAS card which provides subsidies for ALL Singaporeans for chronic conditions, regardless of income.

D) Post Office in Pasir Ris

You’ll be glad to know that there are the Singapore Post – Pasir Ris Central Branch and numerous POPStations for all your mailing needs:

  • POPStation @ Pasir Ris SRC
  • POPStation @ E!Hub, Downtown East
  • POPStation @ Pasir Ris PO

In terms of shopping and lifestyle amenities, Pasir Ris has almost everything you need.

I am giving Pasir Ris a 4/5 score for its great range of shopping and lifestyle amenities.

6) Recreational Amenities in Pasir Ris (4/5)

Pasir Ris has several recreation areas for you to spend fun-filled family days.

You can have fun outdoors at Pasir Ris Park where Pasir Ris Beach is located. Another favourite is of residents is Pasir Ris Town Park.

There is also a saltwater fishing pond, a fish farm, a stable and Downtown East — a lifestyle, recreational and entertainment hub catering to youths and families run by NTUC.

A) Pasir Ris Park

Pasir Ris is one of the few spots in Singapore that is so near the sea.

Next to the shoreline is the charming and serene Pasir Ris park and beach which provides fun for the whole family.

Source: Cattan2011 | Flickr

The park is very much a modern one with pony rides, water sports, inline skating, barbeque rental and a spot for camping (remember to apply for a permit), The park is also home to a Playground, one of the largest in Singapore.

Pasir Ris Park Mangrove Forest

Apart from these amenities, there is a beautiful six-hectare mangrove forest that was set aside for conservation.

You can explore the natural beauty of the forest via the Mangrove Boardwalk and multiple walking trails.

Source: IceCool77

Within the forest, there is a three-story high Bird Watching Tower to see birds in their natural habitat.

Pasir Ris Park Butterfly Garden and Kitchen Garden

Another spot for getting close to nature is the Butterfly Garden and Kitchen Garden.

This Butterfly Garden is great for photographers as you can take pictures of the many butterflies that feast on the flowering plants in the garden.

You will be able to spot the common Plain Tiger Butterly with its beautiful orange wings.

Source: Wikimedia Commons | Charles J Sharp – Sharp Photography

If you are lucky you, might see the gorgeous Blue Glassy Tiger butterfly with its blue-grey wings.

Kitchen Garden is aptly named as it is filed with many edible herbs.

You will be able to see, smell and touch the myriad of vegetables, culinary herbs and spices that add flavour to our local dishes.

B) Pasir Ris Town Park

Pasir Ris Town Park is just conveniently located opposite Pasir Ris MRT station.

The Town Park is a great nature spot with a playground and fitness corner that is used regularly by residents.

D’Best Fishing Pond

Pasir Ris Town Park is also home to the only saltwater pond in Singapore,

The D’best Pond is a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts and hobbyists with the pond segmented into several ponds to cater for different fishing styles.

Bring your own rod or alternatively, you can rent one from D’Best.

There, you can snap up some snappers, groupers, anglers and other types of fishes available for baiting from the ponds.

C) Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

Speaking of fish, you can pay a visit to Mainland Tropical Fish Farm for a fun day out with the family.

Apart from appealing to fish collectors with its many aquarium fish for sale, the Fish farm provides fun for families with kids.

There are many large Koi feeding ponds where you can feed the fish with food packets you can buy from the farm.

You can also engage in ‘longkang fishing’ (drain fishing), a throwback to Singapore’s village days.

Source: Mainland Tropical Fish Farm | Facebook

D) Gallop Stables @ Pasir Ris Park

Horse riding in Singapore?

You can experience it here with a variety of horse-related activities such as riding lessons, pony rides and feeding, trail rides, riding camps and many more for everyone, young and old to enjoy!

A cool thing about this stable is that most of the resident horses are retired ex-racehorse who come to Gallop for a second lease at life.

E) Downtown East

A one-stop leisure and lifestyle destination, Downtown East is a choice venue for NTUC members and Singaporeans to enjoy a wide array of entertainment options at affordable prices.

NTUC Downtown East has facilities like chalets, water parks (Wild Wild Wet), a bowling alley and a pet-friendly park.

There’s also a Sports and Recreation Centre with facilities such as a swimming pool, sports hall (mainly for badminton), street soccer court and also gym.

E!Hub at Downtown East

The market square is home to E!Hub a leisure and entertainment centre. There you can engage in activities like:

  • Karaoke at HaveFun Karaoke and Teo Heng
  • Host LAN parties at Colosseum,
  • Ho skating at Hi Roller
  • Catch a movie at Cathay Cineplexes,
  • Bowl at Orchid Bowl
  • Play Cue Sports at Cue Guru
  • and more…

D’Resort @ Downtown East

D’Resort @ Downtown East is a nature-inspired resort with many chalets nestled within the lush greenery of Pasir Ris Park.

The 387-room D’Resort has since provided guests with a quiet yet contemporary staycation away from hectic city life.

Source: Downtown East | Facebook

Personally, I have stayed at those chalets before and it was quite a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of Singapore.

Wild Wild Wet

Next to D’Reort is Wild Wild Wet, one of Singapore’s largest water parks.

From adrenalin-pumping rides to relaxing and gentle ones, you are guaranteed a fun-filled day while they beat the heat.

There is a mixture of sports, cultural and leisure activities for both young and old here in Pasir Ris

I will give Pasir Ris a 4/5 for its recreational amenities, docking a point as there is nothing too special.

7) Pasir Ris Food (3/5)

Pasir Ris has quite a decent amount of food options that will make you want to travel to the far east for.

A) Pasir Ris Shopping Malls Food

Loyang Point and Pasir West Plaza have nice foodcourts with a wide variety of local food. The other malls have stalls and restaurants like:

Downtown East Food

  • Asli Village
  • King of Prawn Noodles
  • Taste Good mini wok tze char concept
  • Koi and Kung Fu Tea for your bubble tea fix
  • Killiney Kopitiam
  • Manle Tewochew Porridge and Hotpot Buffts
  • McDonald’s Downtown East
  • Ministry of Burgers
  • Mukshidonna — Halal-Certified Korean Army Stew
  • The Tree Cafe (Downtown East) – Halal Certified
  • The Basil Inn Thai food
  • and more…

Elias Mall Food

  • Seafood Hut
  • Seafood Kitchen (Elias Mall)
  • Prima Deli
  • Seri Serai Malay Rice
  • Johnson Duck (Pasir Ris)
  • and more…

White Sands Food

  • Binggo! (Bingsu)
  • Cookhouse by Koufu
  • Central Thai Kitchen
  • Cottage Pies Cafe
  • Coolman Frozen Yoghurt
  • Crave Nasi Lemak
  • Men Men Don Don
  • McDonald’s KFC
  • Nine Fresh Desserts
  • So Food
  • Tasty Street Grain Bowls
  • and more…

B) Pasir Ris Hawker Centres

Cheap and good food can be found at the numerous hawker centres and Kopitiams spread all around Pasir Ris

Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre Food

You can find great eats at Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre

Source: Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre | Facebook

The hawker centre features a “dual dining concept”, where traditional hawker food and modern more ‘hipster’ dining options are side by side.

Traditional Hawker Food

  • Ayam Penyet for smashed chicken goodness
  • Jun Yuan House of Fish for its fish soup
  • Feng Feng Boneless Chicken Rice
  • Mala

Modern Food

  • EPIKebabs (a branch of EPIKebabs along Wilke road)
  • Film & Feathers Western food with its Tempura Fish w/Chips
  • The Stew House which sells Western stews.
  • Ice Creamery for its waffles and ice cream
  • Ju Ju Pokebowls for its Poke
  • Prawnaholic
  • Wild Olives
  • and more…

There is also the famous Melben Seafood Zi Char (Pasir Ris) at 440 Pasir Ris Drive and all the koptiams around the area.

C) Pasir Ris Cafes

Pasir Ris has a decent range of cafes. The neighbourhood has some good cafes like:

  • Lots Cafe for its fusion and coffee
  • Cedele Cafe White Sands with its desserts and bakes
  • Chock Full of beans for its coffee and 3D latte art

    Source: Chock Full of Beans | Facebook
  • Delihunt for its Singaporean style food
  • Streats Hong Kong Cafe
  • The Coastal Settlement with its delicious food and vintage interiors
  • and more…

D) Pasir Ris Bars

Pasir Ris is home to a few cool bars to grab drinks by the sea:

  • Beach Culture for seaside drinks and food in Pasir Ris Park
  • Georges @ The Cove in Pasir Ris Park for drinks beside the sea
  • D’Bar in Aranda Country Club for good food, drinks and darts
  • Ohana Beach House a chill water sports themed bar in Pasir Ris Prak
  • Forest4 Darts Cafe at Downtown East

All in all, I find the Pasir Ris food scene lacking due to a lack of notable hawkers and restaurants. Nothing too fantastic and nothing too bad either, which grants it an average 3/5 score in my books.

Final Score and Evaluation for Pasir Ris

The scores are in:

  • Personality: 4/5
  • Affordability: 3/5
  • Accessibility: 2/5
  • Schools in the area: 3/5
  • Shopping: 4/5
  • Recreational: 4/5
  • Food: 3/5

Final Score for the Pasir Ris neighbourhood: 23 | A-rank 

Pasir Ris is given a distinction grade.

There’s a reason why the neighbourhood is popular with families with kids, retirees, and nature lovers.

If you have any other more specific questions and would like to discuss property, the friendly Seedly Community is here to help!


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