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6 Calculators That Help Singaporeans Live Longer (By Taking Away The Stress In Personal Finance)

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Not everyone is born with a good inherent “number sense”, which explains why some of us are failing Math since god knows when while some of us ACE it with little effort. 

While most Asian parents are not buying that excuse, it is scientifically proven that some people are just born to be good at Math. If you are the kind that cannot count beyond your fingers and toes, personal finance will be a huge challenge with all the calculation involved.

Fret not, all hope is not lost to those who dream (or who chanced upon this article on useful personal finance calculators).

Singapore Personal Tax Calculator

With Personal Income Tax’s deadline drawing closer, we chanced upon a really useful calculator to find out how much tax you need to pay.

  • Filing of personal tax is required for all residents in Singapore.
  • One has to eFile it on myTax Portal or through paper filing by 18 April 2018
  • The Personal Tax Calculator gives information about any possible deductibles which you might be eligible for. 
  • Going through the calculator concurrently while filing your Personal Tax definitely makes the whole process smoother than having to Google back and forth on the possible deductibles and the amount. 

Personal InCome Tax Calculator SingaporePersonal Tax Calculator

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Savings Account Calculator

For working adults, choosing a savings account that best suit your needs is a must-do, but the process can be rather confusing.

There are 7 main savings accounts in Singapore, each having their own pros and cons.

Using factors such as:

  • Monthly Salary
  • Monthly card spend
  • GIRO Spending
  • Investments
  • Home Loan 
  • Annual insurance spend

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all savings account as each bank tries to differentiate themselves from one another. As individuals vary accordingly to the factors stated above, the Best Savings Account Calculator helps resolve this inconvenience.

Best Savings Account Calculator For Singaporeans

It allows the user to simply key in their relative information, while it generates a comparison amongst all the savings account to show which provides the highest interest rate.

Best Savings Account Calculator

Singapore Dividend Stocks Tracker

We once list out the difference between Growth Investing and Dividend Investing to help Singaporeans understand the two different types of investing.

Growth investing vs dividend investingShould you find yourself being more interested in dividend investing, this next calculator will blow your mind.

Singapore SGX Dividend Stock Tracker

The Singapore SGX stock exchange is known to have many good Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and high yield dividend stocks.

Investment Moats’s Dividend Stock Tracker:

  • Is updated at the end of each trading day at 7 – 8pm.
  • It allows an investor to spot any possible opportunity to buy stocks
  • Provides a good insight into all the numbers that affect one’s decision to invest in a dividend stock.
  • Factors such as Dividend Yield. Price to Book, Debt Leverage of each dividend stocks is stated clearly and compared in form of a table.
  • In short, a go-to for every dividend stocks enthusiast. 

Dividend Stock Calculator

Net Worth Calculator

Net worth: Singaporean’s most important number in personal finance.

Any idea how much is your net worth at the moment?

net worth of Singaporeans including Phillip Ng, Robert Ng and Bill Gares

Net worth is an important number when it comes to retirement planning. Given that upon retirement, your stream of income from work stops, net worth will be used as your living expenses when one retires. 

Calculating of your net worth is simply:

One can also use the Net Worth Calculator provided by Moneysense to help them with the calculation.

Moneysense Net Worth Calculator is a localized calculator where Singaporeans can key in their various assets and liabilities to assess their net worth. 

Net Worth Calculator

Car Loan Calculator

If you are looking to get a car loan, Sgcarmart is the right place to go to.

It allows Singaporeans to input the relative fields, including Additional Registration Fee (ARF) and Certificate of Entitlement (COE) for more accurate calculation.

If you are looking to get a new car or a used one, here you go!

Car Loan Calculator

Property Affordability Calculator

Housing regulations are making it difficult for Singaporeans to calculate what kind of property can they afford in the market. 

The property affordability calculator found on PropertyGuru helps minimize this headache into a 5 minutes survey to update the calculator and it will estimate one’s maximum property affordability.

Property Affordability Calculator


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