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12 Best Personal Finance Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

profileJoel Koh

When it comes to learning there are three main styles.

Some people are visual learners — which means you learn better either by reading or seeing pictures.

Others are tactile learners who prefer learning by touching and doing. You tend to understand and remember things better through physical movement.

Last but not least, some people (like myself) are auditory learners who learn better by hearing and listening. They tend to understand and remember better things that they have heard.

The great thing about this is that there are resources that cater to everyone as podcasts cater to auditory learners and can be consumed while doing chores or on your commute.

If you want to get your personal finances together in 2020, learn more about investing, the broader economy and market views.

We got you!




TL;DR: 12 Greatest Personal Finance Podcasts to Listen to Get Your Personal Finances in Order

Here are the best podcasts to learn about personal finance, investing and the broader economy and market views.

Podcast Subject
Money Hacks — The Business TimesPersonal Finance
The Financial Coconut
Your Money With Michelle Martin — MoneyFM 89.3
Macro VoicesThe Economy & Market Views
Planet Money — NPR
Podzept — Deutsche Bank Research
InvestED: The Rule #1 InvestingInvesting
We Study Billionaires
Trend Following Radio
Wall Street BreakfastStocks News
Money For the Rest of UsDIY Investing
Investing Insights From Morningstar

Personal Finance Podcasts Singapore

These first three podcasts cater to a Singapore based audience by providing great personal finance advice as well as tips about investing and entrepreneurship.

1) Money Hacks Podcast — The Business Times

When I wanted to learn more about personal finance, I was glad to find that there were a couple of podcasts catered to a Singaporean audience.

As useful as the international podcasts were, there were some uniquely Singapore quirks that these podcasts could not address.

Enter Money Hacks, a podcast by the people running the Business Times.

Source: The Business Times

Every week the episodes would cover personal finance topics and break them down into actionable financial tips.

What I liked about this podcast is that the host Chris Lim will talk to local experts like Lewis Ng, the Chief Commercial Officer of Carousell, who discusses property trends in 2020 and Do it Yourself property shopping and buying.

The podcasts also caters to a wide audience and cover topics like insurance, credit cards, mortgages, entrepreneurship and more.

How to Listen:

2) The Financial Coconut Podcast

The Financial Coconut podcast is the next delicious-sounding entry on this list.

Source: The Financial Coconut | Facebook

The podcast is the work of Reggie Koh, the Chief Financial Coconut who wants to promote financial literacy amongst Singaporeans.

The podcast aims to debunk financial myths, share the best financial practices, and discussing financial strategies that fit our unique life in Singapore.

The podcast covers relatable topics like the value of having a university degree in Singapore from the perspective of a dropout; key things to look out for in financial statements: and the major misconceptions Singaporeans have about buying stocks.

How to Listen:

3) Your Money With Michelle Martin Podcast — MoneyFM 89.3

Some of you might be familiar with MoneyFM 89.3.

But for those who don’t know the difference between AM and FM radio, they also have a personal finance podcast called Your Money With Michelle Martin.

Source: MoneyFM 89.3

The podcast wants to teach you how to save, invest and make better personal financial decisions for yourself.

There are three categories of shows.

Money and Me cover personal finance topics like Robo-advisor Stashaway’s recent portfolio optimisation.

Market View covers what is going on in the world’s markets.

While Read is a segment about where they talk about books and interview great authors.

How to Listen:

Podcasts on the Economy and Market Views

The next few podcasts focus on the economy and market views, diving deeper into the complex forces behind them.

4) Macro Voices Podcast

Erik Townsend a former software engineer turned hedge fund manager at Fourth Turning Capital Management, hosts this insightful interview-based podcast — Marco Voices.

Source: Macro Voices

The podcast is one of the rare few that focuses on market views.

Townsend invites a variety of experts like hedge fund managers, financial analysts and researchers.

This podcast is a great listen as it provides insight into the markets and investing.

I particularly liked this recent one with Scott Lynn, the founder of Masterworks, a platform that securitises fine art by filing paintings with the SEC.

In other words, Masterworks allows investors to invest and trade shares of famous artwork from the likes of Monet, Warhol and Van Gough.

How to Listen:

5) Planet Money Podcast — National Public Radio (NPR)

Heard of National Public Radio (NPR)?

NPR is known for its largely superb content that is educational, informative and interesting. The Planet Money podcast is no exception.

Planet Money is a podcast that strives to be accessible and easy to understand. Much like calling up a friend/expert to explain to your what is going on with the economy.

Source: NPR

They do a good job of finding creative and entertaining ways to help people understand the large complex forces that move the economy.

I particularly like this episode Stocks Are Up But The Economy’s Down where they invited Josh Brown CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management.

He explained why there is a disconnect between the stock market (S&P 500) and the economy using an interesting analogy of an owner and her dog.

How to Listen:

6) Podzept — Deutsche Bank Research

Next up on this list is Podzept, a podcast produced by Deutsche Bank Research.

I like how the podcasts manage to maintain a good balance between the length of the podcast and how in-depth it covers the topic.

Each podcast is about 15 minutes or so and the episodes are well researched and produced.

The podcast also covers a broad range of topics from global economic outlooks, cryptocurrency, consumer trends and more.

Listeners will get superb insight into the economy and markets, with discussions about central banks, currencies, monetary policies and more.

How to Listen:

Investing Podcasts

The last group of podcasts are catered towards investing and provides excellent knowledge for all types of investors.

7) InvestED: The Rule #1 Investing Podcast

The InvestED: The Rule #1 Investing Podcast is run by Phil Town and his daughter Danielle Town.

Source: InvestED

He is a hedge fund manager and author of Rule #1, Invested and Payback Time; three investment books that made it on the New York Times Bestseller list.

He hosts the podcast with his daughter, a fellow New York Times Bestselling investment book author and attorney.

I like how the podcast is rather beginner-friendly as episodes like episode 14 teach you how to make your first trade, while episode 19 teaches you about growth rates and its importance of judging the quality of a business.

One of the latest episodes also discusses investing in technology companies like Amazon.

Anyone who wants an insider’s take on how to make the stock market work for you, take note.

How to Listen:

8) We Study Billionaires Podcast

Like the name suggests, hosts Preston Pysch and Stig Broderson study billionaire investors like Ray Dalio and Warren Buffett.

Source: We Study Billionaires

They dig through the data and practices of these top investors and teach you how to invest like them on a (much) smaller scale.

In addition, the interview successful billionaire entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban and Micheal Bloomberg about business as well.

I quite liked episode 291 where they discussed commodity investments like gold and oil during amidst COVID-19 with Marin Katusa, founder of independent research firm Katsua Research.

How to Listen:

9) Trend Following Radio Podcast

Next up we have Michael Covel’s podcast, which has over eight million listens.

Source: Michael Covel

Micheal Covel is probably the most experienced podcaster on this list.

I would recommend this if you would like to broaden your mind’s horizon when it comes to investing, as the podcast provides alternative views on the markets compared to traditional news outlet narratives.

He also interviewed some wonderful guests with Nobel Prize winners and internationally renowned investors coming on the show.

I quite liked the episode that featured Micheal Dever, founder of Brandywine Asset Management who provided great insight on the Coronavirus crisis and U.S. equities

How to Listen:

10) Wall Street Breakfast Podcast

Short and to the point is how I would describe the Wall Street Breakfast.

The podcast gives you a good overview of economic and business news of the day with a focus on stocks.

Every week they will also have a Stocks to Watch segment that puts the spotlight on companies, with previews of upcoming IPOs, earnings reports and more.

Very insightful.

Wall Street Breakfast listeners include many investment bankers and fund managers so you know the information is legit.

Source: Seeking Alpha

How to Listen:

11) Money For the Rest of Us Podcast

The debate about whether you should invest with a financial advisor or on your own might never end.

But if you are a do it yourself (DIY) investor, Money for The Rest of Us is catered towards you.

The podcast is produced and hosted by David J. Stein, who has years of experience investing professionally. He was the Chief Investment Strategist at Fund Evaluation Group, managing billions of dollars worth of assets.

The podcast has one overarching theme: to help people save and invest enough money for the retirement of their dreams.

The podcast covers topics like asset allocation, how monetary policy will impact the markets and how to invest to beat inflation in ways that are simple and easy to understand.

You should check out the episode How to Better Manage Risk where Stein discussed three steps to assess and manage risk when investing.

How to Listen:

12) Investing Insights From Morningstar Podcast

In the world of stocks and finance, Morningstar is an instantly recognisable name.

The independent research firm is a trusted resource for reviews and ratings of financial instruments like stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

Source: Morningstar

The podcast is produced by Morningstar, with weekly; episodes that offer advice on the good, the bad and the ugly of stocks and funds.

Like Money for The Rest of Us, this podcast is great for DIY investors who want to be in the loop regarding the markets.

The expert team at Morningstar offers deep insights into investments and sectors as well as important fundamental market concepts that every investor should know.

I like how they interview fund managers and industry insiders who share their expertise.

They even had Jack Bogle on their show back when he was still alive.

How to Listen:

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About Joel Koh
History student turned writer at Seedly. Before you ask, not a teacher. I hope to help people make better financial decisions and not let money control them.
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