Where Can I Get my Personal Finance Questions Answered?

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When it comes to personal finance, we are always told that we should start early. To achieve financial independence at age 36!

Who? What? Where?

When starting early, it is best if we are able to get some tips and tricks from our parents themselves. We then subsequently move to look to our peers for opinions (maybe) from their own personal experience or even seek help from our mentors (if we are lucky enough to have one).


Now that we are in the internet-age, what can we not find online?

If I want to know, “what is the down payment for applying for a BTO?”, all I have to do is google!

Or if I stumbled upon a foreign acronym, like OG, all I have to do is google, “what is OG?” And the internet will tell me that Original Gangster is what it is.

We can google everything nowadays but when it comes to personal finance, things get a bit complicated. There is no textbook answer to how you should plan your financials, but you would definitely like to seek different opinions from people who are more experienced.

So we came up with a list of where you can get ’em opinions!

Here are 6 places you could get your questions answered:

  • InvestingNote
  • Seedly QnA
  • Hardwarezone
  • Reddit
  • Quora

This list is not exhaustive, there are definitely more platforms for you to get your questions answered.


InvestingNote is a social network platform that connects stock investors all over Singapore to discuss stock price movements.

In there you are able to find in-depth analysis, exchange investment discussions and learn insights from the OGs in there by getting the opportunity to connect with expert investors.

The platform looks very similar to Facebook where you are allowed to engage in a conversation by commenting on a post.

A peek into Investingnote


Seedly Community

SeedlyQna is a growing open community platform where questions are asked and answered daily by the people in our community.

You are able to ask questions about anything personal finance – anything but not limited to Insurance, Investment, Property, even Career paths!

A peek into SeedlyQnA

HardwareZone (HWZ) 

HWZ is a local forum, OG of all the forums here in Singapore, where you get to contribute and exchange ideas about almost anything, almost freely.

If you have any questions find the appropriate thread (there are plenty, kinda hard to follow), and post your question. You should get your answers in no time!

This is how threads look like in HWZ
These are how conversations are held within a thread in HWZ



They are quite similar to HWZ where there are plenty of threads to follow, updated almost immediately to the latest news (even gossips).

I feel that you can use HWZ and Reddit almost interchangeably, the only difference are the age groups of the OGs in them. That being said, the opinions of each group will differ.

r/singapore in Reddit and its threads
Conversations held within a thread on Reddit


You are able to get almost professional advice while remaining anonymous on Quora. Not only that, liked the way someone answers questions? You get to follow them anonymously and read their answers on your feed all the time! Although you can seek advice there about almost anything under the sun, it’s almost universal.

However, it is not personal in a Singaporean’s point of view. Not much on personal finance in a Singaporean context, tough luck getting proper advice there!

A peek into Quora

I think I have said ‘almost’ almost too much, time to blast Almost by Bowl For Soup in my office! All the best with on your journey to financial independence! See you in the next one!

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