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200624 Personal Finance Subreddits to Check Out

Personal Finance Subreddits to Check Out For Singaporeans

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While reading personal finance blogs such as Seedly is a great way to learn about personal finance, sometimes we just want to hear the opinions of others.

And while having a financial advisor does have its merits, sometimes it satisfies our curiosities more by casting a wider net and getting various perspectives on our unique situation.

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Aside from our very own Seedly community, personal finance subreddits are a great place to ask for opinions to help shape your own!

So here are some of the best subreddits for personal finance, sorted into ones that are specifically tailored to Singaporeans and broader communities for personal finance!

TL;DR: Personal Finance Subreddits to Check Out

Singapore FI Reddit – r/singaporefi (175k members)

Perhaps the most popular among personal finance enthusiasts in Singapore is r/singaporefi!

Here, you can ask almost anything about personal finance in Singapore, including things about CPF, career advice, salary progression, Singaporean brokerages, and so on!

This subreddit also has a comprehensive Wiki Page that acts as a go-to resource for those just starting out.

It even lists personal finance blogs to check out and books to read!

But it doesn’t list Seedly as one of those blogs though 🙁

Sg HENRY Reddit – r/SgHENRY (6.9k members)

Henry? Who’s that??

Well, HENRY stands for High Earner Not Rich Yet!

A relatively new subreddit, Sg Henry is a community of people who are exactly that, high earners who are not wealthy just yet.

They describe themselves as people who are at “roughly 85th-percentile income, but this is not a hard cutoff.”

Topics here are as you would expect, with people asking whether they should buy investment properties, the types of careers that got them to where they are and more.

General Singapore Reddits – r/singapore (1.2 million members) & r/askSingapore (247k members)

Don’t be too quick to dismiss more general subreddits such as r/singapore and r/askSingapore!

While asking on personal finance Reddits are great, sometimes we do find great threads related to personal finance on general subreddits.

It may not be a very good idea to ask technical questions on there, however, these communities can offer you a much broader perspective!

International Personal Finance Subreddits

It’s quite well-known that Singaporeans are rather conservative by nature, and this also translates into personal finance. While that in and of itself may not necessarily be a good or bad thing, sometimes we may want even broader perspectives.

This is where international personal finance subreddits come into play! You can find almost everything about personal finance on Reddit from r/valueinvesting to riskier stuff such as r/options as well as lifestyle goals such as r/financialindependence and r/fire.

Here are some of the more popular and interesting ones:

If you’re more of a lurker or too lazy to create your own feed of personal finance subreddits to consume, here’s a special bonus that I found while browsing! Created by u/ikonoclasm, here is a feed that includes most of the popular financial subreddits.

Fair Warning

While reading these subreddits can be a great way to broaden your perspective and learn more about personal finance in a rather disorganised way, make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of making a decision solely based on what one user has said!

Instead, read everything, especially the ones about salary, with a pinch of salt and use them to form your own opinions and learnings. If you need financial advice for your own specific situation, it’s better to engage trusted a financial advisor instead!

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