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Best Durian Delivery Vendors To Satisfy Your Cravings This Durian Season

profileMing Feng

Feasting on durians usually comes with a steep price, both financially and physically.

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So unless you’re okay with the stares that you’ll receive on public transport thanks to its unique smell…

You’re probably better off fetching your own durians in your car or paying just a little bit more for durian delivery.

In Other News… Durian Season Is Back!

As we head into June, there’s some good news for us durian lovers: durian season is back and cheaper too!

According to the experts, the durian season for 2023 is set to start in June and will peak in June and July!

Here at Seedly, we may be all about budgeting and saving for the future, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t treat ourselves to the creamy, luxurious treat that is the durian.

At a budget of course.

That’s why we came up with a price comparison of durian stalls and online durian delivery services all around Singapore.

You’re welcome!

Psst. Some of these vendors also accept CDC vouchers!

TL;DR: Best Durian Delivery Vendors To Satisfy Your Cravings This Durian Season

Using the most popular durian variety, Mao Shan Wang (MSW) or Mu Sang King, as a point of comparison. Here are some things to note when deciding which store to go to for the cheapest Mao Shan Wang:

  • Some durian sellers sell their durian dehusked, so be sure to check because durian is usually sold by weight
  • Check the durian prices regularly on the vendor’s Facebook and websites to avoid disappointment (prices usually fluctuate daily)
  • If you are looking to get your durian delivered to you, it is important that you check out reviews online to make sure that you choose a trustworthy durian delivery service.
  • Prices listed here are updated as of 29 May 2023
Name of Durian StallDurian PricesContactMinimum Order for DeliveryDelivery FeeAddress
227 Katong DurianMao Shan Wang: $20 (2kg whole durian, 500g - 550g dehusked)

Red Prawn: $12 (2kg whole durian, 530g dehusked)

Hu Lu Wang: $12 (2kg whole durian, 530g dehusked)

D1: $12 (2kg whole durian, 400g - 450g dehusked)

Golden Phoenix: $20 (2kg whole durian, 500g dehusked)

Minimum order $30 (excluding delivery fee), 2kg whole durian per type$13227 East Coast Road Singapore 428924
99 Old TreeMao Shan Wang: $58 (750g dehusked)

Sultan King: $32 (700g dehusked)

Tekka: $57 (700g dehusked)

Jinfeng: $59 (700g dehusked)

Red Prawn: $45 (700g dehusked)

D13: $42 (700g dehusked)

S17: $48 (700g dehusked)

Johor XO: $42 (700g dehusked)

Ganghai: $43 (700g dehusked)

Pontian King: $48 (700g dehusked)

D88: $44 (700g dehusked)

Free delivery for orders above $150
1 Teo Hong Road
Singapore 088321
Bao Jiak DurianBlackgold
1 box: $50 (625g - 675g dehusked)
4 boxes: $188

Mao Shan Wang
1 box: $45 (625g - 675g dehusked)
4 boxes: $168
9172 9091 (Alex)


Free delivery for 4 boxes and above
202 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #01-1682 Singapore 560202
Combat Durian BalestierMao Shan Wang : $20/kg

Jinfeng: $26/kg

D13: $16/kg

Ganghai: $16/kg

9278 9928
1 boxVaries by location206 Rangoon Road Singapore 218452
Durian 36Black Gold Mao Shan Wang: $22/kg

Mao Shan Wang: $20/kg

Old Tree Mao Shan Wang: $24/kg

D13 Red Prawn: $13/kg

Ganghai: $13/kg

Hock Beng D13: $14/kg

Golden Phoenix: $19/kg


Free delivery for orders above $100 or if you purchase a durian party set under Party Set A and B.
Lorong 36, 608 Geylang Road, Singapore 389547
Durian DeliveryKing Red Prawn:

Golden Phoenix: $19/kg

Free delivery for orders above $100 ($150 and above for Sentosa and Lim Chu Kang )
5 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399685
Durian CultureOut of stock as of time of writing

Pahang Musang King: $38 (600g dehusked), $88 (1800g dehusked)

Old Tree Pahang Mao Shan Wang: $228 (2400g dehusked)
Whatsapp: 91801080


TBCTBC77 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387419
Durian KakiMao Shan Wang
$18/kg, $16/kg for 10kg and above
3 boxes (450g each): $90
6 boxes (450g each): $170

$11/kg, $10/kg for 10kg and above
3 boxes (420g each): $50
6 boxes (420g each): $90

$18/kg, $16/kg for 10kg and above
3 boxes (400g each): $90
6 boxes (400g each): $170

8405 8509

[email protected]
Minimum 5kgFreeJunction Nine, #01-83, 18 Yishun Ave 9, S768892
Durian StudioTBCWhatsApp:

TBCTBCBlock 510 Bedok North Street 3, #01-27 Singapore 460510
Famous DurianB Mao Shan Wang: $8/kg, $70 for 10kg

S17: $12/kg, $110 for 10kg

Donglai: $13/kg, $118 for 10kg

Black Pearl: $13/kg, $120 for 10kg

Ab MSW: $14/kg, $118 for 10kg

MSW: $17/kg, $148 for 10kg

Jinfeng: $18/kg, $160 for 10kg

Old Tree MSW: $20/kg, $180 for 10kg

9898 7238
No (check Facebook for latest updates)Included in 10kg pricingBlk 848 Yishun St 81 Singapore 760848
Fruit MonkeysOld Tree Signature Mao Shan Wang: $62 (700g dehusked)

Premium Mao Shan Wang: $58 (700g dehusked)

Old Tree Red Prawn: $32 (700g dehusked)

Tekka: $38 (700g dehusked)
9145 2860/ 6291 2383



Free delivery for orders above $180
7 Ang Mo Kio Street 66, #01-03 FloraVista, Singapore 567708
Good DurianPahang Mao Shan Wang: $50 (650 - 700g deshusked), 4 boxes for 180$ including free deliveryPhone:
9226 3109



Free delivery for 4 boxes
Block 453 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-1805 560453
Hao Chi DuriansMSW: $17/kg

Jinfeng: $16/ kg

Black Pearl: $12/kg

XO: $12/kg

D13: $10/kg

Bundles available
96996106 (Ah Hua)

Minimum order of 6kg for delivery$5

Free islandwide delivery for orders above 10kg
11 Jalan Mas Puteh, Singapore 128617
King Fruits DurianD13: $5 per piece
Musang King: $10 per piece

8533 0561

8186 8358

[email protected]
TBCTBC346 Bedok Road, Singapore 469532

639 Geylang North 33, Singapore 389570
Kungfu DurianBlack Pearl: $45 (600g dehusked)

Black Thorn: $68 (600g dehusked)

D101: $40 (600g dehusked)

D13: $40 (600g dehusked)

Golden Phoenix: $55 (600g dehusked)

Johor Grade AAA MSW: $60 (600g dehusked)

S17: $45 (600g dehusked)



[email protected]

8118 6318

Free delivery for orders above $120
223 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799447
Lele Durian SingaporeMao Shan Wang: $19/kg

Golden Phoenix: $19/kg

Tekka: $15/kg

Johor XO: $15/kg

Black Pearl: $15/kg

D13: $12/kg
9694 8584


Free delivery for orders above $120
20 Ghim Moh Road, #01-125, Singapore 270020
Little Boss Fruit ParadiseTBCFacebook

9759 3759
TBCTBC574 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-1835
Parkway DurianBlack Gold Mao Shan Wang: $18/kg

Mao Shan Wang: $12/kg

Golden Phoenix: $18/kg

Red Prawn: $10/kg

D13: $10/kg

D1: $10/kg

8535 1750

Free delivery for orders above $110
83 Marine Parade Central, Singapore 440083
Sin DurianMao Shan Wang: $12/kg

Old Tree MSW: $20/kg

D18: $10/kg

D1: $10/kg

Promo and bundle packages available
8247 8111

TBCTBCBlk 291 Yishun street 22 #01-361, Singapore 760291
Sindy DurianTBCFacebook

9710 2427

[email protected]
Free delivery for orders above $150TBC

Free delivery for orders above $150
89 Whampoa Drive #01-835
Singapore 320089
Spike Empire DurianMao Shan Wang: $15/kg

D13: $10/kg

Golden Phoenix: $18/kg
9398 4090

NoneFree delivery for orders above 3 to 4 boxesBlk 7, Hougang Ave 3, #01-56, Singapore 530007
The Durian PrinceMao Shan Wang: $35 (550g dehusked)

D13: $25 (600g dehusked)

Golden Phoenix: $35 (550g dehusked)

Black Pearl: $30 (500g dehusked)

9060 0798

NoneVaries by locationBlk 117 Aljunied Ave 2 #01-142 Singapore 380117
The Durian TreeMao Shan Wang: $21/kg

King of kings: $23/kg

D13: $13/kg

Golden Phoenix: $20/kg

S17: $13/kg

Black Gold: $25/kg

Black Pearl: $14/kg

D88: $14/kg

D101: $12/kg

8777 1388

[email protected]
(Contact to find out final cost)
Blk 277 Bukit Batok East Avenue 3 Singapore 650277
The Durian VillaTBCWhatsapp:


Free delivery for orders above $95
175 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 534863
TOP Durian StationTai Shang Huang: $18/kg

Mao Shan Wang: $14/kg

Black Gold: $16/kg

Red Prawn: $11/kg

Butter King: $11/kg


WhatsApp: 8427 8988
Minimum order $60 for delivery$15Blk 156 Bukit Batok Street 11, #01-06C, Singapore 650156

Durian Vendors That Provide Walk-Ins

Here are some durian vendors that no longer provide deliveries but allow walk-ins.

Name of Durian StallPrice of Durian/kgContactAddressNotes
Ah Sam DurianTBCWhatsApp:
9368 2294

263 Serangoon Central Drive #01-59 Singapore 550263No reservations
Ah Seng DurianMao Shan Wang: $20/kg

Golden Phoenix: $40/box

Black Thorn: $45/box

D13: $25/box

Black Pearl: $35/box
Ghim Moh Outlet: 9465 6160
Alexandra Outlet: 9159 6160


Ghim Moh Market
Blk 20 #01-119 to #01-121, Singapore, 270020

Bukit Merah Lane 1 Blk 119 #01-24, Singapore, 151119
Pre-order via website

What’s The Average Market Price Of My Favourite Durian

Here’s a rough estimate of prices for some of the most popular types of durians. Singaporeans can expect cheaper durians this durian season as we witness a slight drop in prices across several types of durians.

Source: Facebook | AhSengDurian

Is There Such A Thing As Durian Delivery Services In Singapore?

Yes. In fact, with most of us still working from home, the majority of the durian sellers are now providing online durian delivery services so that you can still satisfy your durian craving.

Here’s a list of durian delivery sellers that does durian delivery in Singapore:

  • 227 Katong Durian
  • 99 Old Tree
  • Bao Jiak Durian
  • Combat Durian Balestier
  • Durian 36
  • Durian Culture
  • Durian Kaki
  • Durian Studio SG
  • Famous Durian
  • Fruit Monkeys at Rangoon 88
  • Good Durian
  • Hao Chi Durians
  • King Fruits Durian
  • Kungfu Durian
  • Lele Durian Singapore
  • Little Boss Fruit Paradise
  • Parkway Durian
  • Sin Durian
  • Sindy Durian
  • Spike Empire Durian
  • The Durian Tree
  • The Durian Villa
  • TOP Durian Station

With the lifting of the restrictions, some of us might be interested in doing walk-ins instead.

Here are some durian sellers that currently do not provide durian deliveries but allow walk-ins:

  • Ah Sam Durian
  • Ah Seng Durian

Further Reading: Understanding Your Durian

Curious how durian sellers can tell the difference between durians? Want to impress your date the next time you jio them out for durian?

You’ll want to read this.

1) Mao Shan Wang

Mao Shan Wang comes with a combination of both bitter and sweet flesh. It is usually creamy in texture with a strong bittersweet taste. Till today, it remains one of the most popular choices for Singaporeans.

Source: allaboutdurians.com

How to differentiate: Star-shaped mark at the bottom of its husk.

2) D24

Usually thick and creamy, and less overwhelming in terms of flavour. Recommended for first-time durian eater.

How to differentiate: Stem is usually shorter compared to other breeds. Look for a brown-coloured ring at the bottom of the stem.

Source: Year of the Durian

3) Red Prawn

The flesh of Red Prawn is usually orange-red in colour. And it’s usually more on the sweet side.

How to differentiate: Husk is brown in colour, with short thorns.

4) Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix, unlike Red Prawn, lies on the other extreme of the taste buds. It is more known for its bitter taste.

How to differentiate: Sharp needle-like thorns. Fruit usually oval in shape.

5) XO

Like its name, XO durians give an aftertaste similar to that of drinking alcohol.

How to differentiate: Thorns usually pointed inwards at the base of the fruit.

6) Black Gold

Higher grade than the famous Mao Shan Wang, and comes with an intense buttery, bitter aftertaste.

How to differentiate: Dark greyish undertones on the flesh.

How To Choose A Durian

If you are looking at durian delivery, the quality of your durian will be at the mercy of the durian sellers. Hence, it is important that you choose a trustworthy durian delivery seller.

If you are looking to head down to the physical durian stall, we spoke to some durian uncles and aunties to learn the trade secret of picking the best durian:

  • Smell: Smell along the indentations of the durian. Note the strong durian smell. If there isn’t any, the fruit is probably not ripe yet.
  • Shake the fruit: If it feels as though the flesh of the fruit has lots of room to move, the fruit is probably not ripe yet.
  • Look at the shape of the durian: Irregular shapes usually mean that the fruit is creamier.

Pro tip: Ensure that the vendor opens a new durian in front of you to prevent them from trying to sell you one that was rejected by the previous customer. I know because I learnt it the hard way…

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