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Need More Dining Options? You Can Now Have Luxurious Food in a Stranger's Home

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One of life’s biggest struggles is…

Deciding where to eat.

And after finally settling on the restaurant to visit, you’re greeted with the following scene:

Source: Danielfooddiary

And then you’re back to having to make a decision all over again.

If you are tired of food deliveries and prefer the idea of dining out but hate having to wait in queues and squeeze with others…

You can now dine in a private space, more specifically, in a stranger’s house.

There has been an increase in private home dining options in Singapore, where food aficionados are opening up their cosy homes to host interested individuals with their set courses.

This dining option provides an intimate dining option, allowing diners to enjoy curated dishes by chefs who would dissect each dish and share their interpretation of what they have created.

If you’re someone who likes fancy homecooked meals or enjoy new experiences and cuisines, here are some private home dining options for you to try!

TL;DR: Have Luxurious Home-Cooked Food in a Stranger’s Home: Private Home Dining Options in Singapore

While the prices for private home dining are usually on a slightly higher side, home chefs usually do not compromise on the quality of their dishes, and often use premium ingredients for these creations.

In addition, many of these dishes are so special (often the chef’s rendition of a dish) that they cannot be found in restaurants.

It can also be customised to suit the diner’s preferences, if any.

Private Dining OptionCuisineDishes includePriceNo. of Courses (can be adjusted accordingly)
Chef d’ CLUBAsian dishes, including Indian cuisine Dabba Ghosht (mutton in thick white sauce), tomato oil and hot paprika pilaf, masala briyaniFrom $58/pax5-course meal
Fussy DuckFrench-style dishesCrab salad & avocado with caviar & apple purée, mushroom risotto with fresh black truffle$120/pax5-course meal
Lynnette’s KitchenPeranakan (signature), westernBuah Keluak fried rice, Pong Tauhu soup, mushroom risotto$120/pax6-course meal
Serene’s Supper ClubNikkei (Both South American & Japanese flavours) Salmon sashimi in a South American style, Buta Kakuni (braised pork)$90/pax8-course meal
The Humble PitRoasted meatsSmoked Sio Bak with Rice & Seaweed, Piri Piri chicken, smoked Australian Wagyu rump$80/pax6-course meal
The Mixtape ChefGlobal cuisinesVariations of Koji, cuisines featuring Spanish, Italian, Moroccan, Creole (New Orleans), Mexican, Argentinean, LebaneseKoji Mixtape: $720/session for 5 pax
Chef's Table: $220/pax
Koji Mixtape: 7-course meal
Chef's Table: 4 to 5-course meal
The Wood EarTeochew, AsianCrab cocktail with dashi jelly, Bakwan kepiting, local-inspired dishes like Hae Mee$65/pax8-course meal

Chef d’ CLUB

Source: Chefd’ CLUB

Helmed by Chef Ashish, a chef who has more than 20 years of experience in cooking, Chefd’ CLUB serves authentic Asian dishes such as Dabba Ghosht (mutton in thick white sauce) and tomato oil and hot paprika pilaf.

Besides private home dining, the chef has held private parties and workshops as well.

Diners will get enjoy Chef Ashish’s curated menu of varied and flavourful dishes, with a number of them created in-house and are not available commercially.

All ingredients are also halal unless stated (e.g. wine or cognac-based sauces).

There is also an option of both fine dining or family-style depending on preference.

Menu: Usually five-course meal, dishes are updated on their Facebook page

Price: From $58/pax

Address: 419 Fajar Road Singapore 670419

How to Book: Email [email protected] or Whatsapp to 9670 9453
For More Information: Facebook

Fussy Duck

Source: SG Food on Foot

Chef Rajagopalan Kumar is the creator of Fussy Duck, and has an impressive portfolio for his cooking career (he once managed the kitchen at Google’s office in Singapore!).

Fussy Duck was started in March 2019, and centres around French-style dishes.

The chef’s endeavours are also lovingly supported by his lawyer wife, who helps with the private dining sessions as well.

Dinner bookings are available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and diners can bring their own drinks with no corkage.

Diner preferences can also be indicated prior to the booking for the chef to curate dishes to your liking.

Menu (For Dec):

  • Crab Salad & Avocado with Caviar & Apple purée
  • Roasted pumpkin soup with Hokkaido scallop
  • Mushroom risotto with fresh black truffle
  • Black cod with Tapenade saffron sauce and zucchini
  • Whisky chocolate & almond caramel bar

Price: $120/pax

Address: 21 Sampan Pl, Singapore 436593

How to Book: Via Facebook or email [email protected]

For More Information: Facebook 

Lynnette’s Kitchen

Source: The Ranting Panda

If you’re a fan of Peranakan culture, you must not give this a miss.

Lynnette’s Kitchen is run by Lynnette Seah, an acclaimed violinist and a Cultural Medallion winner.

Besides her notable achievements in her musical career, she is equally accomplished in the culinary scene as well.

At Lynnette’s Kitchen, one can expect authentic Peranakan dishes like Buah Keluak fried rice and Pong Tauhu soup, as well as western dishes like the mushroom risotto and also desserts like the Sugee cake.

If you’d like a private part at your own home with Lynnette as the guest chef, that’s also possible as well!

Or even a special request to have Lynnette’s help in wine pairing.

Menu: Peranakan, western and desserts

Price: $120/pax

Address: Tiong Bahru, address to be confirmed after reservation

How to Book: Register your interest on the website or WhatsApp 90102901

For More Information: Website

Serene’s Supper Club

Source: T Singapore

Serene has been a professional event manager for over 20 years. Given how frequent she had to travel for work, she had the opportunity to explore different types of cuisines from all around the world.

Serene’s Supper Club is inspired by Luiz Hara’s Nikkei cuisine, and is an amalgamation of both South American and Japanese flavours.

While there has been an increase in private home dining options over the years, Nikkei cuisine remains as a lesser-known cuisine type, which makes it unique and intriguing for diners to enjoy.

Get to try dishes like Salmon sashimi in a South American style, or Buta Kakuni (braised pork).

Menu: Japanese & Nikkei cuisine

Price: $90/pax

Address: Haig Road, address to be confirmed after reservation

How to Book: Register your interest on Facebook or DineInn’s website

For More Information: Faceook page

The Humble Pit

Source: The Humble Pit | Facebook

The Humble Pit’s founder 25-year-old Eugene Sito, a Singapore Institute of Management finance graduate who has been a passionate cook since his young days.

As Eugene has a day job, private dinners are only hosted on weekends as weekday nights are spent on the food preparation.

The Humble Pit mainly serves smoked and grilled meats which are cooked out of a basic backyard grill (which makes it impressive).

Dinner will then be served on the roof terrace of his home, Al fresco style.

While The Humble Pit is open with the current COVID-19 situation, it is currently booked till 31 March 2021, and will open for reservations after.

Menu: Six-course meal, smoked meats including smoked Sio Bak with Rice & Seaweed, Piri Piri chicken and smoked Australian Wagyu rump

Price: $80/pax

Address: Kovan, address to be confirmed after reservation

How to Book: Register your interest on Instagram link

For More Information: Facebook and Instagram

The Mixtape Chef

Source: The Mixtape Chef

The creation of Kenneth Yong, The Mixtape Chef is a husband and wife team who lovingly provides an intimate private dining experience at their home.

A duo that is passionate about food, Kenneth is a self-taught chef who is passionate about Global cuisines, and hopes to use food to transcend boundaries.

Private diners would get to enjoy a curated culinary ‘mixtape’, and The Mixtape Chef currently has the Koji mixtape which showcases Koji, the ingredient that is responible for miso, soy sauce and sake.

This tasting menu is an experimentation over a span of two years, and the chef even has his own aged miso!

Menu: Koji Mixtape- 7-course set (menu subjected to change based on availability of ingredients)

Chef’s Table, 4 to 5-course set (Omakase style menu)

Price: $720/session for 5 pax, $220/pax for 2 to 3 pax

Address: 418B Fernvale Link Singapore, Singapore 792418

How to Book: Register your interest on their website

For More Information: Website, Facebook 

The Wood Ear

Source: The Wood Ear

Located at Choa Chu Kang, The Wood Ear is helmed by Jesper Chia and it serves traditional Teochew food with a twist.

It is one of the most affordable private dining options available, with an 8-course set available at $65/pax.

The Wood Ear is reintroducing their 8-course crab menu from Jan 2021 onwards, with a revised menu and a reduced price point.

Exclusive private dining with quality ingredients does not have to be pricey all the time!

Menu: 8-course set featuring Teochew-inspired, classic or crab-focused dishes

Price: $65/pax

Address: Choa Chu Kang, address to be confirmed after reservation

How to Book: Schedule an appointment on Facebook

For More Information: Instagram, Facebook

Would You Give Private Home Dining a Try?

Or if you have tried one before, was it worth the experience?

Let us know at Seedly!



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