Ultimate Protein Powder Price Comparison

Ultimate Protein Powder Price Comparison

Kenneth Fong

So you want to keep fit and you plan on doing it the Seedly way — meaning you’re going to do it prudently and as a fiscally responsible adult.

You’ve already got your cheap gym membership, and you’re way past eating whatever rubbish your body craves.

Failing At A Diet Plan
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Yep, waaaaay past that.

(Hides mala chips in my drawer below my desk.)

If you’re serious about your fitness game — or getting serious — and already have a balanced diet that consists of whole food sources.

Then maybe you’re considering supplements like whey protein powder because they’re an easier and less time-consuming way to get your daily recommended dose of protein.

But there are so many protein powders out there, and even more online shops selling the health supplement. So where can you find the cheapest one?

Don’t worry, I gotchu fam.

TL;DR: Protein Powder Price Comparison

Ultimate Price Comparison Protein Powder Singapore

  • The lowest price per serving of a quality protein supplement like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey is $1.04
  • If you utilise cashback sites and optimise your order amount to qualify for free delivery, you can reduce it to $0.98 per serving

Bookmark this page for reference as we’ll be updating it regularly for your benefit!

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Do I Really Need A Protein Shake?

Well… Not exactly.

Protein shakes are supplements and they should never replace whole foods. So if you’re planning to eat better in order to fuel your body for your workouts, consider creating meals that have a healthy balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Pan Grilled Chicken Breast With Heirloom Tomatoes
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That means that your weekly grocery shopping list should consist of wholesome foods like chicken breasts, eggs, leafy greens, milk, and plenty of vegetables. Instead of instant meals, processed food, and stuff with ingredient lists longer than your resume.

Which Protein Powder Are You Comparing?

There’re tonnes of protein powders available in the market, and I’m pretty sure that everyone has a favourite or at least have heard of one.

But for the sake of this comparison, I’m going to stick with what is arguably the most well-known whey protein supplement brand: Optimum Nutrition.

Note: I merely did a poll around the office and this was the brand that most fitness buffs knew about.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Protein Powder
Source: Optimum Nutrition

While I was doing my research, I also discovered that the price of a whey protein supplement might vary depending on the flavour.

Yep. I’m not sure why, but somehow Mocha Cappuccino and Cookies and Cream flavoured whey protein sell for slightly higher prices. Perhaps they taste better?

In any case, I’m going to focus on the price comparison of a 5lb (2.26kg) tub of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Double Rich Chocolate flavour.

Every serving gives you 24g protein, 5.5g of branched chain amino acids, and 4g of glutamine and glutamic acid.

More importantly, each 2.26kg tub will give you approximately 73 servings.

Also, I don’t plan on getting into debates like:

  • Whey protein isolate vs concentrate
  • Whey protein vs casein
  • What is the best Optimum Nutrition whey flavour?
  • Should you have a protein shake before or after your workout?
  • Does drinking a protein shake with one leg in the air while you answer questions on Seedly’s Q&A platform grow your biceps by 5 inches? (Highly recommend giving this a try…)
Spongebob Tired Of Nonsense
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Protein Powder Price Comparison

I did a price comparison across 10 different online stores and came up with this:

 Cost Per 5lb Tub Of ON Gold Standard 100% WheyDelivery FeesPrice Per Serving
Fitlion$79Free delivery above $20
Choose your time slot if above $80
GNC$79Free delivery above $50
$6 if below $50
GymShack.com$79Free delivery above $100
$6 if below $100
iHerb$79.63Free delivery above $54.38$1.09
Lazada$74.90Free delivery above $100
$1.49 if below $100
NutriFirst$89Free delivery above $100
$5 if between $31 to $99
Qoo10$79Free delivery above $100
$3.99 if below $100
Shopee$79$1.99 standard delivery fee$1.11
Supplement Shop$89Free delivery above $100
$6.50 if below $100
The Supplement Warehouse$79Free delivery above $100
$6 if below $100

Surprise, surprise.

You’d think that sites which sell health supplements and fitness accessories would have the best deals when it comes to something as basic as protein powder.

But Lazada beats everyone hands down at $1.04 per serving of protein powder.

If you factored in a 4% cashback by navigating to Lazada through ShopBack, and bought two tubs in order to qualify for free delivery. That price drops down to $0.98 per serving of whey protein.

How Much Will I Save On Protein Supplements In A Year?

Assuming you take one serving every day for a year: 365 ÷ 73 servings = 5 tubs of whey protein

And if you bought all 5 tubs at one go: ($74.9 × 5) × 0.96 = $359.52 (with 4% cashback and free delivery)

This is as compared to spending about $477.50 or $117.98 more if you didn’t take advantage of the above price comparison and simply went online and bought your protein powder from the first online store you see.

That’s money which you could put into one of these savings accounts with the highest interest rates which could be the bedrock of your future retirement.

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Still have more questions after reading the article? Fret not, ask our community here!