PSA: Check Your Paylah! Wallet Balance NOW

PSA: Check Your Paylah! Wallet Balance NOW

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We. Are. Not. Kidding. Someone reached out to Seedly to share with our Community about being vigilant with our PayLah! balances.

I don’t use PayLah! all the time because I find it a hassle to constantly have to transfer money to this e-wallet service, I only do that if they have special deals or cash back.

If not, PayNow would be the way I would go if I have to pay my friends back.

1. Noticed DBS PayLah! balance has been decreasing

“I noticed my Paylah balance getting low constantly and went to check the transactions.”

I admit I don’t always check my balances as well because we naturally assume that everything is okay and nothing can go wrong right? Wrong. This is exactly why everything can go wrong. Especially if we are not careful in this digital age.

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2. Duplicated Transactions – Money was sent TWICE

“Realised that a number of transactions which I sent once were sent to my contacts twice.”

Before we jump right in and spread FAKE NEWS, we put on our investigative coat and went full Sherlock. Here is what we found:

Source: DBS Facebook

Our community member wasn’t the only one. If you are unable to read it, it says,

“Is Paylah spoilt? Why when I send payment or eangbao.. the system will automatically send twice of the same? Lucky I checked if not I will lose money!”

Source: DBS Facebook

“Seriously there are some issues with DBS Paylah. For those who use this do check if you have duplicated payments. Apparently, I have made 2 payments on 2 seperate ocassions and each transactions are duplicated. If no one highlighted to me, I wouldn’t know I have paid the same person twice! Now it makes me doubt if it is even secure to pay by PayLah!”

Source: DBS Facebook

“PayLah! app has bugs. Once I pay a shop it paid two times even when I click once. The shop keeper refunded me. This morning I receive $150 but received twice the amount at same timing. I returned the extra payment. What’s wrong with PayLah!?”

3. Report to DBS about the issue, DBS seem nonchalant about it

“Puzzled, I called the DBS hotline. They didn’t seem surprised with my feedback and proceeded to attribute it to a glitch and asked about my duplicate transactions.”

4. Retrieve the money back yourself

“They verified that the amounts were indeed sent to the contacts twice and said the solution was for me to request the payment back from them.”

Another incident that a customer had encountered with double payment for their lunch and had to retrieve the funds back from the store owner itself.

Source: DBS Facebook

It says,

“Hi DBS, this afternoon I tried using PayLah! to pay for my lunch but the app on my phone showed that the payments didn’t go through and I paid cash instead. However, the transactions were subsequently reflected as successful on my phone after some time. This happened to a few of my friends as well who bought from different stores. I called your customer service and spoke with someone named Chris. He told me that it was the merchant’s app fault for triggering the failure message and that I have to get my refund directly from the merchant.

5. Common Situation especially with Nets Terminal / QR Codes

“I also heard from the CSO that these few days, there are such duplicate transactions over nets terminals when PayLah! is used. She originally thought this was my problem, but I clarified that my issue were the payments to my contacts.”

If having your money depleting from your e-wallet is not worrying enough, maybe the word “common” would be. As interpreted from the CSO’s response, this is a common happening even with Nets Terminal. Meaning, all the monies that you paid with DBS PayLah! through a Nets Terminal to your taxi driver, your favourite Lor Mee stall might be duplicated.

Your Lor Mee = $4.50
Your PayLah! = -$4.50
PayLah! double charged = – $4.50
You end up paying
$9.00 for your $4.50 Lor Mee

One member from our Seedly Community had shared with us their duplicated transaction history:

Image Credit: Facebook

More details on the situation

“These transactions were random and ranged from August to September. I was unable to see transactions beyond 90 days and the CSO told me from the records she saw, there’s no problems with the transactions earlier than these 90 days.”

Please Check Your PayLah! Balance NOW

“For your consideration to share with Seedly members to check their paylah accounts as I wouldn’t have discovered the “glitch” if I didn’t check. I thought I’d just share this with the community so that all will be more vigilant and check their accounts in case they are affected.”

DBS Responded

DBS responded to each of the queries on Facebook that they are looking and working on a fix for this but please do be careful with the balance in your PayLah! or basically, keep a constant lookout on your balances!

Vincent Tan – “Did DBS started looking into this duplicate transaction issue? 
I paid a hawker twice as the transaction did not appear at the hawker’s end. Didn’t raise the issue to DBS since it is a small amount. However, was quite surprised when I saw a message from DBS today that the amount was returned to my wallet.”

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