facebookPlanning a Resort Trip? Remember to Take Note of These Expenses

Planning a Resort Trip? Remember to Take Note of These Expenses

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Don’t you just love travelling?

I used to hop on the buses to Malaysia with my friends quite a lot before COVID-19.

Sure, it wasn’t much of an experience considering the city life there is pretty similar to Singapore, but we never went on a trip without having fun!

Even just across the border at Johor Bahru (JB), we found the simplest joys in things like the delicious food or the karaoke studios where we sang happily.

As we moved into adulthood, we even talked about conquering the world and trying out places other than JB. (Then COVID-19 struck…)

But now, with the whole pandemic situation lightening up, I guess it’s time for us to plan our next vacation!

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How about something like a relaxing resort trip? It will be simpler, especially for those busy with work daily.

After all, it’s not easy to come up with an itinerary, and a resort has amenities available, so you can just enjoy it as you go along!

However, one thing’s for sure, if you just simply enjoy without some planning, you might end up broke till your next salary.

Hence, I’m writing this article to help all of you plan the expenses for your next resort getaway!

TL;DR: Expenses of a Resort Trip


What Expenses Will You Incur on a Resort Vacation?

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Like how you plan your monthly budget, knowing what expenses you will incur when travelling would be a part of intelligent planning.

Therefore, we are here to warn you in advance of these expenses in case you missed any of them!

Tickets, or Else It Would Be a Staycation

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Before you go on a vacation, the first barrier you will face will be how you will get to the resort destination.

Always check the prices of air tickets beforehand to take advantage of discounts or price drops and get the best offer.

Perhaps you’re planning to go somewhere out of the way without a nearby airport.

Then you’ll have to factor in the cost of transportation to bring you there, be it by train, car, ferry, etc.

Planning this beforehand doesn’t just save you some money; it will also save you time, so you have more for fun activities. (Time is money, amirite?)

Some Added Insurance, Just in Case

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Especially during the pandemic, I cannot stress how important insurance is.

You never know what will happen before your trip. No one could predict events like the pandemic or war happening.

With insurance, you can at least get some of your money back when you need to cancel your trip or when you are unlucky enough to spend your vacation days in a hospital bed instead of a sunchair.

Especially for adrenaline junkies planning to go all out at the resort, DON’T forget your insurance.

Food For Thought (and Your Belly)

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Even if you’re not a foodie, you definitely need a portion of your travel budget for food.

While planning a resort getaway, a smart move will be to research the restaurants beforehand.

If you have a rough idea of which restaurants are tourist traps and which ones are actually good, you won’t spend unnecessary cash on an overpriced so-so experience.

Plan it right, and you might just be able to squeeze in an atas meal while you’re chilling at a resort.

Temporary Home For The Vacation

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You’re here at the resort for a few days. It doesn’t make sense that you’re sleeping in a crappy room after everything is closed at night.

It also doesn’t make sense that you plan to stay at a place so ulu you waste time travelling instead of having fun.

Planning for accommodations is vital as it ensures you have a nice place to rest after a full day of going around and having fun.

Cheapest doesn’t mean best, do remember to factor in the time taken to travel around and if the place caters to your needs.

You’re Here For The Fun Activities

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As a follow up to our previous point, do remember to consider the expenses for activities.

Unless you’re going for a resort package that covers all your vacation activities, you might need to fork out an additional expense for your activities.

Furthermore, I’m sure you will be travelling to a nearby attraction outside your resort at least once during your whole trip.

Therefore, remember to factor in the costs of the activities. If not, you won’t have a fun time counting the days till your next payday.

Popping Around For Some Shopping

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Personally, I would say, “No, don’t ever shop there. The prices are made for tourists, so it’s not worth it.”

But I’m sure there will be people expecting you to bring gifts and souvenirs for them when you go travelling.

Perhaps you saw a nice shirt that caught your eye and wanted to buy it for the memories.

If that’s the case, don’t forget to set aside a small amount of cash for your shopping spree!

Some Resort Hotspots To Check Out

1. Bali, Indonesia

Source: Time Out

Tell me, who has never heard of Bali as a destination for a resort getaway?

Bali is home to beautiful beaches with a fantastic array of marine biodiversity, so don’t forget to check them out while you’re there.

You can even enjoy a lovely spa and massage to relieve some of the tension you have built up from working those long hours.

Maybe it’s time to grab an air ticket from Singapore to Bali?

2. Desaru, Malaysia

Source: The Edge

Desaru is home to a wide variety of experiences for all travellers.

If you enjoy the outdoors, feel free to book an ATV ride around a fruit farm and enjoy a feast of tropical fruits after you’re done.

Are you a fan of waterparks? Then you definitely cannot skip out on a fun day at the adventure waterpark while in Desaru!

Plus, with the direct ferry service from Singapore to Desaru opening soon, you should start planning your trip there now!

3. Phuket, Thailand

Source: Tripadvisor

Phuket, another famous tourist hotspot and Thailand’s largest island, is definitely on this list!

Avid beachgoers will have fun soaking up all that vitamin D on the beautiful beaches. (Don’t forget your sunblock!)

Besides the beaches, Thailand is also home to many temples, giving tourists a highly enriching cultural experience when they venture out of their resort.

A perfect sunny getaway from being cooped up in an air-conditioned office every day!

4. Da Nang, Vietnam

Source: Time Out

Lastly, we have Da Nang on our list of resort locations!

Definitely an underrated location for tourists, Da Nang is home to many beautiful sights, such as the Golden Bridge, held by two giant stone hands.

If you’re a fan of hiking, Da Nang has many mountains and hills, making it a perfect location to enjoy the fresh air and outdoors!

Remember to bring your selfie sticks and snap a few good pics for Instagram when you head to Da Nang for a resort getaway!

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