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resources and portals to look for jobs COVID-19 coronavirus

Resources and Platforms to Help You Find a Job During COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

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The COVID-19 Coronavirus has hit the job market really hard. As companies seek to stay afloat during this tough period of time, pay cuts, voluntary unpaid leaves and even retrenchment becomes inevitable to deal with the situation.

A big group of Singaporeans are either out of jobs or made to accept a reduction in salary. In times like this, survival is key. Finding a way to sustain our cost of living, whatever it takes will be important.

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We compiled some of the job opportunities available during this COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Remember, tough times don’t last, tough people, do!

TL;DR: Surviving the Job Market This COVID-19 Coronavirus

The power of community has proven to be the best thing in personal finance once again.

We asked our Seedly Community members if they know of any jobs or companies that are hiring. Some of them reached out to us.

Possible Job Opportunities During the COVID-19 Coronavirus

If you are wondering who is hiring during this period of time, we look at some job openings which may possibly require more manpower in times like this. We have also included the suggestions of our Seedly Community members.

Jobs AvailableSalaryWhere to Apply?Description
Temperature Screening StaffUp to $16 per hourJobStudio



Recruit Express
Various location

Start immediately

To perform temperature register visitors
Food Delivery RiderDepends on if you are with GrabFood, deliveroo or foodpandadeliveroo


As we practise working from home and stay-home notice, the demand for food deliveries increase.

May require motocycle license.
Grab DriverDependsGrabSingaporeans may prefer to increase their Grab rides as compared to taking the public transport during this period of time.

Requires driving license
Redmart Delivery DriverDependsKnownjobsMay require certain class of driving license
Part Time Relief TeachersUp to $14 per hourSome examples are:

The Orange Tree Preschool

Global EduHub

Raffles Institution
Dealer, SecuritiesUp to $3,500Can reach out to brokerage houses. One example will be:

Phillip Capital
Due to increment in trading volume given the current market condition, some of the brokerages may require more manpower to deal with their day to day operation
TutorDependsOnline tuition agenciesDue to stay-home notices, some of the students might be seeking tuition in order to catch up with school work.
Bus Captain, Traffic Inspector, Mobile Traffic Inspector etc.DependsSBS TransitThe public transportation industry running both bus and rail services is fairly recession-proof. Most of our their operations/customer service roles do not require specialised skillset. May be a good choice for those who lost their jobs suddenly and is open to a career switch.

If you know of any organisation that is looking to hire, please reach out to us or comment in the comment box.

Resources to Help You Find a Job or Support in Singapore

There are also various initiatives and platforms to help Singaporeans with their job finding.

Telegram Channels for Your Job Search

There are a few Telegram channels which can help you with your internship and job search.

I Lost My Gig


Due to COVID-19, the entertainment and creative industry got badly affected. Events were cancelled or postponed, production cancelled, campaigns were halted and entertainment gigs reduced drastically. The loss in the Singapore Creative Industry is unprecedented.

ilostmygig.sg is an initiative by the SG COVID-19 Creative/Cultural Professionals & Freelancers Support Group to engage with the government and various organizations better in providing support for our community (media, art, design & entertainment).

Spreadsheet: Summer 2020 Opportunities for Singapore Uni Students

Due to travel advisories by the Ministry of Education, Singaporean students who were studying abroad for exchange programmes or on internships have been recalled back. Some of the students who were supposed to go overseas for their Summer internship were also affected.

This spreadsheet is a compilation of opportunities, added by friends/former bosses/alumni from Yale-NUS. If you are an employer who can use some interns, you can fill up this Google form to list the opportunity.

If you are a student looking for an internship: https://tinyurl.com/SummerOpps2020

Facebook Page: Support Singapore Through Covid-19 – SSTC

The Support Singapore Through COVID-19 Facebook Page is a project that aims to help people from all walks of life in Singapore deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

There are several shoutouts of job vacancies which you can look at.

NTUC Job Placement Programme (JPP)

NTUC members can seek assistance at the Job Placement Programme (JPP).

The Job Placement Programme (JPP) is an initiative that provides salary support to companies who hire local job-seekers registered with e2i. Job-seekers will also undergo training with regards to their new job.

Platforms to Look for Jobs in Singapore

Other than the platforms stated above, here are some platforms to look for jobs in Singapore. I remember stalking a lot of these platforms during my job search back then.

Ultimately, job hunting is a numbers game. The more you apply, the higher the chance of landing yourself one.

Here’s a compilation of job platforms in Singapore:

Having a job and a stable income at the moment is the smart personal finance decision. Stay strong everyone!

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