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We have a review platform for your worst "Tinder date"

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Everyone remembers their worst Tinder date experience

I had my own share experiences, with one involving doing a survey over dinner with a sales hungry insurance agent (in disguise as a potential soulmate) to getting put-down so bad after revealing that I write for a living (I kid you not! Thought writing was this cool thing! No?).

With horror stories of online dating freckling all over the internet, here are some really interesting examples we got from the net for our readers to destress a little:

Friend Sabo Me

“Sorry, I wasn’t the one who swipe right. My friend sabo me one. No hard feelings, yeah?”

Because bus concession pass, but not MRT concession

The guy was 3 hours late to a date because he woke up late, and then insisted on taking the bus from somewhere in the North to somewhere in the West because he has a bus concession pass but not a MRT concession.

Boasting about NS

A guy talking and boasting about his NS because he said he is in the intelligence unit. Straight talk about his family riches. Then, he went on to drop hints that he is not interested in me (is fine), and proceed to ask about my housemates. He then asks if I know any girls that would be interested in him.

Proceed to talk about his ex-girlfriends.

Worse is that he insisted himself to send me home. It took me 3 NOs, and telling him I need to meet a friend in another MRT. That was horrible.

Pang Seh!

Had a first date with this girl who seemed kind of awkward, but willing to go on a second date. Hence, I gave it another go. I got to the place and waited a bit before getting a text saying she is running late but just 10 min away.

I waited. 10 minutes. 30 minutes. Text her and got no reply. An hour later she had disappeared and ghosted me.

Was the second time I got stood up, but texting me to tell me she was almost there and then not showing up was a first.

Coke vs Pepsi

I casually asked if he likes Pepsi or Coke more, told him that I prefer Pepsi. Turns out he prefers Coke, and started talking about how various taste tests have proven that Coke is superior and how Pepsi cheated in their taste tests.

I Know You Have Savings

The girl suggested that I pay for a meal at an expensive place.

Me: “I really can’t afford it this month.”

Her: “Don’t worry, I know you have savings.”

Credit: Reddit

Why is Seedly talking about Tinder dates?

Here’s usually what happens after a really bad date:

  • Heads home immediately after and tell your friends about it
  • Cut all contact with the other party and move on with life
  • Consider whatever amount you spent on the date as a misfortune. 

And many times, we wonder if that particular date did the same thing to anyone else in the past?

If only we are able to warn the next unlucky party who was about to swipe right on his/her Tinder profile. Of course, if the date was perfect, a good review definitely helps too.

In economics term, we call this perfect information

Like the many mismatched Tinder dates that Singaporeans are experiencing on a daily basis, more Singaporeans are “dating” the wrong financial products.

Opportunity CostBad Tinder DateWrong Financial Product
CostTransport Cost
Cost of Dinner
(Maybe movie tickets)
Capital losses
Possible loss of interest earned
(definitely more than the cost of dinner and movies)
TimeTime spent on
Over dinner
Some products can lock you in for years!
Cost of ExitA Whatsapp message/SMS

Maybe a slight heartache
Or a huge sigh of relief
But you are free to exit as and when.
A possible long process of online paperwork.

More time needed for retirement planning

In short, the opportunity cost of “getting in bed with” being on the wrong financial product is higher, and a stickier situation compared to Tinder dates.

Seedly Financial Product Reviews

We cannot stop you from heading to a lousy Tinder date, but we got you covered for your selection of financial products.

Launched earlier this year, Seedly Reviews, we now have 196 real user reviews on 30 financial products such as Robo-Advisors, P2P Lending Platform, Savings Accounts and Online Brokerage.

Very much like how you wished you can tell someone about how good or horrible a Tinder date was, leaving a review on any financial product you are on can help anyone who has landed on Seedly Reviews, in search for the right financial product for themselves.

Because well, you can date a wrong person, but you should never date the wrong financial product! Don’t say we “BO JIO”!

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A stint in Bloomberg gifted me with a beer belly, which only grew larger when I moved on to become a Professional Trader. Now I turn caffeine into digestible finance-related content.
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