Three Robo-advisors launched in the Singapore market in the mid-2017 period. This comparison seeks to figure out which is the best Robo-advisor based on Real Customer Reviews and understand the Pros and Cons of each product available for you to make a more informed choice.


Started in 2016 by ex ZALORA Group CEO, Michele Ferrario and ex Nomura MD, Freddy Lim. They claim to be using a proprietary investment strategy called the Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation (ERAA) which continually monitors economic and market cycles to rebalances accordingly. Currently operating under a MAS Capital Market Services Licence (CMS100604-1) and adopting a modern interface similar to Betterment in the USA. It costs Between 0.8% ($10k) to 0.2% ($1M) of total invested per year with no minimum to start.

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Robo 2 Copy - AutoWealthStarted in 2015 by ex Investment Banker at government firm, Ow Tai Zhi and ex Management Consultant, Noel Lee. Currently adopting a rule-based investment approach and strategy which places a strong emphasis on diversification across major asset classes, geographical regions, and industries. Operating under the MAS Financial Advisor Licence (FA100064-1) with a heavier interface with bright visuals and more words to digest and numbers to understand. Currently prices at a Flat 0.5% of total invested + USD18 platform fee per year (Minimum to start: S$3,000)

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Robo 3 Copy - SmartlyStarted in 2015 by ex Start-up professional, Keir Veskiväli and Investment Analyst, Artur Luhaäär. Using a Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) consisting of ETFs that efficiently capture the global stock markets as well as give exposure to bonds and real estate. Rebalances when market conditions change. Under a collaboration with VCG Partners Pte. Ltd. a MAS licensed fund manager in Singapore. Legally you’re contracting with the licensed fund manager, while Smartly is the technology provider. (i.e they don’t hold or invest your money directly). Underwent an intensive design iteration from version 1.0 until now. Costs Between 1% ($10k) to 0.5% ($100k) of total invested per year with no Minimum to start.

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