How Much You Can Save By Bringing A Bottle Out For Meals

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$134 Million Spent On Water

Bringing a bottle from home may seem like a burden especially with a bottle taking up space and adding additional weight. You would rather not bring that bottle and buy a drink from your local convenience store. Data from research firm, Euromonitor international shows that Singaporeans spent $134 million on bottled water in 2015 which is 24% more than 2010.

It may not seem like much but by bringing a bottle of water with you to lunch, you won’t have the spend that $1.70 on a drink every day but by doing so, you will be able to save up more than $1,000 and pay for a short trip to Australia!

More Than Just A Bottle

Not only does bringing a bottle help save money, it also prevents wastage! Known as the throwaway nation, Singaporeans a total of 7.67 million tonnes of waste which makes that 1,400kg of waste per person. By purchasing a reusable water bottle, you are reducing the number of plastic bottles or aluminum cans from being thrown away.

Save Money

A 600ml bottle of water will cost anywhere from $0.50 to $1.50 while the same amount of tap water will cost you 0.1 cent, making tap water more than a 1,000 time cheaper! By saving a substantial amount every year, you will need to keep track of your savings, use a personal finance tracking app to help you out or join a community to identify what you should be doing with those couple thousands 🙂

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