Scholarships You Should Know About Before Applying For University

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With the beginning of the year, comes the buzzing amongst JC and final year Polytechnic students discussing which universities they plan on applying to and which course they are interested in.

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Embarking on a new chapter in life is very exciting but there will always be a tinge of worry in relation to finance. For potential university students or parents of students out there, here are the available scholarships for the relevant public universities that you can consider signing up for.

Source: NUS

Scholarships: National University of Singapore

NUS offers multiple scholarships from the LKY-STEP award to scholarships offered by external organisations. If you are considering applying for a scholarship in NUS, take note that the application period for the year 2018-2019 is from 1 February to 19 March. While interviews for shortlisted applicants are from April to May.

In regard to the NUS Scholarships, there are a few available.

ScholarshipsTuition FeesLiving AllowanceComputer AllowanceAccommodation AllowanceOverseas ProgrammesBond Required
Global Merit/ MeritFull Coverage$6,000 Annually$2,000$2,625 for Student Residence

$4,200 For University Town
$7,500 to non-Asian countries

$5,000 to Asian countries
SportsFull Coverage$6,000 AnnuallyNIL$2,625 if living on campusGuaranteed offer of one-semester exchange programmeNo
Performing and Visual ArtsFull Coverage$6,000 AnnuallyNIL$2,625 if living on campusGuaranteed offer of one-semester exchange programmeNo

Source: NTU

Scholarships: Nanyang Technological University

NTU offers scholarships for two major groups, Freshmen and Current Undergraduate Students. The scholarships available for current undergraduates are short term. As we are focusing on new students enrolling in the school, we will focus on the scholarships available for Freshmen.

The university has 12 scholarships administered by NTU and 20 others administered by an external organisation. We’ll take a look at a few of the school administered scholarships available

ScholarshipsTuition FeesLiving AllowanceComputer AllowanceBook AllowanceAccommodation AllowanceOverseas ProgrammesSettling-In AllowanceBond Required
NanyangFull Coverage$6,000 Annually$1,500$500 Annually$2,000 Annually$5,000$250No
CollegeFull Coverage$3,600 AnnuallyNILNILNILNILNILNo
NTU-USPFull Coverage$6,000$1,500$500$2,000 Annually$5,000$250No

Source: SMU

Scholarships: Singapore Management University

SMU has an extensive list of scholarships available for Freshmen and Current Students giving a large number of the student population the opportunity for their studies to be funded.

Freshmen scholarships have a wide range of scholarships. It is applicable to anyone who has shown outstanding performance in the academics and co-curricular activities. Students who have already or intend to represent Singapore for sports on an international level can also apply.

Here are a few that would apply to the masses.

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ScholarshipsAmountComputer AllowanceOpportunities AvailableRequirementsBond
De Suantio$10,000NilMay be granted an internship or career opportunity with donor's designated companyNILNo
University Study Award$5,000$1,000 of $5,000 can be used NILNILNo
Lim Siah Mong$10,000 AnnuallyNILNILNILNo
Sing Lun$15,000 AnnuallyNILNILexpected to attend at least on donor organised event and to participate in donor’s community projects.No

Source: Wikipedia

Scholarships: Singapore University of Technology and Design

SUTD has approximately 55 scholarships of Singaporeans students. This is awarded to students who have an excellent academic record and are passionate about creating new technology and implementing innovate ideas and designs.

Most of the scholarships available are to accommodate students in specific programmes or are sponsorships by organisations. Two of the main scholarships that any student who fits the criteria above would be able to apply to are listed below.

ScholarshipsTuition FeesBond
Undergraduate MeritSubsidised up to 4 yearsNo
UndergraduateSubsidised for 2 termsNo

Source: University Of Glasgow

Scholarships: Singapore Institute of Technology

SIT has four types of scholarships. Three of which are for Freshmen and Current Students while one is for graduates who are looking to further their studies.

ScholarshipTuition FeesOther CoverageBond
First YearFull CoverageMiscellaneous FeesNo
Mid TermFull Coverage of Remaining SemestersMiscellaneous FeesNo
Final YearFull Coverage of Final YearMiscellaneous FeesNo
GraduateFull CoverageAny other compulsory fees

Economy Class return air passage
Serve a bond of 5 year with SIT upon completion

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Be Prepared

Looking at your possibilities for a university is very exciting but remember, you have to be prepared with the necessary skills and academic awards to show that you deserve the scholarships. Go out and be active in the community or take up co-curricular activities!

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