Seedly Community Levels And Badges

Powered By Community: Introducing… Seedly Community Levels & Badges

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Over 12,000 Answers Powered By Community

Whether you’re new to Seedly or are an avid user of our one-stop platform for all your personal finance needs, the coolest thing about Seedly is that we’re powered by our community.

Our knowledgeable community who contribute their ideas, share personal and professional experiences via the Seedly Questions and Answers as well as  Seedly Reviews. As of today, we’ve received thousands of contributions by the community, which can be accessed both via the Seedly website and on the Seedly app.

As the community continues to grow and more useful knowledge is shared, we want a better way to recognise and reward our contributors in the Seedly community.

Gold Star Award
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Reshaping Singapore’s Personal Finance Landscape Together

Firstly, you notice that there are Levels.

These are based on your contributions Seedly’s community and will now be reflected on your profile.

The more you interact (through upvotes and downvotes), ask and answer questions, and even share answers to help others to improve their personal finances. Or simply just to share so that others can learn more tough problems which other community members have solved. You’ll collect special badges and even stand a chance to be rewarded along the way!

Levels Profiles

As you can see, we’ve got a wide variety of community members like Enthusiasts, Students, and even Professionals. All of whom are ready to offer help where possible to help everyone get better at life and all things related to personal finance.

If you’re excited about being part of our personal finance ecosystem, JOIN US and start contributing today! By doing so, you’ll get your name out to over 80,000 registered users on the Seedly suite of platforms weekly!

Answer Your Way To The Highest Level

“What’s the highest level so far, and how can I attain it?'” you ask.

It’s Level 10, view the full levels list here.

Seedly Levels

You can attain it by posting quality questions, answers, and even leaving reviews. If users value your contributions, you’ll receive upvotes which will help you level up even faster!

What’s In It For Me?

Psst… By levelling up, you’ll get certain benefits and rewards along the way.

We haven’t figured this out completely, YET, but we’ll finalise all the rewards by mid-May. So do look out for more information when it comes out!

Seedly Community Levels And Badges

Here’s a sneak preview:

  • Exclusive Seedly Meetups and Dinners
  • Investment courses and programs
  • Limited edition Seedly swag
  • Priority slots for community events (Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2020)
  • Product sneak peaks and Feedback sessions
  • Tools and calculators for Personal Money Management

And potentially many more…

What kind of rewards would you like to earn as you level up? Share it with us in the comments below!

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