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What Do We Want The Seedly Community To Become?

Passionate about helping people make smarter financial decisions. You can contribute your thoughts like Kenneth here.

This community group started as an experiment around 7 months back. Today, it’s grown into something really exciting and meaningful. Let’s keep it that way.

Making Smarter Financial Decisions

A community is only as strong as it’s members and their beliefs. Very quickly, we realize that we are on to an often taboo topic of “personal finances for the masses”, and simplifying it quickly through group discussions and engagement. Let us remind ourselves:

“We are all here for Meaningful Discussions”

In Singapore, I don’t believe there are actual groups like this which you can get really solid discussions with experts and newbies all in one place. Other online groups like Money Mind on HWZ are filled with internet trolls and slammers behind fake accounts which don’t provide value to new people and spread proper financial literacy at all.

Seedly Culture Community

Which puts things into perspective: At close to 8,880 members, we have noticed some things which we are keen to shed a light on.

What has been good:

  • We’ve been growing very quickly with a large amount of referral traffic from friends and families
  • People really need help and they find that Seedly community is that place to get help
  • For the large part, discussions have been really fruitful and everyone can definitely learn from each other

What has been bad:

  • Members treating Seedly community as a battleground between agents vs non-agents
  • Subgroups ganging up against each other with multiple hidden agendas
  • Some salespeople (like 5% of the community) going out to fish for leads and deals

All things considered, we can see that there are definitely more good than bad, and we are actually severely impacting lives here with meaningful discussions in #SeedlyQnA and other crowd-sourced open discussions.

build connections

Our Moderation Stance

Our Seedly team will definitely aim to do better to serve our members.

At this juncture, would love to highlight that we are indebted to Zhirong, Aik Kai, and Xiao Hui who are actually regular people who volunteered to be moderators. People on the street who are doing this out of goodwill and belief in the community’s mission – Helping each other make smarter financial decisions. We are always open to more moderators if you are keen to join our mission.

Follow up action:

  • We urge all salespeople to stop selling (this is not a group for you)
  • We would also urge all members regardless of industry to stop using Seedly as a battleground
  • More active moderation by the community members to ‘call out bad behavior’ and also ‘recognize good behavior’
  • If you do not agree to our stance, you are kindly free to leave the group

Seedly What we do Community

We’ll continue striving towards more in-depth and meaningful discussions as per what is most valuable to all our members here:

  • #SeedlyQnA: Every day with anonymous selected questions
  • #SeedlyReviews: Every Tuesday to look at everyday financial products and services
  • #SeedlyNewbies: Every Thursday for newer, junior members to get their questions answered
  • #SeedlyStocks: Every Sunday to discuss stocks and market movements

To end of, we want this community to continue running for the next 7 months, 7 years and beyond. We believe that this is really only the start and with already a huge impact, there is much more to be desired and the message of personal financial literacy for the masses can be a lot deeper and far-spreading.

Do help us, help you. 🙂

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