facebookSeedly Community 2.0 Contest: Win a Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series By Joining Groups on Seedly!



Seedly Community 2.0 Contest Winner Announcement

Seedly Community 2.0 Contest: Win a Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series By Joining Groups on Seedly!

profileKenneth Fong

[Winner Announced] Win a Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series By Joining Groups on Seedly!

To coincide with our update of the Seedly community platform to Seedly Community 2.0…

We’re giving away a brand new Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series (worth S$608*) to one lucky winner!

Source: Secretlab

*including free delivery and assembly service

Think of it as your personal throne from which you can wield the power of the Seedly community to do anything you want with your personal finances!

To be eligible to win the prize you must:

  1. Share our Facebook and/or Instagram post
  2. Have a valid Seedly account
  3. Join any of these five groups (Cryptocurrency, Saving Hacks, Stocks, Insurance, General Investing) on Seedly
  4. Tell us which of the five groups you have joined on Seedly and why by submitting your answer HERE

The contest closes at 11:59pm SGT on 30 November 2021.




The winner with the best answer is

Congratulations Sharon Lim!

We’ve reached out to you via the email that you used to create your Seedly account, so please check your email for more information on how to receive your prize!

Check out the full T&Cs for this contest.

So… What’s New With Seedly Community 2.0?

Whether you’re new to Seedly or have been a long-time community member… the Seedly community is ALWAYS at the heart of whatever we do!

We’re excited to share that we’ve taken your feedback into account while we strive to make the community platform better.

So here’s what’s new with Community 2.0!

Consolidation of Topic Tags to Groups

Due to the numerous discussions created on Seedly, we’ve accumulated a mind-boggling 800+ topic tags!

While it’s great that the community is covering a wide breadth of personal finance topics, you’ve shared that you’ve had difficulties

  • getting answers to your posts since people might not be following the topic tags that you’ve tagged your post with
  • finding relevant discussions and content that you would be interested in e.g. you might only be following “HDB BTO” but a discussion in “HDB Resale” might have helped you to make a better decision when it comes to your housing dilemma

So… we’ve decided to consolidate all 800+ topic tags into 22 groups instead.

Joining a group means that you’ll

  • get more answers and faster replies to your posts
  • find it easier to discover and get more relevant discussions in your Home Feed

If you’re wondering… yes, we’re planning to add more groups in the future.

And maybe even open it up to the community to create more groups on your own!

If you’re a new user, you’ll be prompted to join 3 or more groups in order to create a personalised Home Feed.

And if you’re an existing user, you’ll notice that you’ve been automatically added to groups based on your previously followed topics.

If you need more info about what each group is about, you can always check out the group’s guidelines and rules listed under the “About” tab.

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An Improved Home Feed

To make it easier for you to get access to relevant content as well as read Seedly Opinions and SeedlyReads articles…

We’ve also improved the Home Feed!

The “Home” tab shows you posts from all of the groups you’ve joined + all published Opinions (so you won’t miss any!)

The “Trending” tab shows you posts across all groups + all published Opinions (with the highest pageviews in the last 7 days).

FYI: for posts in Trending, there’s a small “Join” in blue next to the name of the group that allows you to join that group easily

The “Articles” tab gives you access to all published Opinions under the “Opinions” sub-tab.

And all published SeedlyReads blog articles under the “SeedlyReads” sub-tab

The “Groups” tab lets you see which groups you’ve joined under the “My Groups” sub-tab.

And you can find other groups to join under the “Discover Groups” sub-tab.

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Easier to Discover and Read Opinions

For those of you lucky enough to have access to Seedly Opinions, you’ll notice that you no longer have access to topic tags when creating your opinions.

Don’t panic!

Thanks to the improved Home Feed, your published opinions will automatically be featured in the:

  • “Home” tab
  • “Trending” tab (highest pageviews in the last 7 days)
  • “Opinions” sub-tab under the “Articles” tab

This way, it’s easier to discover and read opinions on Seedly!

If you’d like more people to react and engage with your content, you can also share it in the relevant groups when you’ve published it.

“How do I do that,” you ask?

It’s the same way you share links and start discussions in Seedly!

Just head over to your Profile, and click or tap on the share button on the opinion which you would like to share.

Either select “Share To Group” or “Copy Link” and start a discussion in the group you’d like.

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An Easier Way to Start a Discussion on Mobile

Let’s say you’re checking out the posts on “Trending” or are in the “General Investing” group when a question hits you and you wish to start a discussion.

You can quickly start one by tapping on the brand new, blue pencil button floating at the bottom right corner of your mobile screen.

Just tap on it and it’ll open up a Discussion modal like this:

This new feature can be found across all tabs on the new Seedly community feed.

Note: you can’t post across groups so make sure you find the most suitable one and start your discussion there!

Oh, and even though topic tags are no more…

You can still add product tags to your posts so that other members can find out more about the product which you’re talking about!

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A Promo Code and Spam-Free Feed

We hear your feedback about spam in the community and want to make it as spam-free as possible!

In order to combat this, we’ve made some changes in the Promo Code group:

  • The Upvote button for posts and comments has been removed to deter users from boosting their promo codes or spam content
  • The “Featured comment” logic has also been updated to feature comments on a randomised basis

These measures ensure that posts and comments in the Promo Code group can no longer be sorted via upvotes or recency.

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