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Top Selling Items on Carousell

Selling Impulse Buys on Carousell: Collect Money (Not Dust) For Your Unused Electronics and Appliances

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Thinking of going on another shopping spree on Black Friday? But you have electronics bought from previous sales like 11.11 piling up at home?

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It’s time to declutter!

Of course, you can gift some of your old devices to your friends for Christmas, but who’d be happy to unwrap a gift and see that they’re devices you’ve used before?

Treat your friends a little better by putting some thought into their Christmas presents.

But what about all the stuff piling up at home? Don’t you realise you could potentially be sitting atop a gold mine?

If you sell the electronics and appliances collecting dust at home on Carousell, you can actually earn quite a bit. (Maybe even enough for your next purchase 😉)

TL;DR: Why You Should Sell Your Old Electronics and Appliances

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Unused electronics and appliances make a mess of your home and take up space.

You’re also losing the money you could potentially be earning the longer you keep them lying around the house.

If there are any electronics you don’t use lying about, why not just sell them away on Carousell!

Top Selling Electronics/Appliances on Carousell

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Electronics and appliances make up some of the top-selling categories on Carousell, but there are many sub-categories.

So what exactly are top sellers?

Luckily, Carousell has pointed out some of the products which are top sellers in those categories:

Saw something on the list you can sell?

Wonderful! Before you set the listing out for sale, you need to set the price correctly to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth for your items.

Below we have listed an example of products from each category and how much you can roughly sell them for:

Example ProductPrice range
Prism+ X240 Monitor$200-$290
Nintendo Switch Gen 2$300-$450
MacBook Air 2020$1,000-$1,900
Phillips Airfryer XL$100-$350
Kitchenaid Stand Mixer$400-$950
Cornell Electric Oven$30-$50

How Much Money You Can Potentially Lose by Not Selling

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Although you can put up pretty much anything for sale on Carousell, not everything you put on sale is guaranteed to be bought.

Especially for electronics or appliances, when an older model goes obsolete, chances are, it will be harder to sell them away.

Furthermore, you might not get as much money selling the electronics/appliances as you will get selling them early.

For example, let’s take a look at how the prices of a game console, the Nintendo Switch Gen 1, has changed over the years:

2017Around $600
2021Roughly $200-$350 (On Carousell)

During its launch in 2017, the very original Nintendo Switch console was sold for around $600 in shops.

Compared to 2021, where most shops no longer carry that model, you can find it for roughly $200-$300 on Carousell.

Over 4 years, the price of the Nintendo Switch Gen 1 has dropped by more than half of its original selling price.

That’s why if you have any devices lying around at home which you don’t use, sell them as soon as you can!

How To Make Your Carousell Listings More Attractive

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Now that you’ve finally made up your mind to put all of the electronics and appliances piling up at home for sale on Carousell, you will need to find a way to grab the interest of buyers.

We’re here to help! Here are some tips to help you boost your sales on Carousell.

1. Use High-Quality Photos in Your Listing

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Appealing visuals always make a difference, especially to potential buyers.

Let’s take two listings of the same products, one with a really lovely photo and a blurry photo. Of course, you’d go for the one with the more attractive picture.

Clearer photos also help show the buyer better details of what they are buying, without them needing to ask as many questions before making their decisions.

Also, ensure you have multiple photos in your listing, as buyers will be able to see the product from different angles.

This helps give the buyers an easier time deciding whether or not to purchase your items, making it more likely that they will buy the items from you.

2. Charm Pricing for Your Items

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Whenever you go to the supermarket, you’ll always see prices ending with a “.99”, won’t you?

Prices like these reduce the number on the left by one, such as “$3.00” and “$2.99”.

Your mind is tricked into thinking that $2.99 is cheaper than “$3.00” by a lot, which convinces the buyers to buy the item as it seems more affordable.

By incorporating prices that end with a “.99” into your listing, you can grab the attention of buyers and attract more people to look at your listings.

3. Keywords Are The Key to Selling

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Imagine you’re posting an interesting photo on Instagram. You would put a lot of hashtags into the post, right?

It’s the same on Carousell. To make sure that your listing goes out to buyers searching for related products, include as many relevant keywords into your listing as you can.

This way, when a buyer is searching for a product related to what you have on sale, your listings will have a better chance of getting discovered by them.

4. Post Your Listings on Carousell Groups

Source: Carousell

There are so many Carousell groups online, people check them daily to see if products they’re looking for are being sold.

Similarly, you want to find the right buyers for your products.

Advertising an oven you have on sale to someone looking for a monitor is just wasting everyone’s time, after all.

Posting in Carousell groups will help your post be seen by more people interested in what you’re selling.

This, in turn, helps increase the chances of you selling your items on Carousell.

Closing Thoughts

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Finally realising the potential gold mine you are sitting on now? Go and get your stuff up on Carousell now! What are you waiting for?

Always remember, you gotta do it as quick as you can to cut down on your losses as much as possible.

Make sure you meet up with your buyers as quickly as possible. There will be an increase in bus and train fares coming soon next month, so sell your products quickly if you want more savings!

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