PSA: Do Not Fall For FAKE SG Bonus Text Message

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PSA: Beware of FAKE SG Bonus Text Message

For Singaporeans who have signed up for the SG Bonus, there will be a text message that will be sent out to inform them that the bonus will be paid out in December 2018.

However, a number of Singaporeans have also reported receiving fake text messages regarding the SG Bonus payout. The fake message also comes with a link and prompt receivers to click in.

This method of reminds us of the phishing scams going around for bank customers.

How to tell which is fake and which is real?

source: Facebook

Real SG Bonus Text Message

  • Proper English
  • URL Starts with https://www.singaporebudget.gov.sg
  • Shows the last 3 digits and letter of your NRIC
  • Does not ask you for personal information

Fake SG Bonus Text Message

  • Weird English
  • Weird URL
  • Does not show the last 3 digits and letter of your NRIC
  • Does not ask you for personal information
  • Redirects you to a website asking you for your personal information.
    The website may resemble very much like those of a government website. Take note!

Qualifying for SG Bonus 2018?

To qualify for SG Bonus 2018, one simply needs to be:

  • A Singapore Citizen
  • Age 21 and above

Most Singaporeans would have received an SMS informing them about the amount they are receiving by now.

How much SG Bonus will I receive?

The amount of SG Bonus one receives depends on his assessable income for the year 2017.

Assessable Income for 2017Amount of SG Bonus
Up to $28,000$300
$28,001 to $100,000$200
Above $100,000$100

SG Bonus payment method

The SG Bonus will be paid out to Singaporeans who are eligible for it, by end 2018.

Payment ModeDate you will receive SG Bonus
PayNow30 November 2018
Direct Bank Crediting10 December 2018
Cheque20 December 2018


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