Singaporean’s Ultimate Guide: Chinese New Year (CNY) Car Rental Price Comparison 2018

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It is about time we start planning for Chinese New year 2018.

Assuming you have already:

  • Checked out the prediction of our individual Zodiac do for the year 2018
  • Stocked up on Chinese New year goodies
  • Made up your mind to rent a car for this festive season

This article will facilitate the process of you choosing your car rental company.

TL;DR – Seedly Deals And Things To Note

  • When it comes to Chinese New year (CNY) packages, car rental companies often offer it in packages of 5 to 7 days.
  • The reason behind it is to allow their staff to be able to go on a CNY too.
  • For festive season such as CNY, it is assumed that the demand for the mode of transport will go up. Hence, one should look at the peak period cost of rental for most car rental companies.
  • On top of rental cost which can help you make a better decision on renting a car. Factors such as allowing a probation driver or entering Malaysia can play a part in the decision-making process.
  • On top of the traditional car rental companies, there are also car rental comparison site and car sharing services to help facilitate your CNY visits.
  • Exclusive promo code for Seedly readers at the end of the article

Chinese New Year Car Rental Package Comparison 2018

CNY Sedan Car Rental

Make and model of carRatesRental Company
7-Days Package
Hyundai i30$730Autobahn
Toyota Altis$760.01AutoBahn
$806.98Zhen Hao
$859.99SG Rent A Car
$960.00Dream Car Leasing
Hyundai Avante$760.03AutoBahn
$787.98West Way
$807.00Zhen Hao
$859.99SG Rent A Car
Toyota Allion$760.03AutoBahn
Mazda 3$788.03SG Rent A Car
$807.03Zhen Hao
$859.99Ride Now
Mazda 6$1,059.98SG Car Leasing
Mitsubishi Lancer$792.01EAZI
$859.99Ride Now
$859.99Ride Now
Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2.0$959.98SG Rent A Car
Nissan Latio$792.01EAZI
$810.03SG Car Leasing
$859.99Ride Now
Toyota Vios$809.97Zhen Hao
$810.03SG Car Leasing
$860.03Dream Car Leasing
Subaru Impreza$809.97YM
Chevrolet Aveo$809.97YM
Chevrolet Optra$809.99YM
Honda Civic$960.02SG Rent A Car
$1,030.02SG Car Leasing
Volkswagen Jetta$1,109.99MOVA
Toyota Mark X$1,251EAZI

CNY Hatchback Car Rental

Make and model of carRatesRental Company
5-Days Package6-Days Package7-Days Package
Audi A3$1,488.60--Motorway Car Rentals
$1,350--Ace Drive
Volkswagen Golf-$910.01-National Car Rental
Kia Picanto (Auto)--$710.01SG Car Leasing
--$788.00Ride Now
Kia Picanto (Manual)--$688.00
Ride Now
Mazda 2--$787.98West Way
--$788Ride Now
Honda Fit--$788.01West Way
Honda Jazz--$788.00Ride Now
Subaru Impreza 5DR--$788.01West Way
Mitsubishi Colt--$788.01West Way
Suzuki Swift--$800.98Ideal Rental Cars
--$788.00Woodlands Car Rental

CNY Luxury Sedan Car Rental


Make and model of carRatesRental Company
5-Days Package6-Days Package7-Days Package
Audi A6$1,470--Motorway
Audi TTS$1,530-$1,421Ace Drive
Jaguar XF$1,630.50--Motorway
BMW 730i$1,844.50--Motorway
BMW 740i$1,844.50--Motorway
BMW 523i-$1,559.98-National
BMW 320i
$1,755-$1,399Ace Drive
Maserati GranTurismo$3,600-$2,963Ace Drive
Mini Cooper$1,035-$1,089Ace Drive
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S $4,500-$3,228Ace Drive
Porsche Cayenne$1,980-$2,376Ace Drive

source: drive.sg/ ridenow.sg/ Woodlands Car rental/ Ace Drive


Hourly Rate Car rental Service: Tribecar vs Smove

  • Smove’s rate is fixed at $150 per day which seems more affordable than the car services mentioned above.

    source: Smove
  • Tribecar’s rental rate is subjected to type of car one chooses Smove’s rate is fixed. Below are Tribecar’s rates.
    PeriodEconomy SedanEconomy Sedan+Economy MPVEconomy Van (Manual)Economy Van (Auto)Standard SedanStandard SUVPremium MPV
    Super off-peak$2.14
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    per hour
    (Mon - Thu)
    (Fri - Sun)
    :ate Charges*$10.70$10.70$10.70$10.70$10.70$10.70$11.77$12.84

    source: Tribecar
    Do note that for the Chinese New Year period, it will be considered peak period.

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Further reading: Platform to help you with your car rental

On top of the individual car rental company’s website, Drive.sg helps curate quite a number of car rental company’s rates on their platform.

Companies such as:

  • JJ Garage Car Rental
  • Roset Limo
  • Motorway Car Rentals Pte Ltd
  • National Car Rental
  • Allswell Leasing and Limousine
  • Dream Car Rental
  • EAZI Car Leasing
  • Ideal Rental Cars
  • Mova Automotive
  • SGCarLeasing
  • M Rental
  • BOLT Car Leasing
  • Westway Car Rental
  • Rentdirect Pte Ltd
  • Alltrust Car Rental
  • Autobahn Rent A Car
  • SGRentACar

Drive.sg actually reached out and offered a promo code for Seedly Community.

  • The following code will give $30 off a 7-days CNY Package on Drive.sg

*Seedly does not benefit from the deals with any of the companies. It is mainly to benefit the community.

Kelvin Soh from Seedly Personal Finance Community also mentioned that he tried out Smove twice and finds it pretty efficient. A good factor to consider before renting is the distance between the destination and pickup location.

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