Singapore General Election: Is it Happening This Year?

Singapore General Election: Is it Happening This Year?

Ming Feng

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When Is The Next Singapore General Election (GE)?

2.6 million eligible Singaporeans await the announcement of the next election date. Some look to change the political landscape with their vote, punishing whoever’s at the helm right now. Others look to cast their votes to the ruling party, thanking them for the work they have done over the years.

As for me?

I am just looking forward to the memes.

In case you have forgotten, here are some highlights for the 2015 General Election:

Singapore General Election 2015


Singapore GE2015 Boo to the PAP


Singapore GE 1025, returning officer

Source: Sgag

The guessing game for the next election has begun. Will the GE be held in the year 2019 or 2020?

TL;DR – Singapore General Election. Is It Happening This Year?


general election 2019 or 2020

Singapore’s next parliamentary general election must be held by 15 April 2021.

Who Decides The Election Date?

We look back at the past few elections to see if we can spot a pattern.

The past 5 elections are held in the year 1991, 1997, 2001, 2006, 2011 and the latest in the year 2015.

The election date is fixed by the prime minister of Singapore. He will choose a date that works best for him and his party to compete. Singapore’s current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took over leadership in the year 2004.

Since then, his party has won 3 elections, and here are the dates:

  • 2006 GE held on 6 May 2006
  • 2011 GE held on 7 May 2011
  • 2015 GE held on 11 September 2015

Base on the timeline alone, there is no pattern to it. But based on the 2015 election, the decision allows PAP to win its best results since 2001. Timing may some time, play a key role in the distribution of votes to various parties.

Here are some indicators which the election might be happening this year.

Budget 2019 – GST Vouchers

In July 2019, 1.7 million Singaporeans would have received an SMS or letter to inform them about the GST Voucher and benefits which they will be getting.

GST Voucher 2019, how much cash will I receive?

In August, Singaporeans can look forward to receiving their first cash payout by August. Many are also calling Budget 2019 a very generous one, and given the timing, some are betting it to be an election Budget.

If it is similar to the election held in the year 2015, the GE should be some time right after NDP and National Day Rally.

Recession In The Year 2020

Singapore just clocked a GDP growth of 1.2% in Q2 2019, the slowest growth in a decade. Given that Singapore is very dependent on exports, our economy depends heavily on external factors and threats from all around the globe.

With China and the US being Singapore’s main trading partners, their recent “bickering” and tariff hikes will have a negative impact on Singapore’s economy.

With economists from both camps weighing in on their point of view on the economy, on one end we have Singapore on the brink of a recession, on the other we have Singapore’s economy to recover slightly in the year 2020.

I guess the safer bet will be to have an election this year than to leave it to the crazy uncertainties in 2020.

Mobile Column 2019

This year’s National Day Parade (NDP) is quite over the top. Even if you haven’t heard of it, the on-going weekend road closures would have been a pain in the ass for some of us.

NDP Mobile Column 2019 Singapore padang

Source: Twitter, #2019mobilecolumn

The last time we had such an extensive mobile column was at an interval of 5 years, in the year 2015.

This year’s NDP jumped the gun by bringing it one-year early.

Not only that, the mobile column will be making their way into 5 heartland areas, namely Bishan, Woodlands, Punggol, Geylang Serai and Jurong East. We are looking at an estimated 10,000 pax per venue with the possibility of fun packs being distributed out.

Mobile column 2019 Singapore

What better ways to foster patriotism than flexing some military muscles?

Elections Department Calling For Tender

It is not easy to organise an election. There are lots of logistical needs involved, and contractors have to be appointed to ensure that the election process runs smoothly.

Since June, the Elections Department (ELD) has been actively calling for tender with possible contractors.

There was already a tender call for

  • Bus transportation services to meet the transport needs for the election operations
  • Printed cards, forms, posters and signs
  • Ballot box
  • CCTV services
  • Tablets, notebooks, mobile Wi-Fi routers, laser printers

These tenders have a deadline of 5th and 15th August 2019. Just saying!

Singapore General Election In 2019?

Let’s just say that we are really excited for General Election already, and we are secretly hoping for it to happen this year.

That aside, some of these indicators seem to be hinting for an election in the year 2019. Does the Singapore Pools accept bets on Election dates?

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Still have more questions after reading the article? Fret not, ask our community here!