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Singapore Election GE2020 results

GE2020 Results: The Ultimate Guide to Singapore General Election

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Singapore General Election GE2020 Results – Who Won?

GE2020 ResultsPolitical PartySample CountFinal ResultWho Won?

GE2020 Results for GRCs

AljuniedWorkers' Party60%59.93%
(85,603 votes)
Workers' Party
People's Action Party40%40.07%
(57,244 votes)
Ang Mo KioPeople's Action Party72%71.91%
(124,430 votes)
People's Action Party
Reform Party28%28.09%
(48,600 votes)
Bishan- Toa PayohPeople's Action Party67%67.26%
(62,853 votes)
People's Action Party
Singapore People's Party33%32.74%
(30,594 votes)
Choa Chu KangPeople's Action Party59%58.64%
(59,462 votes)
People's Action Party
Progress Singapore Party41%41.36%
(41,942 votes)
East CoastPeople's Action Party54%53.41%
(61,009 votes)
People's Action Party
Workers' Party46%46.59%
(53,228 votes)
Holland-Bukit TimahPeople's Action Party68%66.36%
(70,963 votes)
People's Action Party
Singapore Democratic Party32%33.64%
(35,972 votes)
Jalan BesarPeople's Action Party67%65.37%
(64,522 votes)
People's Action Party
Peoples Voice33%34.63%
(34,185 votes)
JurongPeople's Action Party75%74.62%
(91,692 votes)
People's Action Party
Red Dot United25%25.38%
(31,191 votes)
Marine ParadePeople's Action Party57%57.76%
(74,993 votes)
People's Action Party
Workers' Party43%42.24%
(54,850 votes)
Marsling-Yew TeePeople's Action Party64%63.18%
(69,722 votes)
People's Action Party
Singapore Democratic Party36%36.82%
(40,641 votes)
Nee SoonPeople's Action Party61%61.9%
(86,219 votes)
People's Action Party
Progress Singapore Party39%38.1%
(53,070 votes)
Pasir Ris-PunggolPeople's Action Party63%64.15%
(100,772 votes)
People's Action Party
Singapore Democratic Alliance25%23.67%
(37,179 votes)
Peoples Voice12%12.18%
(19,127 votes)
Seng KangPeople's Action Party47%47.87%
(55,214 votes)
Workers' Party
Workers' Party53%52.13%
(60,136 votes)
SembawangPeople's Action Party69%67.29%
(94,068 votes)
People's Action Party
National Solidarity Party31%32.71%
(45,727 votes)
TampinesPeople's Action Party67%66.41%
(94,551 votes)
People's Action Party
National Solidarity Party33%33.59%
(47,819 votes)
Tanjong PagarPeople's Action Party63%63.13%
(78,079 votes)
People's Action Party
Progress Singapore Party37%36,87%
(45,609 votes)
West CoastPeople's Action Party52%51.69%
(71,545 votes)
People's Action Party
Progress Singapore Party48%48.31%
(66,871 votes)

GE2020 Results for SMCs

Bukit BatokPeople's Action Party57%54.8%
(15,476 votes)
People's Action Party
Singapore Democratic Party43%45.2%
Bukit PanjangPeople's Action Party56%53.74%
(18,070 votes)
People's Action Party
Singapore Democratic Party44%46.46%
(15,556 votes)
Hong Kah NorthPeople's Action Party63%60.98%
(16,333 votes)
People's Action Party
Progress Singapore Party37%39.02%
(10,452 votes)
HougangPeople's Action Party42%61.19%
(9,776 votes)
Workers' Party
Workers' Party58%38.81%
(15,416 votes)
Kebun BaruPeople's Action Party68%62.97%
(13,284 votes)
People's Action Party
Progress Singapore Party32%37.03%
(7,812 votes)
MacPhersonPeople's Action Party73%71.74%
(18,983 votes)
People's Action Party
People's Power Party27%28.26%
(7,477 votes)
MarymountPeople's Action Party54%55.04%
(12,143 votes)
People's Action Party
Progress Singapore Party46%44.96%
(9,918 votes)
MountbattenPeople's Action Party75%73.84%
(16,227 votes)
People's Action Party
Peoples Voice25%26.16%
(5,748 votes)
PioneerPeople's Action Party66%61.98%
(14,571 votes)
People's Action Party
Progress Singapore Party32%35.24%
(8,285 votes)
(may lose deposit)
(654 votes)
Potong PasirPeople's Action Party61%60.69%
(11,232 votes)
People's Action Party
Singapore People's Party39%39.31%
(7,275 votes)
Punggol WestPeople's Action Party65%60.97%
(15,637 votes)
People's Action Party
Workers' Party35%39.03%
(10,012 votes)
Radin MasPeople's Action Party76%74.03%
(16,834 votes)
People's Action Party
Reform Party24%25.97%
(5,905 votes)
Yio Chu KangPeople's Action Party61%60.83%
(14,756 votes)
People's Action Party
Progress Singapore Party39%39.17%
(9,500 votes)
YuhuaPeople's Action Party69%70.54%
(14,111 votes)
People's Action Party
Singapore Democratic Party31%29.46%
(5,894 votes)

For GE2020, out of the 93 seats contested, the PAP won 83 seats in Parliament while the Worker’s Party (WP) took up 10 seats.

PAP’s vote share fell to 61.24%, down 8.62 percentage points from the 2015 General Election.

The Singapore General Election GE2020 Will Be on 10 July 2020

The Singapore Parliament has been dissolved to pave way for an election that will be happening on 10 July 2020.

And this election will be a particularly interesting one as the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has put the leaders of every nation to test.

In fact, a survey that was done in May 2020 indicates that only 41% of Singaporeans rated their leaders highly with regard to the handling of COVID-19:

New Zealand67%
Global Average40%
South Korea21%
Hong Kong11%

In the Asian context, that’s a solid “F”.

Source: Quickmeme

As voters, some will look towards changing the political landscape with their votes.

Punishing whoever’s at the helm right now whom they deem are doing a bad job.

Others will continue casting their votes for the ruling party, thanking them for the work they have done over the years.

As for me?

I am just looking forward to the memes.

In case you’ve forgotten, here are some highlights from the Singapore GE2015:

Source: fivestarsandamoon.com
Source: SGAG

And who can forget this guy:

Source: Mothership

For Singapore GE2020, so far, I’ve not been disappointed:

Source: Mediacock Singapore | Facebook

By the way, Lee Hsien Yang is NOT running for elections.

Source: @mndsg_ | Instagram

TL;DR: A Singaporean’s Ultimate Guide to the Singapore General Election 2020

The General Election is of particular interest to ALL Singaporeans because these are the people who will shape the future of Singapore.

They’re the ones who will address policies governing housing, CPF, our retirement, and many more…

Basically, the Parliament we choose to represent us, and the decisions they make will definitely affect our personal finances!

So it’s in our interest to vote for the right people to speak for us.

Click to find out more about:

The Political Parties Contesting in GE2020

Source: Today Online

There are a total of 11 political parties contesting in Singapore GE2020 (in alphabetical order):

  • National Solidarity Party (NSP)
  • The People’s Action Party (PAP)
  • The People’s Power Party (PPP)
  • The Progress Singapore Party (PSP)
  • The Peoples Voice (PV)
  • Red Dot United (RDU)
  • The Reform Party (RP)
  • Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA)
  • Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)
  • The Singapore People’s Party (SPP)
  • The Workers’ Party (WP)

FYI: the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has announced that they will not be participating in GE2020 and will instead back smaller parties like RP and PPP

If you’d like to find out more about what causes each party is championing.

We did a comparison of their manifestos, so you don’t have to!

It’s about stuff like GST and jobs and the workforce…

So we’re obviously very interested.

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Electoral Boundaries and Nominated Candidates for GE2020

The latest electoral boundaries for GE2020 are already out.

Here’s a quick overview of it:

Source: eld.gov.sg

There are a total of 93 seats spread out across 17 group representation constituencies (GRCs) and 14 single-member constituencies (SMCs).

[Update] After Nomination Day, it looks like EVERY seat is being contested.

Meaning there are no walkovers and all 2.65 million eligible voters will soon be receiving their polling cards.

Wondering who’s competing in your GRC or SMC?

Here’s a complete list of who are the nominated candidates for the respective GRCs and SMCs.

GE2020 Nominated Candidates for GRCs

GRC GE2020Political PartyNominated Candidates
AljuniedPeople's Action PartyVictor Lye
Alex Yeo Sheng Chye
Chan Hui Yuh
Chua Eng Leong
Shamsul Kamar
Workers' PartyPritam Singh
Sylvia Lim
Faisal Manap
Leon Perrera
Gerald Giam
Ang Mo KioPeople's Action PartyLee Hsien Loong
Gan Thiam Poh
Daryl David
Nadia Samdin
Ng Ling Ling
Reform PartyKenneth Jeyaretnam
Andy Zhu
Charles Yeo
Darren Soh
Noraini Bte Yunus
Bishan-Toa PayohPeople's Action PartyNg Eng Hen
Chee Hong Tat
Saktiandi Supaat
Chong Kee Hiong
Singapore People's PartyWilliamson Lee
Melvyn Chiu
Steve Chia
Osman Sulaiman
Choa Chu KangPeople's Action PartyGan Kim Yong
Low Yen Ling
Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim
Don Wee
Progress Singapore PartyFrancis Yuen
Tan Meng Wah
Choo Shaun Ming
Abdul Rahman
East CoastPeople's Action PartyHeng Swee Keat
Maliki Osman
Jessica Tan
Tan Kiat How
Cheryl Chan
Workers' PartyNicole Seah
Terence Tan
Dylan Ng
Kenneth Foo
Abdul Shariff Aboo Kassim
Holland-Bukit TimahPeople's Action PartyVivian Balakrishnan
Sim Ann
Christopher de Souza
Edward Chia
Singapore Democratic PartyTan Jee Say
James Gomez
Cheong En Min
Alfred Tan
Jalan BesarPeople's Action PartyJosephine Teo
Heng Chee How
Denise Phua
Wan Rizal Wan Zakariah
Peoples VoiceLim Tean
Leong Sze Hian
Azlan Bin Sulaiman
Michael Fang Amin
JurongPeople's Action PartyTharman Shanmugaratnam
Tan Wu Meng
Rahayu Mahzam
Shawn Huang
Xie Yao Quan
Red Dot UnitedMichelle Lee
Ravi Philemon
Alec Tok
Liyana Dhamirah
Nicholas Tang
Marine ParadePeople's Action PartyTan Chuan-Jin
Edwin Tong
Seah Kian Peng
Tan See Leng
Mohd Fahmi Aliman
Workers' PartyYee Jenn Jong
Ron Tan
Muhammad Fadli Mohammed Fawzi
Nathaniel Koh
Muhammad Azhar Abdul Latip
Marsling-Yew TeePeople's Action PartyLawrence Wong
Zaqy Mohamad
Alex Yam
Hany Soh
Singapore Democratic PartyBenjamin Pwee
Khung Wai Yeen
Bryan Lim
Damahuri Abas
Nee SoonPeople's Action PartyK Shanmugam
Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim
Louis Ng
Carrie Tan
Derrick Goh
Progress Singapore PartyDamien Tay
Muhammad Taufik Bin Supan
Brad Bowyer
Kala Manickam
S Nallakaruppan
Pasir Ris-Punggol
(three-cornered fight)
People's Action PartyTeo Chee Hean
Desmond Tan
Yeo Wan Ling
Janil Puthucheary
Mohamed Sharael Taha
Singapore Democratic AllianceDesmond Lim
Harminder Pal Singh
Abu Mohamed
Kuswadi Atnawi
Kelvin Ong
Peoples VoiceJireh Lim
Prabu Ramachandran
Mohamed Nassir Ismail
Gilbert Goh
Vigneswari V. Ramachandran
SengkangPeople's Action PartyNg Chee Meng
Lam Pin Min
Amrin Amin
Raymond Lye
Workers' PartyJamus Lim
Louis Chua
Raeesah Khan
He Ting Ru
SembawangPeople's Action PartyOng Ye Kung
Lim Wee Kiak
Vikram Nair
Poh Li San
Mariam Jaafar
National Solidarity PartyIvan Yeo
Spencer Ng
Sathin Ravindran
Yadzeth Hairis
Sebastian Teo
TampinesPeople's Action PartyMasagos Zulkifli
Baey Yam Keng
Cheng Li Hui
Koh Poh Koon
Desmond Choo
National Solidarity PartyReno Fong
Mohamad Ridzwan
Eugene Yeo
Choong Hon Heng
Vincent Ng
Tanjong PagarPeople's Action PartyChan Chun Sing
Indranee Rajah
Joan Pereira
Eric Chua
Alvin Tan
Progress Singapore PartyMichael Chua
Harish Pillay
Wendy Low
Terence Soon
A'bas Bin Kasmani
West CoastPeople's Action PartyS Iswaran
Foo Mee Har
Desmond Lee
Ang Wei Neng
Rachel Ong
Progress Singapore PartyTan Cheng Bock
Jeffrey Khoo
Hazel Poa
Leong Mun Wai
Loganathan Nadarajah

The Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC will be a three-cornered fight.

GE2020 Nominated Candidates for SMCs

SMC GE2020Political PartyNominated Candidates
Bukit BatokPeople's Action PartyMurali Pillai
Singapore Democratic PartyChee Soon Juan
Bukit PanjangPeople's Action PartyLiang Eng Hwa
Singapore Democratic PartyPaul Tambyah
Hong Kah NorthPeople's Action PartyAmy Khor
Progress Singapore PartyGigene Wong
HougangPeople's Action PartyLee Hong Chuang
Workers' PartyDennis Tan
Kebun BaruPeople's Action PartyHenry Kwek
Progress Singapore PartyKumaran Pillai
MacPhersonPeople's Action PartyTin Pei Ling
People's Power PartyGoh Meng Seng
MarymountPeople's Action PartyGan Siow Huang
Progress Singapore PartyAng Yong Guan
MountbattenPeople's Action PartyLim Biow Chuan
Peoples VoiceSivakumaran Chellappa
(three-cornered fight)
People's Action PartyPatrick Tay
Progress Singapore PartyLim Cher Hong
IndependentCheang Peng Wah
Potong PasirPeople's Action PartySitoh Yih Pin
Singapore People's PartyJose Raymond
Punggol WestPeople's Action PartySun Xueling
Workers' PartyTan Chen Chen
Radin MasPeople's Action PartyMelvin Yong
Reform PartyKumar Appavoo
Yio Chu KangPeople's Action PartyYip Hon Weng
Progress Singapore PartyKayla Low
YuhuaPeople's Action PartyGrace Fu
Singapore Democratic PartyRobin Low

The Pioneer SMC will also be a three-cornered fight, with the entrant of a surprise Independent candidate.

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Who Decides The Parliamentary General Election Date?

We looked back at the past few elections to see if we can spot a pattern.

The past five elections were held in 1991, 1997, 2001, 2006, 2011 and the latest in 2015.

The election date is fixed by the Prime Minister of Singapore.

He or she will choose a date that works best for him and his party to compete.

Singapore’s current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took over leadership in 2004.

Since then, his party has won 3 elections.

Here are the dates:

  • 2006 GE held on 6 May 2006
  • 2011 GE held on 7 May 2011
  • 2015 GE held on 11 September 2015

Base on the timeline alone, there’s no real pattern to it.

But based on the 2015 election, the decision allows PAP to win its best results since 2001.

Timing may sometimes, play a key role in the distribution of votes to various parties.

FYI: Singapore’s next parliamentary general election must be held before 15 April 2021.

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Singapore General Election(GE): How Much Does My Vote REALLY Cost?

The spending limit for this General Election remains at $4 per voter.

This spending limit remains unchanged from the 2015 General Election.

Based on GE2015, the cost per voter was kept rather low with the highest amount spent at $2.97 per voter.

Given that there will be no physical rallies for this election, we can expect the majority of the budget to be channelled towards digital marketing campaigns.

Here’s a compilation of how much each party has spent on each voter in the 2015 General Election(GE):

 PAP Election ExpensesAmount per voter
Opposition Party Election ExpensesAmount per voter
(Opposition Party)
(Workers' Party)
Ang Mo Kio$317,545$1.69$26,069.86
(Reform Party)
Bishan Toa-Payoh$329,620$2.54$42,780.55
(Singapore People's Party)
Chua Chu Kang$273,330$2.28$37,648.25
(People's Power Party)
East Coast$238,815$2.41$126,143.05
(Workers' Party)
Holland-Bukit Timah$272,296$2.61$137,960
(Singapore Democratic Party)
Jalan Besar$209,396$2.04$72,736.60
(Workers' Party)
Marine Parade$314,732$2.15$131,329.73
(Workers' Party)
Marsiling-Yew Tee$286,116$2.66$140,740
(Singapore Democratic Party)
Nee Soon$371,887$2.81$105,294.65
(Workers' Party)
Pasir Ris-Punggol$366,990$1.96$112,830.46
(Singapore Democratic Alliance)
(National Solidarity Party)
(National Solidarity Party)
Tanjong Pagar$218,574$1.67$67,435
West Coast$184,132$1.85$18,607.16
(Reform Party)
Bukit Batok$76,714$2.83$34,410
(Singapore Democratic Party)

(Samir Salim Neji)

Bukit Panjang$71,896$2.10$34,517
(Singapore Democratic Party)
(Workers' Party)
Hong Kah North$71,615$2.54$19,212.58
(Singapore People's Party)
(Workers' Party)
(Workers' Party)

(National Solidarity Party)

(Singapore People's Party)
(National Solidarity Party)
Potong Pasir$45,731$2.63$22,744.83
(Singapore People's Party)
Punggol East$54,592$1.58$33,261.38
(Workers' Party)
Radin Mas$48,579$1.68$18,962.04
(Reform Party)

(Han Hui Hui)

Sengkang West$55,011$1.83$33,903.77
(Workers' Party)
(Singapore Democratic Party)

Source: Straits Times

The total amount spent in the 2015 General Election(GE) was $7,136,943.

Of which, PAP spent $5,315,595 while the opposition parties (as a whole) spent a total of $1,790,776.

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Campaign Restrictions for Singapore General Election(GE)

Due to COVID-19, here are some restrictions with regard to what the candidates can and cannot do during campaigning.

No Physical Rallies

You can only wave the flag of your favourite party at home during this election’s campaigning period.

Candidates can only hold their rally online through live streams.

More Airtime on National TV

Each SMC candidate will be given 3 minutes on national TV.

GRCs are given 12 to 15 minutes of airtime.

It will be broadcast on MediaCorp Channel 5.

Each party will also be given two political broadcasts on 19 TV and radio channels.

Walkabouts and Door-to-Door Campaigning

Since no more than five people are allowed to gather. The same rule applies to walkabouts and door-to-door campaigning of candidates.

Each group must also maintain a 1-metre safety distance and minimise physical contacts such as handshakes, hug, or bro-fists.

Source: Giphy

No Gathering of Supporters

Supporters will not be able to gather at nomination centres or assembly centres this election.

But there is nothing stopping them from wearing their favourite party’s t-shirt and cheering their political party on by shouting at the TV screen.

Perambulating Vehicles

Source: Straits Times

This is my personal favourite.

Election campaigning lorries!

Perambulating vehicles are allowed, but candidates are not allowed to speak, broadcast music, videos or live stream through these vehicles.

There will also be no thank-you vehicular processions after Polling day.

Banners and posters are allowed.

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How will Voting be Conducted for GE2020?

Don’t worry.

Safety precautions have been taken to ensure that Polling Day is conducted safely even amidst this COVID-19 pandemic.

If it’s your first time voting, you can check out our first-timer’s guide on how to vote:

If you’re a lao jiao (Hokkien: seasoned veteran) like me.

Here’s an overview of what Polling Day is going to be like during GE2020:

Source: gov.sg

Basically, you’ll still need to wear your mask at all times.

And there’ll definitely be the standard temperature screening and checks.

Here’s what you need to do on that day:

  • Bring along your NRIC and present it to the election official
  • Sanitise your hands and put on disposable gloves
  • Collect your ballot paper
  • Mark your choice on the ballot paper
  • Drop your ballot paper into the ballot box
  • Dispose of the gloves in the trash bag located along the exit of the polling station
  • Exit the polling station and leave immediately!

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Is My Vote Really A Secret?


Don’t believe me?

We got Ninja Calmond to find out is your vote really is a secret.

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Singapore General Election Past Results

Watch this space as we’ll constantly bring you relevant updates on the General Election.

So stay tuned!

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