Attain Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution All In One Day. Here’s How!

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The Seedly Team probably SUCK at personal finance to a certain extent actually, very much like 90% of Singapore’s population. And like most Singaporeans, we are lazy.

Yet, our personal finance goals for the year 2019 cannot be ignored.

With that in mind, Seedly went on a journey to search for a one-stop solution that can help Singaporeans attain their personal finance goals for the year 2019 in the shortest period of time, and WE FOUND IT.

The answer? Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2019.

The first step to accomplishing anything is to identify the fact that we SUCK at doing it, but we are willing to learn.

Information on Seedly Personal Finance Event 2019:

Don’t say we “BO JIO”.

  • Where?
    Suntec Convention Hall 406
  • When?
    2 March 2019, Saturday
  • What Time?
    9am to 6pm

Eventbrite - Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2019

What will you be able to do after Seedly Personal Finance Festival?

The Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2019 aims to help you go from ZERO to HERO in one day.

Here’s a checklist of what you will be able to do after attending the festival if any of these falls under your New Year Resolution for this year, wait no further to grab your ticket!

Here’s a list of actionable that you will be able to perform immediately after attending Seedly Personal Finance Festival:

  • Have a better understanding of how to allocate your salary
  • Identify your debts and to clear them
  • A better understanding of the types of credit card that suits you
  • Identify what insurance coverage you lack
  • Able to differentiate an insurance sales fluff from the facts
  • Deeper knowledge of CPF
  • Tips and hacks to achieve $1 million in CPF by age 65
  • Know how to invest your first $10,000
  • Able to make your first investment right away
  • Able to identify what is lacking in your portfolio
  • Kick start your investment portfolio, customised to your risk appetite
  • Be a step closer to retiring early. LIKE A BOSS!

Eventbrite - Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2019

Schedule for Seedly Personal Finance Festival

9am: Registration (Early bird catches the worm)

10am: Welcome Message (Let’s get this party started!)

by Kenneth Lou, Co-founder Seedly

  • Intro to the Seedly Money Framework

10.10am: Kicking start your journey to financial freedom

by Fiona Dawn, Editor SGBudgetBabe

  • Personal Finance 101
  • Your route to becoming Debt-Free
  • Using Credit Cards – Yay or Nay?
  • Save, protect and invest

10.40am: Your No B.S. Guide to getting the insurance you need

by Christopher Tan, CEO Providend

  • Introduction to the types of insurance available in Singapore
  • Understanding what types of insurance do you really need?
  • How to choose a good advisor?

11.30am: How to win the CPF game 

by Loo Cheng Chuan, Founder 1M65

  • Your CPF scheme is so simple! Here’s how.
  • How should I make use of my CPF strategically and be the boss of it?
  • The secret formula to getting $1 million in your CPF by age 65. (No Joke!)

12.15pm: Lunch break (MAKAN!)

1.20pm: Panel: How should I invest a percentage of my salary monthly? 

by AutoWealth, Funding Societies, SmallCapAsia

  • How can you invest your first $10,000?
  • Intro to monthly investment methods (Regular Savings Plan, Robo-advisors, P2P-Lending, Small Caps stocks)
  • Ways to mitigating risk for beginners
  • Why should Singaporeans invest with your method?

2.15pm: Step-by-step guide to picking your first winning stock

by Alvin Chow, Founder DrWealth

  • Introduction to stocks hunting (those who are below their intrinsic values)
  • Why everyone can embark on the game of value investing?
  • Step-by-step guide: How to spot a “CHEAP” stock
  • Value investing strategies you can use immediately.

3.10pm: How to identify the right time to buy or sell?

by Joel Sim, MrFinanceSavvy

  • The basics: Looking for the right time to enter the market
  • Breaking down the jargons
  • Simple steps to deciding a good time to buy
  • Technical Analysis: Once you see it, you get it
  • Pros and Cons of using Technical Analysis for investing

4pm: Building your passive income (shake leg, collect money)

by Victor Chng, Co-founder TheFifthperson

  • The basics: Dividend Investing and growing your cash flow
  • Why everyone can embark on the game of dividend investing?
  • Step-by-step: Spotting a profitable income generating stock
  • How to build a bulletproof portfolio to maximise dividends from scratch

4.50pm: Financial Independence at a young age is not a dream!

by Christopher Ng, Tree of Prosperity

  • The ultimate goal of investing
  • How Christopher Ng attained financial independence at age 39? (WOAH!)
  • Tips and hacks to building a portfolio to achieve this as soon as possible in life

530pm: Lucky Draw (“Huat ah!”)

  • Win a Nintendo Switch (worth $500) for ONE lucky winner

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Who will be ROCKING the Seedly Personal Finance Festival?

To allow us the core mission of the event: No selling. No product-pushing. Only actionable knowledge, we are fortunate enough to have some of the best speakers in the personal finance space to share their knowledge.


Christopher Ng
Editor, TreeOfProsperity

Kenneth Lou
Co-founder, Seedly

Joel Sim
Founder, MrFinanceSavvy

Vikas Jain
Director, Funding Societies

James Yeo
Editor, SmallCapAsia

Ow Tai Zhi
CEO & Co-founder, AutoWealth

Christopher Tan
CEO & Founder, Providend

Loo Cheng Chuan
Founder, 1M65 Movement

Editor, SG Budget Babe

Victor Chng
Co-Founder, The Fifth Person

Alvin Chow
Founder, DrWealth 

Spending one day to get your whole life in check sounds like a good deal!

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