Cheapest SIM Only Mobile Plans In Singapore: Data vs Price Comparison

Cheapest SIM Only Mobile Plans In Singapore: Data vs Price Comparison

Ming Feng

You Should Definitely Switch To A SIM Only Mobile Plan

Updated 9 December 2019. Not kidding! We ARE stalking the telcos.

It may be convenient to extend our telco plan every time it becomes available for a re-contract, but did you know that switching to a SIM-only mobile plan helps you save money and gives you the freedom of choice for the next two years?

With so many new telcos and SIM Only plans coming up, Singaporeans should take this opportunity to save more on their mobile phone bill while the Mobile Network Operators (MNO) – like Singtel, Starhub, and M1 – and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) – like Giga, GOMO, and Circles.Life – engage in a price war!

Seedly Commando Recruit Imran SIM Only Plan Comparison

And while the price is a huge factor that influences which telco we choose, the rise of so many MVNOs in the market also means that Singaporeans should pay attention to which network they are on.

This is important because not only should our plans be the cheapest, but they should at least provide us with reception and service wherever we go.

If not, what’s the point of switching?

But seriously… So many telcos how to choose sia?

Cheapest SIM Only Plans In Singapore Under $50

As of our last count, customers can choose from 13 telcos in the market.

For a small population, this much competition is great news for us. The more the telcos engage in a price war, the more benefits we as consumers will get.

Company/PlanMonthly BillData At 4G SpeedTotal Amount Of DataTalktime
TPG XL Unlimited Data Plan$02GB/dayUnlimitedUnlimited
Circles.Life SIM Only $5 Plan$52GB2GB50 mins
redONE SIM Only Amazing8$83GBUnlimited100 mins
Zero 1 SIM Only 1 GB to Unlimited Data$9.901GBUnlimited200 mins
MyRepublic SIM Only Uno 18$181GB1GB1,000 mins
redONE SIM Only Amazing18$186GBUnlimited200 mins
GOMO SIM Only Mobile$2020GB20GB200 mins
Singtel SIM Only 3GB Plan$203GB3GB0 mins
Grid SIM Only Mobile Plan$24.9020GB20GB200 mins
giga! SIM Only Mobile Plan$2525GB25GB1,000 mins
M1 Sim-Only Plan$2530GB30GB1,000 mins
MyRepublic Power Plan$2420GB20GB100 mins
Starhub $25 SIM Only Plan$2515GB15GB100 mins
Circles.Life SIM Only Base Plan$2820GB20GB100 mins
Vivifi Share SIM Only Mobile Plan$29.9020GB20GB0 min
Zero 1 SIM Only 3 GB to Unlimited Data$29.993GBUnlimited200 mins
Singtel SIM Only 10 GB Plan$36.0510GB10GB150 mins
Zero 1 SIM Only 9 GB to Unlimited Data$39.909GBUnlimited450 mins
Singtel SIM Only 30 GB Plan$46.7530GB30GB150 mins
MyRepublic SIM Only Unlimited$48UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Zero Mobile SIM Only Zero Xs$49.9545GBUnlimited100 mins

The above are no-contract plans.

Note: Table updated as of 9 December 2019

But that many choices also mean that it’s a huge headache when it comes to choosing which telco to go with.

So to make things easier, we at Seedly decided to help make things easier by creating a SIM Only Mobile Plan Comparison tool!

SIM Only Mobile Plan comparison Tool

Compare & Switch Now!

FYI: It’ll only take you less than 10 seconds to find out which.

The Best No-Contract SIM ONLY Plans In Singapore

Amount of dataTelcoPrice
Below 5GBCircles.Life$5
(2GB, 50mins talktime)
More than 5GBredOne$18
(6GB, 200mins talktime)
Above 10GBGOMO$20
(20GB, 200mins talktime)
Above 20GBM1$25
(30GB, 1,000mins)
More than 40GBgiga!$45
(50GB, 10,000mins talktime)
(Unlimited talktime)

For below 5GB

  • Circles.Life – Circles.Life SIM Only $5 Plan gives you 2GB plan at $5 per month with 50 mins outgoing local talk time
  • redONE – redONE SIM Only Amazing8 is the next most value for money at only $8 per month, with 3GB, and 100mins outgoing local call time

For 20GB

  • GOMO – With GOMO SIM Only Mobile Plan, you will receive 20GB worth of data for $20 per month and 200 minutes local call time

For >20GB

  • M1 – M1’s SIM Only Mobile Plan gives their SIM Only plan a huge edge in this field at 30GB and 1,000 minutes talk time for only $25 per month
  • giga! – Giga!’s SIM Only Mobile Plan offers 25GB plan at $25 per month with 1,000 minutes talk time too

For Unlimited data:

  • TPG – TPG XL Unlimited Data plan provides full speed unlimited data (4G speed) and unlimited talk time at $0 per month (We’re not sure when they’ll start charging for their services tho…)

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The Best 12 Month Contract SIM ONLY Plans

Only Singtel offers a 12 Months contract SIM Only plan:

  • Singtel – For $25.35 per month you can enjoy 20GB data and 150 mins talk time; for 40GB and 70GB, the plan costs $46.75 per month and $73.50 per month respectively

Why Are SIM-Only Plans So Much Cheaper?

Since every telco has a SIM-only mobile plan which costs way lesser than a traditional two-year mobile plan, a lot of people are probably wondering, “Why so good?”

And also, “Why are virtual telcos able to sell SIM-only plans at such low prices?”

Here’s why…

Singapore Telcos And The Network Which They Are On

There are three major mobile network operators (MNOs) in Singapore, namely:

  1. Singtel
  2. Starhub
  3. M1

Over the years, we have seen a neverending stream of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) popping up to ‘disrupt the market’ with their SIM-only plans.

Here are the virtual telcos available in the market right now:

  2. MyRepublic
  3. Zero1
  4. Grid mobile
  5. TPG Mobile
  6. giga!
  7. GOMO
  8. redONE
  9. Circles.Life
  10. Zero Mobile

The reason the MVNOs can afford to price their SIM-only plans so low is because:

  • They aren’t paying to maintain their own network (they’re essentially buying bandwidth from the current MNOs and re-selling it to you)
  • They also generally spend less on marketing
  • They do not need to maintain a physical store presence (meaning they save on rent)

But, even though price is one thing to consider when switching, it’s probably equally if not more important to choose an MVNO which is tapping on a reliable MNO’s network.

Here’s a look at who’s on which network:

Mobile Network Operator





Mobile Virtual Network Operator Under Them
grid mobile

Which Telco Has The Best Reception?

Re-Contracting May Be An Overpriced 2-Year Phone Payment Scam

So you have a traditional two-year mobile plan that is nearing the end of your contract.

You’re probably thinking:

  • It’s the best (and probably the only deal) you know
  • It’s the first mobile plan you started with so it’s convenient to just renew it
  • Re-contracting on a two-year mobile plan comes with an attractive discount off the latest mobile phones


The harsh truth is that the upfront ‘discount’ which telcos offer on a new mobile phone, is probably recollected by tagging a small monthly premium on your monthly phone bill across your two-year mobile plan.

The MNOs know this.

And in the face of MVNO entrants, the bigger boys like Singtel, Starhub, and M1 have begun slashing prices on their data plans and rethinking their marketing towards you – the consumer.

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The SIM Only Plan And Phone From Carousell Strategy

With data as the main priority for most of us getting a mobile plan, we have a simple strategy.

Simply get a SIM-Only plan which gives you the same amount of data you currently enjoy on your two-year contracts (or more data since it’s probably cheaper as a SIM only plan).

Next, head over to a marketplace like Carousell to buy your preferred mobile phone.

We did a little comparison with regard to going on a StarHub two-year plan with the re-contract price of the phone, and compared it with someone on a SIM Only plan and getting his phone through Carousell.

 Total Cost Of Mobile Plan After 2 YearsCost Of Samsung Galaxy S9 64GBTotal Cost Over 2 Years
StarHub Contract Plan
(3Gb, 200 Mins)
($48 per month)
StarHub Cheapest SIM Only Plan
(No Contract, 15GB, 100mins)
($25 per month)
(and a lot more data)

The total amount of savings? $151 over 2 years, and WAY more mobile data.

Conclusion? Switch To SIM ONLY

In conclusion, we hope that this simple hack has taught you how to save you a ton of money and you now know it is definitely worth marking down the date on your calendar, the moment your current two-year contract ends.

Our whole team has jumped on and we have been spreading the word around.

If you wish to save more, remember to choose the most economical fibre broadband plan too!

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