Which Singapore Telco Plan Is Best For You: Data vs Price (SIM-Only Comparison)

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TL;DR: You Should Definitely Switch To SIM ONLY Telco Plan

Editor’s Note: Updated 10 December 2018. Not kidding! We are stalking the telcos.

It may be convenient to extend our telco plan every time it becomes available for a re-contract, but this simple hack can help save you money and gives you the freedom of choice for the next 2 years.

Most Singaporeans might be on a wrong mobile plan costing them hundreds every year. We found this out when we were debating on our Personal Finance facebook group where everyday Singaporeans just like us, shared one of their biggest fixed expense each month – Mobile phone bills.

The Best No-Contract SIM ONLY Plans: 

  • For 3GB: 
    Singtel – Their plan is the most value for money at only $20 per month. (Note: No talk time)
  • For >5GB:
    Circles.Life – Their 6GB plan wins at $28 per month with 100 minutes call time.
  • For 9GB: 
    MyRepublic – You will receive 9GB (4G speed) and unlimited data (manageable speed) total worth of data for $35 per month
  • For 13GB:
    StarHub – Their latest plan gives their SIM Only plans a huge edge in this field at 13GB for only $25 per month.
  • For >25GB: 
    Starhub – For heavy mobile data users, Starhub latest plans give you 40GB at $50 and 70GB at $80
  • For Unlimited data:
    Zero Mobile Full speed unlimited data (4G speed) and unlimited talk time at $59.95 per month
    All of MyRepublic and Zero1 plans are on unlimited data. The number of GB indicated represents the amount of data at full speed.

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The Best 12 Month Contract SIM ONLY Plans:

  • For 10GB: 
    Singtel – With $20 per month one enjoys 10GB data, 150 mins talk time. One can also pay $36.05 for 20GB per month.
  • For above 25 GB: 
    Singtel – For 40GB and 55GB, the plan with Singtel costs $46.75 per month and $73.50 per month respectively.
  • For unlimited GB:
    – M1 turned the tide for the 12 Months Contract SIM Only Plan with $98 per month for UNLIMITED data. 

The Best 24 Month Contract SIM ONLY Plans:

  • For above 10GB: 
    M1 – At $40 per month one enjoys 15GB data, 100 mins talk time.
  • For above 25 GB: 
    M1 – For 35GB, the plan with m1 costs $70 per month.
    Starhub – 
    For 40GB, it will cost you $75 per month.
  • For unlimited GB:
    – M1’s 24 Months Contract SIM Only Plan is at $118 per month for UNLIMITED data. 

You can read more about the actual comparisons below. Subsequently, you can also learn about the strategy we recommend how you can get a brand new phone at a cheaper price.

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Each telco provides a plan known as the SIM-only plan which costs much lower than most of their 2-year mobile plans. Finally, we have here, the hard facts behind how each telcos line-up against each other with their SIM-only plan.

Singtel vs M1 vs Circles vs Starhub vs Zero Mobile vs Zero1 (No Contract)

In the table below, we come out with the best SIM-only mobile plan with 3 assumptions:
(Information updated as of 10 December 2018)

  1. The monthly data package is our main priority, hence, mixed different add-ons for each telco to get the best bundle. By data, we refer to data connection not restricted to certain places (eg. Singtel wifi).
  2. The table below is for SIM Only with no contract mobile plans.
  3. We excluded comparing the SMS bundle as it is not a deciding factor, given the minimum usage of such function.


  • Do take note that MyRepublic and Zero 1 offers unlimited data. The number of GB shown represent the number of data at maximum speed. It will be followed by a manageable speed after which.
  • Also, Starhub latest SIM Only plan gives 10GB for free for the first 10,000 customers. This free 10GB is used in the above comparison.
  • Consumers should look at reviews on the telco companies on top of price to make smarter decision on their SIM Only plan.

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Singtel vs M1 (With 12 Months SIM Only Contract)

Singtel and M1 came out with a SIM Only 12 months contract mobile plan in an attempt to lock in some customer loyalty.

There is a split decision when it comes to the best deal for the 12-month contract, consumers should select based on their usage and lifestyle.

source: M1

Starhub vs M1 (With 24 Months SIM Only Contract)

For those who do not mind sticking to the same telco for as long as two years, he can take a look at 24 months SIM Only contract.

SIM Only plan 24 months comparison

Re-Contracting = An Overpriced 2-year Phone Payment Scam

  1. It is the best and the only deal we know of.
  2. It is the first mobile plan we started with and it is rather convenient to just renew it.
  3. A 2-year mobile plan comes with a rather attractive discount on the latest mobile phones.

The harsh truth is that telecommunication companies (telco) are shaving dollars off your favourite mobile phones to make re-contracting attractive. The remaining cost of your “subsidised” mobile phone plus interest is distributed throughout the rest of your 2-year mobile plan, which you are stuck with.

In the face of new entrants such as Circles.Life and stiffer competition, the power has shifted to the consumer, you. The data plans prices were slashed drastically and you would be really be losing out if you re-contracted a new 2-year plan.

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SIM-Only Plan + Carousell Phone Strategy

With data for a mobile plan being the main priority, we have a simple strategy. Simply get a SIM Only plan with the same amount of data followed by our preferred mobile phone on Carousell.

The cost of a typical Starhub 2-Year Plan with Samsung Galaxy S9:

The cost of a Starhub SIM-ONLY Plan with Samsung Galaxy S9 from Carousell:

Total savings over 2 years: $175.00

The cost of a typical Singtel 2-Year Plan with iPhone X 64GB:

The cost of a Singtel SIM-ONLY Plan with iPhone X 64GB from Carousell:

Total savings over 2 years: $447.60

For a more extreme comparison, we do a comparison across telcos for high data bundle plans. Also, take note that we are not taking the amount of call time into consideration for our comparison.

The cost of a typical M1 2-Year Plan with iPhone 7 Plus 32GB:

M1 2 year plan with iphone 7 PlusThe cost of a Circles.Life SIM-ONLY Plan with iPhone 7 Plus 32GB from Carousell:Circles Life SIM-only plan iphone 7

Total savings over 2 years: $3,441.60

Conclusion – Switch To SIM ONLY

In conclusion, we hope that this simple hack has taught you how to save you a ton of money and you now know it is definitely worth marking down the date on your calendar, the moment your current 2 years end. Our whole team has jumped on and we have been spreading the word around.

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