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Investment Courses in Singapore

Your Ultimate Guide to Investment Courses in Singapore

profileRebecca Liew

It’s an open secret, but one that holds true: we were all taught to memorise information in schools, rather than learn useful life skills.

Sadly, that practice often takes a toll on our personal finances in our later years when we find ourselves struggling for financial security as working adults.

We do have some possible theories – though not quite enough for a thesis – on why personal finance is not taught in Singapore schools, including:

  • That personal finance is not a subject that can be tested meaningfully
  • That the economy would suffer dramatically if everyone were to become financially savvy overnight

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Read more: The real reasons personal finance is not taught in schools

Thankfully, the painfully cliched adage – it’s never too late to learn – applies in many respects, including this one.

For your convenience, we’ve rounded up the best investment courses in Singapore for beginners and seasoned investors alike. Don’t forget, though, that it’s often fastest fingers first.

TL;DR – Personal Finance Investment Courses in Singapore

  • Dr Wealth
  • Value Investing College
  • SGX Academy
  • The Fifth Person
  • Invest Travel Play
  • The Systematic Trader
  • Adam Khoo Wealth Academy
  • TradingwithRayner
  • Dr Tee
  • My Stocks Investing Journey
  • Mr Finance Savvy

Here’s a closer look at user reviews from the Seedly community:

Read real user reviews on investment courses in Singapore!

Dr Wealth

Investing gives you returns for life. At least, that’s what Dr Wealth believes in – and students are taught exactly that, by way of practical and honest investor education.

Investment courses by Dr Wealth

Dr Wealth covers everything from personal finance to REITs and cryptocurrency.

Intro CoursesLed ByCourse Fee
Intelligent Investors Immersive ProgrammeAlvin ChowFree
Early Retirement MasterclassChris NgFree
8-Figure Trading BlueprintRobin HoFree
Learning to Invest in Cryptocurrency for the Long-TermChris LongFree
Quant-Investing WorkshopPatrick Ling and Eng GuanFree

Note: These are intro-session workshops/courses only, and therefore free of charge. Additional fees will apply for actual courses.

Read real user reviews on DrWealth here!

Value Investing College

Like its name suggests, Value Investing College specialises in value investing. Its aim: to educate and equip anyone who wants to live a better life by drawing from the best minds and methods that work.

Investment courses by Value Investing College

VIC currently offers a free Technology-Assisted Stock Hacking Masterclass. The half-day programme’s perfect for even beginners. Then there’s the three-day Value Investing Bootcamp – one that teaches strategies to build wealth and grow your passive income.

If you’re wondering about the Technology-Assisted Stock-Hacking Masterclass, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to use a technology filter based off the behaviour of legendary investors including Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Sir John Templeton
  • How to use a proprietary fraud detection framework to prevent losses
  • How to get consistent passive returns through dividend shares
  • How to multiply your capital and build your nest egg
  • The 3R system, which helps minimise risk and capitalise on golden opportunities

Read real user reviews on Value Investing College (VIC) here!

Singapore Exchange (SGX) Academy

SGX Academy provides education and training programmes spanning for beginners and seasoned investors alike. Think everything from seminars to e-Training, some of which can be paid for using SkillsFuture. You’ll also find Chinese courses on offer.

Investment courses by SGX Academy

These are a selection of courses on offer at SGX Academy, although its directory boasts far more options for your picking.

Course Level: Beginner
Building Your Retirement Fund Through Stock InvestmentFree
Make Trading Your Source Of Income
Technical Trend Trading
Basics of Investing Plus - Foundations of REIT InvestingS$128
Course Level: Intermediate
Strategic and Tactical Asset AllocationS$160
Exotic Options and Trading Strategies
Introduction to Bonds, Prices, Yields and Strategies
Corporate Valuation - Trading, Transaction Comparables and Merger Analysis
Course Level: Professional
Gaining a Trading Edge through Price and Volume ActionS$1,200
Short Term Trading StrategiesS$800
Essentials of Professional Futures Trading with TAS$2,400

Read real user reviews on SGX Academy here!

The Fifth Person

The Fifth Person aims to arm Singaporeans with investment and financial literacy and intelligent money habits.

On top of the insightful investment articles on their website, they also run Dividend Machines, an online training course on investing in dividend stocks and REITs.

Investment courses by The Fifth Person

Unfortunately, slots for Dividend Machines have closed – but you’ll still be able to sign up for their waitlist.

Likewise, registration for its other members-only course – Investment Quadrant – has closed for the year. The programme addresses four quadrants in the investment realm: business, management, financials and valuation.

CourseWhat you getCost
Investment Quadrant SystemThe New, Updated Investment Quadrant SystemUS$347
7 Figure Flow charts and Checklists
The Private Member's Only Q&A Forum
The Investment Quadrant LIVE Workshop
Future Content Upgrades
Investment Quadrant Web Class Recordings
10 Winning Investment Case Studies

Read real user reviews on The Fifth Person’s investment courses here!

Invest Travel Play (ITP)

Safe investing – and building a steady stream of passive income – sits at the fore of what Invest Travel Play (ITP) was built on. Apart from articles and tools, such as a net worth calculator, ITP offers regular talks and workshops at various locations, including co-working space JustCo.

Some upcoming courses include:

Course WhenCost
How The Rich Get Richer: Five Principles to KnowNov 7, 14, 21, 28
Dec 5, 12,19, 26
(2020) Jan 2, 9, 16, 23
Stock Investing and Options Made EasyDec 14$535
($500 SkillsFuture claimable)
Passive Income Engine WorkshopJan 4, 2020$1,497

Read real user reviews on Invest Travel Play here!

Adam Khoo Wealth Academy

Adam Khoo’s no stranger to the scene, having gained recognition as a financial educator, best-selling author (remember ‘I Am Gifted, So Are You!’?) and entrepreneur.

His namesake academy offers a comprehensive wealth creation and management programme that teaches you to grow your savings into $1 million with just 10% of your salary.

While registration has since closed, a waiting list for 2020 has opened up for Adam Khoo’s free Stock Investing Income Workshop, which covers the following:

  • Khoo’s Value Momentum Investing (VMI) strategy, which has the potential to yield over 30% returns
  • How saving 10% of your monthly salary – complemented by a long-term, low-risk investment strategy – can turn you into a millionaire
  • How to generate average returns of 12% annually

Read real user reviews on Adam Khoo Wealth Academy here!

The Systematic Trader

Collin Seow is the man behind The Systematic Trader, which aims to teach users how to purchase the right stocks and make profitable trades regardless of market direction.

As a reputable trainer with CyberQuote – and a Top 10 Achiever under finance broker PhillipCFD – Seow has also spoken at conferences including the Investor Wealth Summit and MetaStock Conference.

You’ll have to register your interest for The Systematic Trader’s free courses, which include the following:

  • The Systematic Wealth Builder workshop

Read real user reviews on The Systematic Trader here!


How do you win the game in the daunting world of forex trading? Independent trader Rayner Teo is determined to help with his proven trading strategies and techniques.

Apart from free trading guides, the Trend Following Mentorship Program teaches you how to identify the best trading set-ups for returns of 30% or more, and understand the fundamentals of technical analysis.

Enrollment’s currently closed, but a waiting list has opened up.

Meantime, these are some free trading guides and courses for your perusal:

  • Forex Trading Course for Beginners
  • Trading Terms to Know
  • Candlestick Patterns for Beginners
  • TradingView Tutorial
  • Stock Trading Course for Beginners
  • Trading Indicators
  • Chart Patterns
  • Trading Webinars

Read real user reviews on TradingwithRayner here!

Dr Tee

Armed with a PhD in Computational Simulation (and over 20 years of trading and investing experience), Dr Tee (aka Ein55) now focuses on educating consumers on the best ways to invest.

Investment courses provided by Dr Tee

Course TypeCostWhen
Global Market Outlook 2020 with 10 Winning Investing StrategiesFree20 Nov, 2019

My Stocks Investing Journey

Investment coach Kenny Loh incepted My Stocks Investing Journey to offer readers a library of stock market information by way of articles and videos – plus stocks analyses for potential and current trades.

His courses focus on investing in REITs, trading in the US market and how to profit from short-selling Singapore stocks.

Investment courses by My Stocks Investing Journey

CoursesCostPromo code
Investing in Singapore REITsS$799Promo code: "mystocksinvesting"
How to Profit by Short-Selling Singapore StocksTBC-
Technical Analysis
Fundamental Analysis
How to Trade in the US Stock Market

Mr Finance Savvy

Mr Finance Savvy is run by professional trader Joel Sim, who turned his ten years of experience into investment courses for the masses.

Having witnessed friends in high positions get retrenched during the global financial crisis, Sim believes corporate achievements and long hours of working don’t necessarily translate to financial security.

By attending Mr Finance Savvy courses, clients are better equipped to safeguard their finances in unforeseen circumstances.

Investment courses by Mr Finance Savvy

Mr Finance Savvy offers two courses at present: 4 Key Strategies for Stock Market Success, and Wealth Trade Mentorship.

The latter course comprises:

  • How to trade or invest to create multiple income streams
  • How to build a dividend wealth machine
  • How to become a proficient trend trader
  • Observing Mr Finance Savvy live-trading potential investing stocks
  • A one-year mentorship

Additionally, classes are capped at 10 pax per weekend. Members will also be able to view all of Mr Finance Savvy’s trades and REITs investments through WhatsApp.

Course fees are as follows:

  • $2,399 for 1st year with screener 
  • $397 yearly for mentorship
  • $697 yearly for mentorship + screener

Final Tips Before Signing Up For A Personal Finance Course

Finally, keep these tips in mind before planting your money in a course:

  • Find a course that’s within your budget
    There’s a wealth of information online; investing the time into identifying what you’re actually looking for in a course will ultimately allow you to choose a more well-suited course.
  • Free courses aren’t necessarily the best
    Sure, free is my favourite word – but it’s often a dangled carrot under the guise of selling you a more expensive course or package. Be sure to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line!
  • Read unbiased user reviews
    Reviews on investment course sites are often curated. If it’s unbiased user reviews you’re after, the Seedly community actively offers real feedback on courses, whether on our Reviews pages or in the Facebook community.
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Lactose-intolerant, but also BS-intolerant. Having written for the likes of Marina Bay Sands and Time Out, I now spend my days saving up for my stationery shop retirement dream.
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