We Asked Singaporeans To Describe Their Bank Account Situation With A GIF, and These Are Their Reponses.

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Singaporeans are really not the most emotive of people. We’re pretty “stone” and emotionless and when we do show emotions, it’s often faces of judgement, anger or disgust.

But it is a fact that we take time to warm up, and when we’re warmed up, we can actually be quite expressive. Just don’t expect us to clap when an aeroplane makes a safe landing

or smile profusely at strangers you walk past in your everyday life (I swear, they do that in Switzerland and even greet each other with “Gruetzi”, which means “Greetings! Hello!” in Swiss German)

Something we do really right though, is show our emotions online. Our notions of “emotionless Singapore” have often been debunked with how reactive we are online and we do it best through memes and gifs!

With the recent 11.11 shopping frenzy just over, people might be feeling the wounds of their spendings even more clearly now.

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We found that in all the responses there were 5 types of people:

Ignorance is bliss

Contributed by community member Missy Evilyn
Contributed by community member Huishi Lin
Contributed by community member Alvin Teo
Contributed by community member Malcolm Jia Hui

The “kill me now” type of people

Contributed by community member Eileen Peh

A moment-of-silence for your wallet

Contributed by community member Putt Kar Yuan
Contributed by community member Estella Lee
Contributed by community member ZL Hoe

The cry babies

Contributed by community member Themis Thng
Contributed by community member ZL Hoe
Contributed by community member Jay Tee

And of course, the angry people

Contributed by community member Chin Guo Qiang

Now it doesn’t always have to be a love-hate relationship with you and your bank account.

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