Special: Learn From The Best Financial Bloggers In Singapore

Have you always wanted to start Investing?

In Singapore, the investment community is savvy, on-the-ground and execute well. What’s even better, is that there are a group of financial writers and bloggers who have been documenting and sharing their journeys with the rest of the population more ideas on attaining financial freedom. Over our time here at Seedly, as we build on the Seedly Money Framework, we realize a very important common thread that runs through – time is everything, and thereby getting started early works wonders for the long run.

Also in Singapore, there are many conferences and courses which cost upwards of thousands of dollars which we wouldn’t recommend going for. However, we would much rather learn from a group of bloggers at a low cost and affordable financial education session for retail investors.

Who should attend:

  1. Fresh graduates who want a head start in investing ahead of their peers
  2. People who have been working for 3-5 years and have amassed $10k or more investible cash
  3. Singaporeans who read financial blogs and have questions for them here
  4. In general, people who are sick of those scammy investment courses, and are more of self-avid learners & executors

Investors Exchange 2017

“Giving small, retail investors the access to successful investors with investing concepts that work, so that you too can improve your investing results today”

The Topics & Line Up:

  1. Strategies for Successful Equities Investing (By Teh Hooi Ling, Inclusif Value Fund)
  2. Identify Market Trends the George Soros way (By Xeo Lye, Xeolyenomics)
  3. 7 Deadly Sins of Singapore Property Buyers (By Vina Ip, PropertySoul.com)
  4. Master your Mind, Master the Market (By Joel Sim, mrfinancesavvy.com)
  5. 50 Shades of Dividends Investing (By Christopher Ng, TreeOfProsperity.blogspot.com)
  6. How to use the 3 musketeers of REITs to find strong REITs (By Kenny Loh, MyStocksInvesting.com)
  7. The Art of Scuttlebutt By Elvin Hayden Liang, www.epsilonluxe.wordpress.com

29 Jul 2017 (Sat) | 1 pm to 5 pm

DBS Auditorium, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Level 3. Only 250 Seats available.

Regular Fee: S$65 (Early Bird Fee: S$49, valid till 8th Jul 2017)

*Or try to win two tickets below 🙂

Find out more about the speakers and bloggers here

Who are the BIGscribe?

Firstly, they are friends of ours and are financially savvy and smart individuals coming together as a group of passionate finance bloggers to pool our resources together in order to bring to Singaporeans the best informative guides available in Singapore. Some of their blogs which you may have read before: Investment Moats, 15HWW, Big Fat Purse (now DrWealth), SGYoungInvesment.

We are not directly in association with them in any monetary form, but as a team running a personal finance app, we believe in what they are doing and it’s only positive things for Singaporeans wanting to up their personal finance game. Oh yes, importantly, there is NO SELLING at this event, whereby no speaker would be going on stage to tell you to sign up today for some B*S course.

Seedly Special: Win 2 tickets

Aligning with our mission to help Singaporeans and users discover their better financial self, we have decided to work as an event partner with them to let 2 lucky winners go for free.
Here is what you have to do:
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Winners will be announced on 12th July 2017, Wednesday at 10 pm. Thanks for reading, cheerios!
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