Taobao’s Physical Store in NomadX in Singapore, What is the Price Difference?

Taobao’s Physical Store Isn’t Cheap, We Found Cheaper Alternatives Online

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When I first heard there will be a Taobao physical store in Plaza Singapura, I was honestly so THRILLED!

To be frank, I was half expecting to see the clothes available for sale on racks or makeup brands, not sure what I was thinking.

NomadX Taobao Physical Store

In my head, I was hoping to able to see whatever that is on my Taobao app in person. Yes, it’s kinda true as NomadX has StyleTheory, Mamonde and more located inside as well.

For the huge space that NomadX dominates, Taobao is residing in a small segment of the second floor greeting us with this Instagram-worthy neonlights.

Taobao X Qanvast in NomadX

Though it may seem that the whole place is aesthetically-pleasing (we are all about the Instagram-able life right?), most of the products only for display and you can’t test it to see how it works but it’s great if you want to see if it fits into your dream home.

How to shop on Taobao physical shop?

  • Scan the QR code on the price tag
  • Make your purchase through the Taobao app
  • Wait for the product to be delivered to your place (yes, you can’t make a purchase in-store)

It doesn’t help if you don’t understand Chinese or don’t know how to work the Taobao app. That’s what we’re here for right? We’ve made a guide to help you make your first purchase on Taobao even if you don’t understand Chinese!

Taobao is known for its ability for the savvy consumer to snipe a cheaper deal.

However, what I’ve found on display at Taobao’s physical store were not the cheapest that you can find online.

Here are some examples:

Electronic facial cleanser

Electronic Facial Cleansers

One of the cheaper items on display in Taobao’s physical store would be this electronic facial cleanser by Kingdom Cares.

These electronic facial cleansers are famously inspired by the FOREO Luna Mini 2 that was heavily publicised through influencer marketing as shown here.

Cheaper Alternatives of this facial massager:

Cheaper AlternativesPrice
Taobao97 CNY / SGD 19.19
(Same brand, different seller)
118 CNY / SGD 23.34
IUIGA Sonic Silicone Facial Cleansing DeviceSGD 23.90
IUIGA Eva Mini Facial Cleansing DeviceSGD 29.90

Note: Prices are converted using Google and are accurate as at 27 November 2018. 

Taobao Nordic Lamp

Nordic Design Table Lamp

Cheaper alternatives to the Nordic design table lamp:

TaobaoSGD 7.52
TaobaoSGD 9.50
TaobaoSGD 10.88

Note: Prices are converted using Google and are accurate as at 27 November 2018. 

Xiaomi at NomadX

Xiaomi devices in Taobao Physical Store

With so many Xiaomi stores in Singapore that you can visit to try out Xiaomi devices before purchasing, they still chose to display Xiaomi products anyway.

Here are some products that are on display:

  1. Xiaomi Air Purifier
  2. Xiaomi 720P 360 Camera
  3. Xiaomi 1080P PTZ Camera
  4. Xiaomi rice cooker

Xiaomi products and their prices on Taobao and on other platforms

Xiaomi ProductsPrice in Taobao ShopOther Alternatives
Air Purifier
899 RMB
(177.85 SGD)
SGD 168 on Qoo10
Kettle215 RMB
(42.53 SGD)
SGD 30 on Shopee
Rice Cooker (3L)499 RMB
(98.72 SGD)
SGD 108 on Lazada
Mijia 720P 360 Camera199 RMB
(39.37 SGD)
SGD 44.96 on Shopee
Mijia 1080P PTZ Camera399 RMB
(78.94 SGD)
From SGD 53.99 on Qoo10

Nathome Aromatherapy Humidifier

Nathome Aromatherapy Humidifier

Ever since the Muji craze over their minimalistic design for their humidifier, every e-commerce website starting selling inspired pieces that simply looks uncanny with the Muji ones as a cheaper alternative.

In this case, Nathome aromatherapy humidifier is displayed at Taobao physical store and it isn’t as cheap as the ones I have seen online.

Cheaper alternatives that preserve aesthetics but still leave your room smelling great

TaobaoRMB 58 / SGD 11.47
LazadaSGD 18.30
ShopeeSGD 18.80

Note: Prices are converted using Google and are accurate as at 27 November 2018.

Nathome Collapsible Travel Kettle

Nathome Collapsible Travel Kettle

This next item is something that I was really amused by, a TRAVEL KETTLE. It is collapsible and allows it to not occupy much space in your luggage and YOU STILL GET HOT WATER.

This one’s for you if you always had trust issues with the kettles provided by the hotels or if your Airbnb does not provide you with a boiling kettle.

Because I could not live without looking for a cheaper alternative before committing to this collapsible kettle,

I found some cheaper alternatives although it is a different brand:

ShopeeSGD 27.35
TaobaoCNY 98 / SGD 19.39

Note: Prices are converted using Google and are accurate as at 27 November 2018. 

They have a pet segment

Yes, a segment for pets!!! Though a little small, you are able to look at fancy accessories for your pets before getting them on Taobao. And these aesthetically-pleasing accessories are mainly from Petkit.

Read Also: Adopt, not shop and save S$2,000 by doing so!

Pet Water Bottle

Water Bottle for Your Pet

Cheaper alternatives to quench your pet’s thirst while on a walk

Taobao9.90 CNY / SGD 1.96
Taobao14.80 CNY / SGD 2.93
LazadaSGD 9.69

Note: Prices are converted using Google and are accurate as at 27 November 2018. 

Taobao Physical Store

If you are planning to make a trip down to NomadX,

  • It is located at level 1 Plaza Singapura, exit E of Dhoby Ghaut MRT;
  • Taobao X Qanvast can be found on Level 2 of NomadX

I think I spent more time queuing for Gongcha than I did around NomadX. *shrugs

All gif credits: GIPHY

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