Useful Telegram Channels That Every Singaporean Needs To Join

Useful Telegram Channels That Every Singaporean Needs To Join

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Did you know that Lee Hsien Loong is on Telegram and he has been updating me on his whereabouts and doings?


Have you been receiving his updates too?

If not, why not just subscribe to his Telegram channel so you can get PMs from PM Lee? Pun not intended.

In fact, while you’re at it, we’ve got a whole compilation of Telegram channels and bots which will make your life SO MUCH BETTER.

So, get ready to redirect yourself to every Telegram channels linked here and join them all!

From making your life easier by telling you when the next bus is or informing you of the latest news or deals, here goes!

TL;DR – Compilation Of Useful Telegram Channels In Singapore… SUBSCRIBE TO ALL LAH!

Did you know that there’s a Telegram Channel for every interest out there?

Telegram Channels to subscribe to in Singapore

Further Reading: More Details On These Telegram Channels

Telegram Channels For Food Lovers

SG Food Deals

A Telegram channel for foodies where one can find the latest food promotions and discounts in Singapore!


SG Food Deals

SG Kiasu Foodies

Everyone loves food. ’nuff said. Just kidding, the team behind kiasu foodies work really hard to bring us the best food deals there is in Singapore through their Telegram channel!



A Telegram channel that provides reviews and recommendations on Singapore food.




Latest food promotions in Singapore!


telegram channel @sgfoodies

Telegram Channels For Personal Finance

Personal Finance SG

For tips and hacks on personal finance and even market updates and news!


Seedly Telegram Screenshot

Singapore Finance Chat (bot)

Get updates on investment strategy, real estate and market information.


Singapore Finance Chat Bot


Get updates on personal finance content by


Singapore Telegram Dollarsandsense


Telegram Channel for Stocks Discussion and Trading

SGX Invest

Receive latest market insights, sector and stocks performances.


SGX Invest telegram channel

Investors Exchange

A Telegram community where everyone can discuss about stocks and share investing knowledge.


investors exchange

SG Market Updates

A place for the Singapore investment community to share information and updates.


SG market updates Telegram Channel

Trading with Rayner

This Telegram channel is said to save retail traders from self-destruction.


Trading with Rayner Telegram

Telegram Channels for Lifestyle

Date Ideas Singapore

Want to make the best first impressions for your date? Or after dating for YEARS that you guys ran out of ideas to go?


TOTO Huat Bot

Not that we are advocating for you to spend all your money on TOTO but if you would like to get updates on the TOTO prize money, here’s one bot to subscribe to!

Let us know if you manage to overcome the odds to win prize money!


(Search @totohuatbot in Telegram to /start the bot)

Singapore Tuition Assignments

A channel for mums, dads, students and tuition agents to look for qualified tutors.


Singapore Tuition Assignments

Singapore Events and Places

A Telegram channel to update you on some of the place to go and events happening in Singapore.


Singapore events and places

SG Cab Promos

This Telegram channel is for all of your cab promo codes needs. They test the promos for Grab, Go-Jek, Ryde and ComfortDelGro taxis.


SG Cab promos

SG Budget Babes

This Telegram Channel brings you the latest beauty and fashion related promotions and product releases you can’t miss in Singapore.


SG Budget Babes

SG Student Promos

A Telegram channel just for students to update them about affordable deals.


SG Student Promos

SG Weekend Plans

A constantly updated list of events and things to do, so that you get to spend your weekends well.


SG weekend plans

SG Clubbing

Calling all party people. This Telegram chat is for all your clubbing and party needs, from guestlist to staying up to date on all the parties happening around Singapore.


SG Clubbing

GoodLobang (Deals and Discounts)

One of the channels to get all your update on deals and discounts around Singapore.



The Woke Salarypeople

A more lifestyle approach towards saving money, retire before 65 and other cool stuff.


The Wokesalaryman


A Telegram channels for all your Singapore Promo Codes.



SG Concerts

The ultimate Telegram channel for concert updates happening in Singapore.


SG Concerts

SG Parent Things

Receive latest updates on places to bring your kids, deals for parents and anything interesting to parents.


Telegram channel SG Parent things

SG New Movies & Shows

Reviews of the latest movies and shows worth watching.


SG new movies and shows telegram channel

Telegram Channels for News/Updates


The first word in business news.


Bloomberg Telegram Channel

Nuggets of Wisdom

Bringing you the world’s best news, in bite-size.


Nuggest of wisdom telegram channel



SG MRT Updates

As the name goes, all announcements with regard to MRT will be announced here. Do check this before leaving the house or just pray you don’t get caught in them. 1 Share = 1 Prayer.


SG No.1 All In 1 Sharing/Updates

SGUpdate shares anything that is News or latest.


SG No.1 All in 1 Sharing/Updates


Lee Hsien Loong


He even has his very own sticker pack made after him! How cute!

Zao Bao

The official Telegram channel of our mandarin newspaper.


Zaobao Telegram Channel

The Straits Times

Stay in the know with the latest news from Singapore and around the world


Straits Times Telegram Channel


Top stories from CNA


Channel News Asia CNA Telegram channel


If you are a fan of Rice Media’s content, here’s the channel to stay updated to their content.


RICE media

ShiokBot (bot)

This channel is a helpful Singaporean bot. Get the latest Taxi Promos, weather updates, FX, your usual MRT breakdowns etc.


ShiokBot (Bot)

Bus Time (bot)

This Telegram bot gives you the timing for Go-Ahead, NTU, NUS, SBS Transit, SMRT and Tower Transit buses! Simply send them your location.


Bus time bot

SG Rd Updates

Official channel to broadcast traffic situation and avoid traffic jams


SG Road Updates

Customs And Msia Road

Find out everything about custom and Malaysia road conditions, fuel checks/ price updates, where them Police Bikes at, Traffic and Currency exchange.


Customs and malaysia road

MS News

The official Telegram channel of Mustsharenews


Mustsharenews Telegram Channel


Telegram Channels For Jobs, Part Time Jobs And Internships In Singapore

WerkWerk SG

Career wisdom and job opportunities for savvy early career jobseekers in Singapore.


werkwerksg telegram channel singapore

Part Time Jobs (Singapore)

If you are looking for something to help you earn that extra income or kill that free time, Part-time Jobs Singapore announces available job postings almost every day!

However, you are fighting with over 19 thousand people for slots like these so…fastest fingers first!


SG Part Timers #Singapore

This Telegram channel helps ease your process of finding a part-time job in Singapore.


SG Part Timers

Singapore Part Time Jobs

A Telegram that announces Part-time, temporary positions and one-off project assignments.


SG Part time Jobs

Event Part-Timers of Singapore

A Telegram channel to satisfy all your minimal time commitment cash needs.


Event Part-timers of Singapore

Singapore Internship Opportunities

This is one way you can source for internships! Not as frequently updated as compared to part-time jobs Singapore but slots are quickly taken up so be quick and make your resume stand out!


Singapore Internship Opportunities

A Telegram Channel for paid internship positions listing.


Singapore Internship Opportunities

Singapore Careers And Jobs Opportunities

A Telegram Channel to help you with your job and recruitment search!



Tech Careers and Internships

A channel that connects Tech career seekers with employers.


Tech careers and internships

Telegram Channels For BTO Discussion

Singapore Build-to-Order Discussion

Discuss with the rest, the upcoming BTO flats and your views!



BTO Buddy

This Bot can monitor BTO units selection process and update you if your favourite units are taken up in real-time



Telegram Channels For Airfare Promos/Travels

Airfare Promotions

A Telegram channel that curates the latest airfare promotions and notifies you right away.


Airfare promotion

SG Travel Promos

Keep you updated on the latest travel deals, discounts and promotions.


SG Travel Promos

SG Travel Hacks

Get travel deals, airfare sales, itinerary hacks, money tips and travel insurance promos.


SG Travel Hacks


We hope this list will help you make your life a WHOLE LOT EASIER. Especially when we are so busy, we can’t possibly keep updated with the news or food deals!

Thank you, admins and creators, of these channels that SAVE LIVES!

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