What Should You Do When You Get Into A Car Accident?

What Should You Do When You Get Into A Car Accident?

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If you are constantly on the road whether as a driver or a passenger – doesn’t matter if you are fortunate enough to own car or not, if anything goes south, you would want to still be in control in knowing what to do next.

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What should you do when you get into an accident?

These are best practices shared over the years, do tweak them if necessary to fit your current situation, or when in doubt – ring the police at 999.

  1. Gather all evidence and move to a safe area
  2. Call the ambulance if there are injured parties – Go to the nearest hospital, get a medical certificate
  3. Report the accident to the police (if needed)
  4. Take note of the license plate number of both vehicles
  5. Name and NRIC for drivers of both vehicle

Gather all evidence and move to a safe area away from traffic

If you are the driver involved in the accident, do not move the vehicle until you have gathered all the necessary information needed. Gather as much evidence as possible.

Call the ambulance if there are injured parties 

If you’re injured, if there are casualties, even if you’re not feeling too good, call for an ambulance by dialling 995 immediately. Updating your Instagram Stories can wait, trust me.

Get a medical certificate if necessary especially if you would be out of work for a while.

Things to note:

  • If you are given at least 3 days of medical certificate, the accident should be reported to the police.
  • If you were hospitalised as a result of the accident, the report should be made as soon as you are discharged.


Report the accident to the police

If the accident involves:

  • Fatalities
  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists
  • Hit-and-run cases
  • Damage to government property
  • Foreign vehicles
  • Injuries that require the casualty to be taken to the hospital

Take note of the details of the event

  • Full names
  • NRIC
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • License plate numbers of both vehicles
  • Name of Insurance Company

Post-Accident: What can you claim for? What should you do?

There are three types of damages that you can claim for – general, special, and bereavement damages.

General Damages

General damages compensate the victim for pain and suffering incurred because of his injuries. The amount of compensation that a victim could claim depends.

Special Damages

Special damages compensate the victims for all your expenses incurred, such as:

  • Medical fees
  • Transport costs
  • Vehicle repair costs
  • Replacement vehicle rental cost
  • Loss of income/salary

It is important to keep the original receipts of all these expenses above.


As a passenger or a victim of an accident, it is important to take note of these:

  1. Take note of any other injuries (on yourself)
  2. Compile all your medical bills
  3. Compile all transportation bills

1. Take note of any other injuries

Some injuries may not be apparent to you at the point in time. For example, whiplash may not be immediately felt. Please do seek medical treatment for your injuries and properly keep all your medical bills.

2. Compile all your bills – medical and transportation bills

Don’t get all too excited, this transportation cover covers travel between your house and the hospital or clinics for medical check-ups or treatments only.

Here’s a tip – photocopy all hardcopy receipts especially those thermal paper ones as they fade over time! But don’t throw away the original receipts, submit both receipts.

You may consider hiring a lawyer to assist you with your claims, here are some options that you may do so. However, do note that legal fees will apply.

Singapore Legal Advice | The Law Society

Claiming from insurance

Who should you claim from? Ranking them accordingly

  1. The drivers’ commercial motor insurance – this will undeniably take a while to process, might even take up to a year!
  2. Grab’s Personal Accident insurance – if you were on a Grab at the time of the accident
  3. Your own personal accident insurance

1. The drivers’ commercial motor insurance

This is where taking down the necessary information – the vehicle license number, name and NRIC of drivers involved, name of insurance company they are covered under, would all come into play.

Grab Personal Accident Insurance
Image Credit: Grab Singapore

2. Grab Personal Accident Insurance

If you were on a Grab at the time of the accident, here’s what you have to do.

  • Should you require emergency assistance, contact the police at 999, or SMS 71999 if it is not safe to call.
  • You may also use the Share my ride function in your Grab app to share details of your ride with the police.
  • If you require medical attention, please call 995.

How to claim from Grab’s Insurance?

You may claim from the driver’s commercial motor insurance or Grab’s personal accident insurance through their form here.

3. Your own Personal Accident Insurance

If you have personal accident insurance – whether you are covered with your company or your own personal accident insurance, you may expedite your claims with your own insurance.

Depending on the coverage of your personal accident insurance, you may claim for:

  • Accidental death/disablement
  • Medical expenses for accidental injury
  • TCM practitioners or chiropractor therapy/treatment
  • Hospital allowance
  • Loss of income

Note: Check with your own financial consultant or a professional financial advisor to advise on your personal accident insurance plan and to assist you with your claims if needed.

We hope this guide is comprehensive to guide you through any difficulties faced when making a claim over a motor accident.

Most importantly, drive safely – speeding kills!

Have you been through this before? Share with us your experience below!

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