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A Singaporean’s Guide To TransitLink SimplyGo: Which Card Got Promo?

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“Eh, I noticed some people using their mobile phones at the gantry! It’s like damn simple sia… Must go somewhere to link our EZ link cards issit?” asked the wife.

Orh… SimplyGo loh…” I replied while tucking into my fried chicken.

“Go where?”

“No… SimplyGo,” I answered.

“Ya lah, just tap and go. I also know simple. Lame… But how to do that ah?”

Breathes deeply

“Not simple. I mean. It IS simple. But it’s called SIMPLY…”

It was at that moment that I decided to give up, finish my chicken, and write this instead.

P.S. I found out later that the wife already knew what SimplyGO is all about. She just wanted to mess around with me.

Ditto With Wig
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What Is SimplyGo?

SimplyGo Logo

To put it simply, you can now use your contactless bank card or mobile payment (eg. Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay) to pay for your commute. Yep, say goodbye to your EZ-link card as well as the need for upfront top-ups.

Currently, ALL Mastercard and Visa bank contactless bank cards are accepted. But you’re probably wondering, “Which card should I use and got promo not?

Relax fam, I gotchu.

Oh and FYI: for those of you using a concession card or travel pass… tough. You’ll simply have to continue using your personalised smartcard as those are not available for use with SimplyGo.

How Do I Sign Up For SimplyGo?

It’s really… Simple.

Here’s how you sign up for SimplyGo:

Step 1: Create an account on TransitLink’s SimplyGo website or via the SimplyGo app

Step 2: Register your contactless credit or debit card

Step 3: Tap in and out while taking the bus or MRT, EXCEPT you can now use your registered contactless card or mobile payment device (eg. smartphone or smartwatch) instead

How To Sign Up For SimplyGo
Source: TransitLink

If you’re tracking your expenses to a tee with say… our Seedly app, then you’ll probably want to know what your fare charges and travel history are like.

Well… great news! With the SimplyGo app, you can check all of that immediately on your phone:

SimplyGo Travel History
Source: my awesome phone

Or if you’d like to look at your transactions and travel history on a larger screen, you can simply log in to your SimplyGo account via the TransitLink website instead.

SimplyGo Mobile Payment Usage

The greatest thing about SimplyGo is that you can now use a variety of methods to pay for your ride. Here are some of the mobile payment modes which support SimplyGo:

  • Apple Pay
  • Fitbit Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Singtel Dash

And if you can use these mobile payment options, this means that you CAN simply tap your smartphone or smart device – which are most probably already in your hands or on your wrist – on the gantry reader instead of reaching for your wallet, purse, EZ-link charm or slamming your handbag repeatedly on the reader in hopes that it will detect your EZ Link card that’s hidden somewhere in its murky depths.

I speak from experience because this is what a cross-section of my wife’s handbag looks like:

EZ Link In Handbag
Source: Gemma Correll | edited by me

If you’re wondering what devices are available for SimplyGo usage, have a look:

Apple Pay

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • Apple Watch Series 1 to 4

Fitbit Pay

  • Fitbit Charge 3
  • Fitbit Versa

Google Pay

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Google Pixel 2 XL

Samsung Pay

  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Singtel Dash

  • Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10

Naturally, this list is NOT exhaustive as they only include the ones which TransitLink tested. Remember this guy?

Man MRT Gantry
Source: mothership

Oh, if you’re currently using SimplyGo on a smart device that isn’t on this list, please let me know so I can add it in!

TransitLink SimplyGo Credit And Debit Card Promos

Not surprisingly, the banks have all rolled out different SimplyGo credit card and debit card promos in hopes of convincing commuters like you and me to choose their card when registering for SimplyGo.

Have a look and see which card you should register for SimplyGo:


You can link your CIMB cards to SimplyGo, but there aren’t any perks and promos currently for CIMB.


Apart from being able to link your Citi cards to SimplyGo, unfortunately, SimplyGo transactions on Citi Cards will not earn any cashback, cash rebate, Citi ThankYou Points, Citi Miles, Citi M1 Rebate, or SMRT$. Also, there aren’t any promos for Citibank now.


DBS Visa Contactless CardSimplyGo Promotion
DBS Altitude Visa Signature CardEarn 1.2 miles for every $1 spent per ride.
DBS Live Fresh CardEarn up to 5% cashback on your rides.
DBS Visa Debit CardEarn 3% cashback on every commute
DBS Black Visa CardEarn 3X DBS Points for every $5 spent on your rides.


HSBC Contactless CardSimplyGo Promotion
Any HSBC Mastercard and Visa cardSMS "Tap last 4 digits of card number" with your HSBC registered mobile number (eg. Tap 8888) to 74722 to register and get up to $10 worth of free rides.

Limited to first 16,000 HSBC cardmembers from 6 Jun to 5 Jul 2019.


Maybank Contactless CardSimplyGo Promotion
Any Maybank Mastercard and Visa cardTap your Maybank Visa card when transiting on trains and buses, and get a complimentary Spinelli Coffee (worth $5).

Limited to the first 5,000 Maybank cardmembers per month from 6 Jun to 31 Jul 2019.
Maybank Visa Infinite CardEarn up to 5X TREATS Points for every $1 spent on rides
Maybank Horizon Visa Signature CardEarn 3.2 air miles for every $1 spend on rides
Maybank Platinum Visa CardEarn up to 3,33% cash rebate on rides.
Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature CardEarn unlimited 1.6% cash rebate on rides.
Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa CardEarn 5X TREATS Points for every $1 spent on rides when Manchester United wins a Premier League match
Maybank eVibes CardEarn 1% cash rebate on rides


OCBC Contactless CardSimplyGo Promotion
Any OCBC Mastercard and Visa cardEnjoy a $5 rebate with min fare of $30 from 6 Jun to 31 Jul 2019. Limited to the first 30,000 registrants.

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered Contactless CardSimplyGo Promotion
Any Standard Chartered Mastercard and Visa cardSMS "SimplyGo 8-digits mobile number (registered with Standard Chartered for one-time password)" (eg. SimplyGo 81234567) to 77222 to register and get up to $10 worth of free rides.

Limited to first 15,000 Standard Chartered Visa cardmembers from 6 Jun to 31 Jul 2019.


UOB Contactless CardSimplyGo Promotion
Any UOB Mastercard and Visa cardSMS "12RIDES 8-digits mobile number (registered with UOB for one-time password)" (eg. 12RIDES 81234567) to 77862 to register and get 10 free rides (in the form of 25% rebate, capped at $18) with at least $40 spent in a calendar month.

Cardholders who pay with their mobile phones or wearable devices via Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay will also get an extra 2 free rides.

Limited to first 10,000 UOB Visa cardmembers and first 2,000 UOB Mastercard cardmembers.

How many ‘simply’s did you count in the article? And which card will you link to your SimplyGo account? Let us know in the comments below!

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