Tourist in Sri Lanka Needed Medical Treatment After She “KENA” A Coconut On Her Head. Can She Claim Travel Insurance?

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Singaporeans are amongst the most-travelled in the world, with close to 9.5 million overseas trips reported. 1 out of 3 Singaporean travellers, however, put themselves at risk by travelling without travel insurance for short trips or to nearby countries.

Before we go on a nagging spree on insurance being important protection from some sort of financial loss, here’s a funny questionnaire for you.

Did they manage to claim their travel insurance successfully?

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The above are just some of the more ridiculous claims that actually happened and managed to avoid the possible financial losses due to travel insurance.

On average, our lives should be a lot less drama than some of the stated above, but it should not undermine the importance of travel insurance.

Most Common Travel Insurance Claims

From possible injuries to trip cancellation and cash loss, it is important to get coverage before we move on to enjoy our holiday with a peace of mind.

The most common travel insurance claims are:

Types of travel insurance claim% of total claims
Medical expenses41%
Loss or damage of baggage28%
Flight and travel delays17%
Baggage delays13%

Medical expenses account for the majority of the claims despite theft and loss of luggage being the top of travel concerns.

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Comparison of Travel Insurance in Singapore

While they are a whole lot of insurers providing travel insurance as their products, we try to set them apart from each other by breaking it down to their most basic features.

These are the most common terms you will come across when looking for the best travel insurance that suits you:

Personal Accident Payment:

  • Covers accidental death
  • An accident resulting in permanent disability
  • Personal accident payment is paid out if any of the above occurs while traveling, subject to terms and conditions of the policy.

Medical Expenses:

  • Expenses incurred during one’s trip
  • This is used to offset the cost incurred when you receive treatment from a hospital or legal physician upon sustaining injury or sickness within 90 days of your trip.
  • It can include costs such as ambulance service or necessary dental treatment from the accident.

Trip Cancellation:

  • If something goes wrong, and you have to cancel your trip even before you head for it, the trip cancellation cover for travel insurance allows you to claim a certain sum of money back.

Loss of baggage, money and personal items:

Covers for:

  • the loss of your belongings
  • damage to your belongings during the trip
  • theft of your belongings

Editor’s note: Each travel insurance policy comes with terms and conditions. Make sure to read the reviews and fine prints before making your purchase!

Here’s an overview of how some of the travel insurance compare against each other.

ProductsPersonal Accident PaymentMedical Expenses
Cancelled Trip
Lost Belongings
per item, pair, or set of items)
FWD Premium$200,000$200,000$7,500Up to $300
Etiqa eProtect$200,000$200,000$5,000Up to $250
NTUC Travel Classic$150,000$250,000$5,000Up to $500
Liberty Tour Care Plus Standard$150,000$250,000$5,000Up to $500
Hong Leong Travel Basic$200,000$150,000$5,000Up to $500
AVIVA Travel Lite$50,000$250,000$5,000Up to $700
MSIG TravelEasy$150,000$250,000$5,000Up to $500
Sompo Travel Joy Vital$150,000$150,000$5,000Up to $250
AXA Smart Traveller Baisc$250,000$300,000$6,000Up to $800
AIG Travel Guard Standard$100,000$200,000$5,000Up to $500
Direct Asia DA150 Basic$100,000$150,000$3,000Up to $500
Great Eastern Travel Smart Basic$300,000$500,000$5,000Up to $500
Allianz Global Bronze$35,000$400,000$5,000Up to $500

On top of the numbers involved in the comparison, there are many other factors involving how good a travel insurance is. Factors such as the onboarding process, customer service support and most importantly the claiming process of the policy can sway one’s decision too!

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Further Reading: Precautions to avoid getting your travel insurance claim rejected

  • Ensure you disclose all pre-existing illness or conditions you may have prior to taking up the policy.
  • Pre-existing conditions include having visited a specialist even if one is not on any medication.
  • Proper documentation is required for the claims. Make sure to find out what is required.
  • For example, a police report is required for theft cases. Evidence of the price of your stolen item is necessary too.
  • Always provide evidence for any of the claims you are trying to make.


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