3 Travel Insurance Tips for the Holidays and Why It’s A MUST

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Another One Bites The Dust:
  • A local agent, MISA Travel has closed and thus has its licence revoked from the STB (Singapore Tourism Board)
  • The travel agent service posted a notice stating that it is unable to fulfil any of its packages book beforehand
  • There are limited means of refunds or ways for consumers to seek help since the company is now insolvent. For travellers with travel insurance you can head over to your insurer to seek a claim. For those who do not, do head over to CASE or the Small Claims Tribunal. These situations, however, take an extended period to make a claim.
3 Tips for a traveler like you:
  • In today’s internet connected world, try to take a self-serve approach by booking your tickets and packages online from reputable companies such as Hotels.com, Booking.com, Zuji.com etc. usually offering the better deals as well.
  • Head over to a travel insurance provider to purchase your insurance after which.
  • The travel insurance should provide coverage for unforeseen events such as when a travel agent becomes insolvent.
 Extra Bonus Tips:
  • Use comparison sites like GoBear to compare your travel insurance (this platform currently has the best user experience in our opinion for Travel Insurance plans)
  • Next, should you decide to get certain type of insurance plans, try going to SHOPBACK to see if there are any of your choice! (for example, I am heading to USA for the coming 2 weeks in June and have found FWD to have the best coverage for my needs, giving me $3 back on the purchase)
  • If you have any claims to make, please keep ALL RECEIPTS properly and for MEDICAL CLAIMS (get doctors to write a note to state for insurance claims, with their letterhead and stamp)
  • Do not hesitate to call or drop a really simple email to check for claim status. It usually takes around 2 months to get processed. Here is an example below, which I had claimed recently for a dive trip where I had saw the doctor around 7 days after I got back to Singapore after I had some issue with my right eardrum.
  • They will usually make the claim via a cheque. You can simply just mail it in to get back the dollar value amount.

Important Things to note:
  • If you are buying for your family members, please do take note if anybody has pre-existing conditions
  • Many Travel insurance companies often do not cover your pre-existing conditions.
  • For example, if you already have a past history of heart attack in Singapore before flying off to your holiday and unfortunately got an attack… the hospital bills WILL Sky Rocket for sure and you WILL need to be evacuated back to Singapore.
  • This is based of a true recent story which had unfortunately turned out badly…

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Concluding thoughts:

As far as we often have a disdain of such a idea like insurance, Travel insurance is really a MUST-GET. I personally have experienced multiple claims and at the end of the day, it really is best to travel with a peace of mind, and what are those extra dollars when the real claims hit home hard.

When you receive that cheque in the mailer when it does come over, you will heave a sigh of relief and forever swear by such a coverage product.

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