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Ultimate Compilation of ETFs

The Ultimate Compilation of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

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You are looking to dip your toes into investing but you do not wish to expose all your money to only one stock.

Or if you are looking to invest in a certain industry or index but do not wish to get a headache choosing any particular stock ticker to focus on.

In short, you looking for the ‘Cai Png’ of the investment realm.

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Something that satisfies all your needs on a plate.

With that, an Exchange-traded Fund (ETF) will be your answer.

The Ultimate Compilation of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

This article is inspired by a thread on Reddit, and the editorial team added in a list of ETFs which are relevant to Singaporeans too.

If you are looking to invest in ETFs, the good news is that there is an ETF for almost everything you can think of. We managed to compile a list of more than 100 ETFs according to the benchmark or industry that they track.

Top 30 companies in Singapore? Checked.

3D Printing technology? Got it.

Even for casinos and gambling? Yes!


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Here we go, ultimate compilation of all the Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) to cater to your every investment need.

Benchmark/ IndustryName of ETFTickerListed onBenchmark
What does the ETF track?
Straits Times Index
STI ETFES3SGXTop 30 companies in Singapore
ABF Singapore Bond IndexABF SG BOND ETFA35SGXABF Singapore Bond
SGD Money Market ETFPhillip SGD Money Market ETFMMS/MMTSGXFTSE SGD 3-month SOR Index
Morningstar Singapore Yield Focus IndexPhillip SING Income ETFOVQSGXMorningstar Singapore Yield Focus Index
FTSE SGD three-month Singapore dollar swap offered rate (SOR) IndexPhillip SGD Money Market ETFMMSSGXMeasures the performance of one-, three- and six-months
Swap Offered Rate (SOR)
Hang Seng Index
Tracker Fund of Hong Kong2800SEHK50 Biggest companies by market cap, trading on SEHK
Hang Seng HK 35 IndexAmundi Hang Seng HK 35 Index ETF3012SEHK35 largest companies listed in Hong Kong market with majority of their revenue from outside mainland China
FTSE China A50 IndexiShares FTSE A50 China Index ETF2823SEHK50 largest A-share companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
Hang Seng China Enterprises IndexHang Seng China Enterprises Index ETF2828SEHKMainland China incorporated companies that issue H-shares, a class of ordinary shares that are traded outside mainland China.
FTSE Chinese Government Bond IndexICBC CSOP FTSE Chinese Government Bond Index ETFCYC/ CYBSGX Fixed-rate government bonds issued in mainland China
NikkoAM-Straits Trading Asia Ex-Japan REIT ETFCFASGXFTSE EPRA/NAREIT Asia ex-Japan Net Total Return REIT Index
Phillip SGX APAC Dividend leaders REIT ETFBYI/BYJSGX30 highest total dividend-paying REITs in the Asia Pacific ex-Japan region
NASDAQ 100Invesco QQQQQQNASDAQ100 of the largest international and US companies in the technology, healthcare, industrial, consumer discretionary, and telecommunications sectors.
S&P 500 IndexVanguard 500 Index Fund ETFVOONYSE500 of the largest US companies
iShares Core S&P 500 ETFIVVNYSE
Dow Jones Industrial Average
SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETFDIANYSE30 of the largest US companies
Russell 1000 IndexiShares Russell 1000 Index ETFIWBNYSETop 1,000 companies by market capitalisation in the US
iShares Russell 1000 Value ETFIWDNYSEA selection of large- and midcap value stocks, selected from the top 1,000 market cap US stocks.
Vanguard Russell 1000 Growth ETFVONGNASDAQ600+ growth stocks selected from the Russell 1000 Index
Russell 2000 IndexiShares Russell 2000 ETFIWMNYSEInvests in stocks of 2,000 small-cap US companies stocks
Vanguard Russell 2000 ETFVTWONASDAQ
Russell 3000 IndexVanguard Russell 3000 ETFVTHRNASDAQ3,000 stocks representative of 98% of the US market
FTSE Asia ex Japan IndexVanguard FTSE Asia ex Japan Index ETF9805SEHK700 plus companies in 11 developed and emerging markets in Asia (excluding Japan, Australia and New Zealand).
FTSE Global All Cap ex US IndexVanguard Total International Stock ETFVXUSNASDAQBroad exposure across developed and emerging non-US equity markets. Holdings include Alibaba Group Holding, Tencent Holdings, Nestle and Samsung etc.
MSCI Emerging Markets IndexiShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETFEEMNYSE800+ stocks of large and mid-sized companies in emerging market.
Includes companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, JD.com etc.
Avantis Emerging Markets Equity ETFAVEMNYSE
Innovator MSCI Emerging Markets PB ETFEJULNYSE
MSCI EAFE IndexiShares MSCI EAFE ETFEFANYSELarge and mid cap developed market equities, excluding companies in the US and Canada.
Includes companies like Toyota, Nestle, LVMH and AIA Group

Sector Focused ETFs

FintechARK Fintech Innovation ETFARKFNYSECompanies that focus on Fintech innovation, including platforms that work on Transaction Innovations, Blockchain Technology, Risk Transformation, Frictionless Funding Platforms, Customer Facing Platforms and New intermediaries
DNA TechnologiesARK Genomic Revolution ETFARKGNYSECompanies that focus on benefiting, extending and enhancing quality of human or other life, including companies that produce or enable CRISPR, Targeted Therapeutics, Bioinformatics, Molecular Diagnostics, Stem Cells, Agricultural Biology
Disruptive CompaniesARK Innovation ETFARKKNYSECompanies within ARKK include those that benefit from the development of technologies in the areas of DNA Technologies, Industrial Innovation, Next Generation Internet and Fintech Innovation.
iShares Hang Seng Tech ETF3067
HKG30 Hong Kong listed companies in the technology sector or with tech-enabled businesses.
Holdings include Tencent, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Meituan Dianping, Lenovo etc.
Internet/ TechnologyARK Next Generation Internet ETFARKWNYSECompanies that develop, produce or enable Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, E-Commerce, Big Data, AI, Mobile Technology, Social Platforms, Blockchain and P2P
Technology Select Sector SPDR FundXLKNYSEThe Index seeks to provide an effective representation of the technology and telecom sector of the S&P 500 Index.
Top holdings includes Apple, Microsoft, Visa, NVIDIA etc.
3D Printing3D Printing ETFPRNTBATSCompanies involved in the development and production of 3D printing-related hardware or software, and of materials and equipment related to 3D printing.
Renewable EnergyiShare Global Clean Energy ETFICLNNASDAQ30 of the most liquid companies in the clean energy industry.
Invesco Solar ETFTANNYSEIndex of solar energy companies.
First Trust Global Wind Energy ETFFANNYSEIndex of companies in the wind energy industry.
Energy Slect Sector SPDR FundXLENYSEUS Energy companies in the S&P 500.
Consumer DiscretionaryConsumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR FundXLYNYSEIndex of consumer-discretionary stocks of companies in the S&P 500.
FinancialFinancial Select Sector SPDR FundXLFNYSEIndex of S&P 500 financial stocks.
Vanguard Financials ETFVFHNYSEFinancial stocks of the top 98% of U.S
iShares US Financials ETFIYGNYSEUS stocks of companies in the financial service sector.
UtilitiesUtilities Select Sector SPDR FundXLUNYSEUS utilities stocks from the S&P 500
MaterialsMaterials Select Sector SPDR FundXLBNYSEUS basic materials companies in the materials components of the S&P 500.
Cloud ComputingWisdomTree Cloud Computing ETFWCLDNASDAQUS companies focusing on cloud software and services.
Companies include Zoom, salesforce, Zendesk etc.
First Trust Cloud Computing ETFSKYYNASDAQTracks the ISE Cloud ComputingTM Index.
Global X Cloud Computing ETFCLOUNASDAQTracks the Indxx Global Cloud Computing Index
Wedbush ETFMG Global Cloud Technology ETFIVESNYSETracks the Dan Ives Global Cloud Technology Prime Index .
Aerospace and DefenceSPDR S&P Aerospace and Defence ETFXARNYSETracks the S&P Aerospace and Defence Select Industry Index.
Holdings include Hexcel Corp, Howmet Aerospace, Maxar Technologies Inc etc.
iShares US Aerospace and DefenceITABATSTracks the investment results of the Dow Jones US Select Aerospace and Defence Index composed of US equities in the aerospace and defence sector.
Holdings include Boeing, Lockheed Martin Corp, Raytheon Technologies Corp etc.
Invesco Aerospace and Defence ETFPPANYSETracks the investment results of the SPADE® Defence Index.
Direxion Daily Aerospace and Defence Bull 3X SharesDFENNYSETracks 300% of the daily performance of the Dow Jones US Select Aerospace and Defence Index.
Real EstateVanguard real Estate Index Fund ETFVNQNYSETracks the MSCI US INvestable Market Real Estate 25/50 Index.
Real Estate Select Sector SPDR FundXLRENYSETracks the Real Estate Select Sector Index. It is a representation of the real estate sector of S&P 500 Index.
Fidelity MSCI Real Estate Index ETFFRELNYSETracks the performance of the MSCI USA IMI Real Estate Index.
Schwab US REIT ETFSCHHNYSETracks the total return of the Dow Jones Equity All REIT Capped Index. The index composed of US real estate investment trusts classified as equities.
iShares US Real Estate ETFIYRNYSETracks the Dow Jones US Real Estate Index.
Invesco Active US Real Estate FundPSRNYSETracks the US real estate industry and included within the FTSE NAREIT All Equity REITs Index.
JPMorgan BetaBuilders MSCI US REIT ETFBBREBATSTracks the MSCI US REIT Index.
TransportationFirst trust Nasdaq Transportation ETFFTXRNASDAQ30 most liquid eligible transportation securities from the NASDAQ US Benchmark Index
SPDR S&P Transportation ETFXTNNYSETracks the S&P Transportation Select Industry Index.
iShares Transportation Average ETFIYTBATSTracks an index composed of US equities in the transportation sector.
SPDR S&P Kensho Smart Mobility ETFHAILNYSETracks the S&P Kensho Smart Transportation Index.
US Global Jets ETFJETSNYSETracks the US Global Jets Index. The Index is composed of stocks of US and international passenger airlines, aircraft manufacturers, airports and companies servicing the airport terminals.
Consumer StaplesFidelity MSCI Consumer Staples Index ETFFSTANYSETracks the MSCI USA IMI Consumer Staples Index
Vanguard Consumer Staples Index Fund ETFVDCNYSETracks MSCI US Investable Market Index/Consumer Staples 25/50. The index is made up of stocks of large, mid-size, and small US companies within the consumer staples industry.
iShares Evolved US Consumer Staples ETFIECSBATSProvides access to US companies with consumer staples exposure.
Holdings include companies such as Coca-cola, Pepsico Inc, Procter & Gamble etc.
Media and EntertainmentiShares Evolved US Media and Entertainment ETFIEMEBATSProvides access to US companies with media and entertainment exposure.
Invesco Dynamic Media ETFPBSNYSETracks the Dynamic Media Intellidex Index.
Holdings include Match Group, Spotify, Netflix etc.
Invesco Dynamic Leisure and Entertainment ETFPEJNYSETracks the Dynamic Media Intellidex Index.
Robotics and Artificial IntelligenceARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETFARKQBATSThe ETF seeks to focus and benefit from the development of disruptive innovations such as Robotics, Alternative Energy Sources, Energy Storage, Autonomous Vehicles, Development of Infrastructure, 3D Printing, Space Exploration, and Innovative Materials.
ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence ETFTHNQNYSETracks the ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence index that tracks 80 stocks across 12 sub-sectors in 14 countries. The Index is built to minimise risk by limiting reliance on the largest-cap players, and it is carefully structured to capture the growth of rapidly developing robotics and automation companies around the globe.
ROBO Global Robotics and Automation IndexROBONYSETracks the ROBO Global Index, focusing on robotics, automation and AI revolution for investors.
SPDR FactSet Innovation Technology ETFXITKNYSETracks the FactSet Innovation Technology Index
Goldman Sachs Data-Driven World ETFGDATNYSETracks the performance of the Goldman Sachs Data-Driven World Index.
SemiconductorsiShares PHLX Semiconductor ETFSOXXNASDAQTracks the PHLX SOX Semiconductor Sector Index
First Trust NASDAQ-100 Tech Sector Index ETFQTECNASDAQTracks the NASDAQ-100 Technology Index
Defiance Quantum ETFQTUMNYSEThe underlying index, BlueStar Quantum Computing and Machine Learning Index (BQTUM), tracks approximately 82 globally-listed stocks across all market cap.
VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETFSMHNASDAQTracks the MVIS US Listed Semiconductor 25 Index (MVSMHTR), which is intended to track the overall performance of companies involved in semiconductor production and equipment.
First Trust Nasdaq Semiconductor ETFFTXLNASDAQTracks the Nasdaq US Smart Semiconductor Index.
5G TechnologyDefiance Next Gen Connectivity ETFFIVGNYSETracks the BlueStar 5G Communications Index.
First Trust Indxx NextG ETFNXTGNASDAQTracks the Indxx 5G & NextG Thematic Index.
Holdings include Xiaomi, Advanced Micro Devices, Infosys, NVIDIA etc.
Esoterica NextG Economy ETFWUGIBATSSecurities of companies which will benefit from the fifth generation digital cellular network technology ("5G") enabled digital economy, including companies involved in the production of 5G technology and companies that may benefit from the use of 5G.
Self-Driving Electric VehiclesiShares Self-Driving EV and Tech ETFIDRVNYSETracks the NYSE FactSet Global Autonomous Driving and Electric Vehicle Index.
Holdings include Tesla Inc., Apple Inc, Toyota Motor Corp. etc.
Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETFDRIVNASDATracks the Solactive Autonomous & Electric Vehicles Index
SmartETFs Smart Transportation & technology ETFMOTONYSEInvest in approximately 35 companies that will benefit from the revolution in transportation.
EsportsThe Roundhill BITKRAFT Esports & Digital Entertainment ETFNERDNYSETracks the the Roundhill BITKRAFT Esports Index.
Holdings include Activision Blizzard Inc, Tencent, Corsair Gaming, Electronic Arts, SEA etc.
Global X Video Games & Esports ETFHERONASDAQTracks the Solactive Video Games and Esports Index.
VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports ETFESPONASDAQTracks the MVIS® Global Video Gaming and eSports Index.
Wedbush ETFMG Video Game Tech ETFGAMRNYSETracks the performance of the EEFund Video Game Tech Index.
Global X Social media ETFSOCLNASDAQTracks the Solactive Social Media Total Return Index.
Holdings include Twitter, Facebook, Naver etc.
Casino and GamblingRoundhill Sports Betting & iGaming ETFBETZNYSETracks the Roundhill Sports Betting and iGaming Index.
Holdings include William Hill, Pointsbet, Draftkings etc.
VanEck Vectors Gaming ETFBJKNASDAQTracks the MVIS® Global Gaming Index, which tracks the overall performance of companies involved in casinos and casino hotels, sports betting, lottery services, gaming services, gaming technology and gaming equipment.
Online RetailAmplify Online Retail ETFIBUYNASDAQTracks the EQM Online Retail Index which is made up of publicly-traded companies with at least 70% of revenue from online and virtual sales.
Global X E-commerce ETFEBIZNASDAQTracks the Solactive E-commerce Index.
ProShares Online Retail ETFONLNNYSETracks an in-house index that measures the performance of online retailers, e-commerce retailer or internet and direct marketing retailer.
ProShares Long Online/Short Stores ETFCLIXNYSETracks the ProShares Long Online/Short Stores Index consisting of long positions in the ProShares Online Retail Index and short positions in the Solactive-ProShares Bricks and Mortar Retail Store Index.
Goldman Sachs New Age Consumer ETFGBUYNYSETracks the Goldman Sachs New Age Consumer Index
Franklin Disruptive Commerce ETFBUYZBATSInvest in innovative companies benefitting from transformation in the e-commerce space.
Health CareHealth Care Select Sector SPDR FundXLVNYSETracks the Health Care Select Sector Index which consist of companies in the industries of pharmaceuticals, health care equipment & supplies, health care providers & services, biotechnology, life sciences tools & services, and health care technology.
Fidelity MSCI Health Care Index ETFFHLCNYSETracks the MSCI USA IMI Health Care Index.
Vanguard Health Care Index Fund ETFVHTNYSETrack the MSCI US Investable Market Index/Health Care 25/50, an index made up of stocks of large, mid-size, and small U.S. companies within the health care sector.
iShares US Healthcare ETFIYHNYSETracks the Dow Jones US Healthcare Sector Index.
Medical DevicesiShares US Medical Devices ETFIHINYSETracks the Dow Jones U.S. Select Medical Equipment Index
iShares Evolved US Healthcare Staples ETFIEHSBATSTracks US Healthcare companies defined by the iShares Evolved Sector classification scheme.
SPDR S&P health Care Equipment ETFXHENYSETracks the S&P Health Care Equipment Select Industry Index
UtilitiesiShares US Utilities ETFIDUNYSETracks the Dow Jones US Utilities Sector Index.
Vanguard Utilities ETFVPUNYSETracks the MSCI US Investable Market utilities Index.
Fidelity MSCI Utilities Index ETFFUTYNYSETracks the MSCI USA IMI Utilities Index.
Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Utilities ETFRYUNYSETracks the S&P 500 Equal Weighted Telecommunication Services and Utilities Sector.
Cyber SecurityETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETFHACKNYSETracks a tiered, equal-weighted index that targets companies actively involved in providing cyber security technology and services.
First Trust NASDAW CEA Cybersecurity ETFCIBRNASDAQTracks a liquidity-weighted index that targets companies engaged in the cybersecurity segment of the technology and industrials sector
Global X Cybersecurity ETFBUGNASDAQTracks the Indxx Cybersecurity Index. The fund invests at least 80% of its total assets in the securities of the underlying index and in American Depositary Receipts ("ADRs") and Global Depositary Receipts ("GDRs") based on the securities in the underlying index.
iShares Cybersecurity and Tech ETFIHAKNYSETracks the NYSE FactSet Global Cyber Security Index
SPDR S&P Kensho Future Security ETFFITENASDAQTracks the S&P kensho Future Security Index.
Oil and EnergyiShares US Energy ETFIYENYSETracks the Dow Jones US Oil and Gas Index.
Fidelity MSCI Energy Index ETFFENYNYSETracks the MSCI USA IMI Energy Index.
Mobile PaymentsETFMG Prime Mobile Payments ETFIPAYNYSETracks the Mobile Payments Index

Assembling Your ETF Portfolio Like a Pro

We came across a suggestion online that suggests how one can look to allocate his ETF portfolio.

Disclaimer: The information provided by Seedly serves as an educational piece and is not intended to be personalised investment advice. ​Readers should always do their own due diligence and consider their financial goals before investing in any stock.

20% of Investment –
Broad market US fund such as QQQ, SPY, VOO etc.

or if you are a fan of Singapore’s growth, your usual STI ETF.

20% of the investment – Broad exposure internationally, such as VXUS.

20% of the investment – Small to Mid-cap ETFs

The last 40% can be split into a few sectors which you are keen and familiar in.

Of course, we can do better by doing our due diligence.

Follow the ETF Topic Page on Seedly to stay updated on the latest discussion on ETF.

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